Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Things Never Change....

Good-bye my friends~~
When I was little my parents
would say
with excitement....
we are going to
the Snow" !!
I cried.
I said NO!!
I didn't want to go.
It was cold.
It was far away from home.
It was like a Big White Monster to me.

Hat from Etsy Giant Dwarf
My mom would buy me a new hat
thinking this would help me feel better.
So guess what?
My husband just bought
me my new hat to help me feel better.
Because we are going to the snow!

I have been skiing for way too long
to still be a beginner.
But I am still a beginner.
I feel like a child,
cold & awkward.
I would always rather be at home...

I have learned to play in the snow,
find inspiration in my own
make believe world.
I found that when the sun is out
the snow sparkles like
White Glitter~
Sometimes it looks like sugar
on a BIG White Cake~
In the afternoon when the sun sets
the snow turns pink, powder blue
and sometimes lavender!!

Over time
I have learned to put a smile on my face
put my heart in places I don't always choose.
I have learned that my heart
is with my husband, even in the snow.
I love Mr. FB who
He loves to ski
just like I LOVE to go to
Paris flea markets very early,
in the dark even.
He always gets me there.
So together we're off
to the snow!
P.S. Shhhhhhh secret time...
To be really honest just between you & me,
I would much much rather stay
home with you and have hot earl gray tea
Some things never really do change...
I'll miss you all!!
Please think of me
when your HOME & WARM
and tell me I'll be ok...
Good-Bye :(
I'll see you next week.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Dream Cabinet of Curiousities

Photo Deyrolle in Paris
This is my Dream Cabinet
of Curiosities!!

If it were really mine,
I would sit here
all day
and look at it!!

Photo taken by Corey at Tongue in Cheek

My cabinet would house
old seashell collections
Things like these special little guys.
I LOVE old science bugs...
{very weird I know}
and especially ones
found in

I would fill it with old saints hands
Old French papers and documents~
Writing and words move me
like nothing else...

Photo by Corey at Tongue in Cheek
I would stack my
shelves with
French Blue Chocolat boxes
just like this one!
photo by Fanciful Designs

I would put stacks & stacks
of these
French Blue paper journals
handmade by
Noel using 18th C French Documents
at Fanciful Designs.

I would fill it with everything



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Color is Heaven?

At times like this
I find myself asking
over and over again...
What Color is Heaven?

This is when I yearn to be alone.
I ponder.
I pray.
My obvious answer is white.
The color of purity & the clouds.
Then I think of Blue.
The color of the sky, the sea,
all of my babies eyes...
But is Heaven warm?
I ask.

Finally my answer comes
comforts me...
I remember a dream I once had.
My dream was more vivid
and more real than
All my senses were
I realized when I woke up
I just visited

So my prayers,
being answered once again,
I know that Heaven is
Here and There.
There is no color at all
but at the same time,
it is all colors...

There is no door between us.
We are already there.

Heaven is wherever we are
that makes us
and yes warm~~

It is something like Magic.

It is somewhere within us...

So all of those Angels Here and in Haiti

who pass before us,

mothers, fathers, grandparents, all family,



our precious babies

are truly still here with us.

We are all sharing the same space~

I wish you all
comfort & warmth



photo 1 Rachel Ashwell, photo 2 Dustjacket Attic

photo 3 Chanel, photo 4 A Gift Wrapped Life

photo 5 Simone, photo 6 Wabi & Sabi

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Morning After....

There is always....
A Morning After
the storm~

I can't wait to see
what treasures I find!
My blue blue ocean
has always given me amazing
Gifts from the Sea~

My whole life is inspired
by her~
Her words pound in my head,
~~like the waves~~
She inspires me,
my color palette, my design,
always whispering
what is real and what is not.
Where beauty really is...
and always reminding me of
constant change, movement
beautiful simple simplicity.

My treasure not yet found,
is a
~~real blue crab~~
There is such a thing you know!
I was told the storms may bring me one...
So I will be on the cold wet sand
looking for Mr. Blue this
for sure!

Have a special weekend my friends!




Find something
that is something
to you
but nothing to others....
It is good for the soul.

It's a secret from my friend,
the sea~



photo 2, 3, 4 google images
photo 5 from one of you beauties
please tell me who if you know!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cafe de Flore

I believe I am overdue
for my coffee break...

Join me?

There there now...
There we are!!
~~~everything will be o.k~~~

Big warm smiles to you today!!



~Please stay cozy & safe~


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Charlotte Moss Valentine Giveaway!

Just to let you know...
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Charlotte Moss
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Febuary 14th
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Happy Birthday Sande!!
Merci Beaucoup
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Here are the prizes...
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Have fun today!



Monday, January 18, 2010

Belle de Sucre

Yes it is!
It is all sugar!!

Even the chandeliers!

of everything beautiful...

A sugar rosary...

And sugar necklaces....

Even sugar prisms!
Where else but
Paris at
Belle de Sucre!!
You can go visit

Have a special special week
every sweet one!!





Thursday, January 14, 2010

If You Could...

If you could....
do you think
maybe you would?

I think, if I could...
maybe I would~

Especially if they were dusted with
powdered sugar
tied with a
pale pink bow
like a pretty present~
I know I would,
even if I couldn't...
Would you?

photo 1 from country living
all other photos from google images

Monday, January 11, 2010

Perfect Chaos

To me,
there has always been
something perfect
about Chaos....

Something my Mom
never understood about me~
Therefore, in her world of perfection
I never understood her~
I always longed for the
flaw, the old,
the unwanted...

my home is surrounded
with imperfections
~ I love it~
I am happy in my world
of lopsided beauty...

Something Rachel describes so right below...

Over time...
my mom & I have met
somewhere in the
In a space I call
perfect chaos~

Where does your perfect world sit?

Have a perfectly beautiful week

full of

~~perfect chaos~~


All photos from Rachel Ashwell

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fauchon Paris

There is something about
sugar cubes that
make me a bit

everything to me!

So I thought today is a good day
to go to Fauchon together!

Come with me!
What do you want?

For sure
I am getting One of these...
or maybe two or three or four!!

What about these
pink stools
They drive me
NutZ too!

I think...
I know
I am a bit obsessive
over certain things
and right now it is
Fauchon in Paris!
I want those
sugar cubes!!

Let's get a cafe to go!
So we can have this
cute cup!!

of course we'll get a
Pretty Pink Eclair
Mauh Mauh Mauh!
Let's go now not later
my favorite ones that
are just as
cRaZy & NuTz
as me!!
I know you are!!

photo no. 1 from etc. book by sibella court
photos no. 2,3,4,5,6,7, & 8 google images