Friday, January 22, 2010

A Morning After....

There is always....
A Morning After
the storm~

I can't wait to see
what treasures I find!
My blue blue ocean
has always given me amazing
Gifts from the Sea~

My whole life is inspired
by her~
Her words pound in my head,
~~like the waves~~
She inspires me,
my color palette, my design,
always whispering
what is real and what is not.
Where beauty really is...
and always reminding me of
constant change, movement
beautiful simple simplicity.

My treasure not yet found,
is a
~~real blue crab~~
There is such a thing you know!
I was told the storms may bring me one...
So I will be on the cold wet sand
looking for Mr. Blue this
for sure!

Have a special weekend my friends!




Find something
that is something
to you
but nothing to others....
It is good for the soul.

It's a secret from my friend,
the sea~



photo 2, 3, 4 google images
photo 5 from one of you beauties
please tell me who if you know!


  1. Great pictures! Can't wait for the weekend. Hope you have a fantastic one!

    Feel free to drop by my blog :)

  2. What an absolutely beautiful post. I love the mornings after storms. The sun always shines a lil brighter. I want that bed in the last picture. Omg. That would be so cool!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  3. You are such a poet Janet, I know I keep saying that but it is true. You even make a storm sound fabulous.And you are absolutely can be. Have a wonderful walk finding Mr. Blue this weekend. Love, love XO

  4. Lovely post, I could use a snooze on that wonderful canopy bed by the sea!

  5. beautiful photos....
    have a beautiful weekend.


  6. loving Mr. Blue, (the crab!) He reminds me of the one in the movie "Simply Irresistible"
    I do hope you find one too, and enjoy being at one of the most inspiring places on earth ~ the beautiful sea!!! xo

  7. Dearest Janet,

    If you should find one of these lovely blue crabs, I would love to see where you will perch him! I can only imagine what it would be like to live so close to a beautiful ocean- the climate, breeze, and the rhythmic sound of the waves would certainly affect my preferences in decor and attire. I hope that you have a pleasant time searching the sands for this beautiful blue creature...

  8. Loved your post today! (as I always do...) Hoping you find a blue crab of your very own! And love the little secret. I have my own special pebble I picked up long ago...

  9. Gorgeous post, and so true. beach treasure always inspires.

    hehe we have blue crabs here in Oz. they're the most common kind, but they never cease to amaze me with that colour every time i see one :)

    have a fab weekend, jules

  10. Love your statement regarding ". . .something but nothing to others . . ." Beautiful and oh so true. Happy weekend to you as well!

  11. Wow! What a wonderful post. I relate to your love of treasures of the sea. I dream of finding a beach that looks like image #3. Simply 'buying' shells is just not the same as finding them. Have a great weekend.

  12. oooh this post gives me goosebumps..I so agree with your sweet words about finding something that is special just for good for the soul. Love love love this..I have sooooo many special things that mean nothing to others. It feels so good to know that I have something just for me. xoxoxo Have fun beach hunting..hope Mr.Blue shows up!

  13. I too love the sea. The pounding surf and endless expanse of blue calms my soul. But lacking the sea, I come to visit you and your beautiful posts light up my day. Best wishes for a happy weekend.

  14. This is my favorite post of yours...
    I am too enamored by the sea. I adore God's art.
    Because you put these beautiful words and images out into the universe I found today...the most beautiful shell I have ever seen!!
    Thank you for the gift of your beautiful blog where you express so much love and beauty!



  15. i just adore this post.... i think i have a shell addiction... sooooo beautiful... enjoy... xx pam

  16. Oh darling what a beautiful post. The second photo is gorgeous. I do so hope you find your blue crab.

    wishing you a beautiful weekend,

  17. Hi,
    Love your post !! It's magic and wonderful.


  18. Is that man carrying that huge umbrella for he a hired man..or your DH ?
    LOVE the bed too.
    Yes we like the sea as well.

    Lucky you being there with it. RELAX and have a great time hunting.
    Hope you find enjoy crabmeat.

  19. say hello to the blue crab, he 's amazing !

  20. You are an amazing artist. I love your original works, truly astounding. You are indeed an inspiration!

  21. Dear Janet,
    What beautiful photographs. Doesn't the sea look magnificent ?
    I wish you luck with your search for your blue crab. He's out there waiting for you, I just know it. XXXX

  22. I love your sensual ability to communicate through poetry everyday.
    The images are so incredibly beautiful!

    Lots of love

    Agneta, the Swedish one

  23. Hi Janet,

    Beautiful pics, lovely comments!!

    Have a happy monday,


  24. My life is very much inspired by the sea! You can tell if you visit my blogs. The picture pics are gorgeous!

    To the sea and all the treasures that wash ashore!

  25. what a beautiful post - I feel calmed and missing the salt & seaspray very much right now! <3

  26. oh Janet thanks for reminding of sunshine and my favorite place the sea. |What a gorgeous post. Sorry for such delay in sending your passionfruit. I have not been out of bed . I got all three flus going around here. I think I'm coming out the other end. Hugs, Deborah xoxox

  27. I will always be looking for that blue crab.. I believe there is one out there.

    Such a fresh post, I just lovee it!


  28. Janet your post are amazing,I have read only three and I am so amazed with your writing, Kathysue