Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goyard Or Louis Vuitton?

I hear a whisper, in the wind
calling my name...

There is something about this image

that reminds me of

Paris in the Fall~

Perhaps it is the warm parisian colors.

Or maybe the ever so luxurious

that originated in


I love vintage French luggage...

to just imagine where it has been

and with whom~

I was excited to find the way this

trunk is boxed in lucite. Image found from

It offers a perfect juxtaposition of

old and new~

The hardware, the worn leather


old musky hemp lining drives ME nuts!

But there is a little voice that echos in my head,
Especially when I walk the streets of Paris....


calls my name over and over again....

Goyard is made and all handpainted

only in France...

Many of the new

Louis Vuitton's are now made in

California & China.

I was able to capture a picture through the

window of Goyard. It is

The Duchess of Windsor's

actual Goyard trunk that is

on display in the store at

233 Rue Saint Honore, Paris France.

One may choose stripes or initials

to be hand painted on their bag

to personalize as their very own~

The very uber chic

waited for her personalized bag...

When it returned from Paris

{all initials & stripes are painted in Paris}

Barney's loved the color

so much, they ordered a store display

of the same~

Remember Hollister Hovey's was first
to have this color combo!

The only Goyard Store

in the United States

is located in downtown San Francisco.

Barney's is the only department store

that carries Goyards.

My two daughters,

Noel & Jeanna in front of

Goyard in Paris after their

first exciting purchase~

It was a moment to remember!

This old Goyard trunk was

found at a local flea market here

in California!!

My Noel spotted & bought it before we

even knew what a Goyard was!!

She bought it just because

she loved it!

The trunk is dated 1873~

I came home from my trip to Paris with my

first bag... this is when

she realized, she had a

Vintage Goyard trunk!!

My purchase last year ...

It is a cat carrier with my initials

on it.

I chose a very large & bold

lettering to match my collection below~

This is my tote and wallet with matching

navy blue & white stripes.
I love the nautical colors because

they are crisp & simple~

The first top photo is a few favorites of my vintage
pieces I use in my house~

I love the subtle simplicity that a piece of

old French luggage gives to a home.
O.K. Yes, this is a confession right now...

I think am a bit obsessed with Goyards.

It must be the history

and the fact that they are so authentic.

They are so mysterious to me~

Just for fun...
When I go to Paris this fall

Would you like me to bring you back a

Louis Vuitton?



  1. You taught me something today. I was not familiar with Goyard. Thanks for the lesson. I don't know which I would choose. How about both!!
    xxx kim

  2. Oh what a lovely post, so interesting. Loving all your pictures, especially of your two gorgeous girls, wow!

    I'll have either thank you very much, :o

  3. YUMMY! I want the exact bag as Hollister's when you go to Paris, k? LOVE IT! Of course I love the bag you bought me. It's sitting right here next to me! XOXO

  4. Uh, I'm going crazy! Can I put my order in now not later! Only two months to save up for it right?

  5. Although I love both, Louis Vuitton is in my genetic makeup. My mother was an avid collector of vintage LV and even had Louis Vuitton steamer trunks as night stands which was quite avant garde in the 1960s.

  6. Fabulous post as per normal. I am a sucker for LV so anything louis vuitton would be parfait pour moi!

    Leeann x

  7. HUMM!!! Goyard or Louis Vuitton ?? I just cannot decide, you better bring me back both...
    or better still I will join you & we will shop together!!!! :) Cate

  8. Goyard for timelessness. Louis Vuitton for fashion.

  9. Now cant you just imagine that beautiful vintage luggage in the lobby of the Waldo Hotel filled with a ladies finery gently scented with Joy or Chanel no5??
    ps. I'll have a Louis please pretty please

  10. I think I would have to choose Goyard :)

    I just adore old luggage....if only the luggage could speak...ohhhhhh the places it's been!


  11. It would have to be Goyard, Janet....There is something more mysterious about them.....and if it's good enough for The Duchess of Windsor then, it's good enough for me. Rule Britannia and all that !!!!!
    I've just found my Grandmothers trunk which I'm going to clean up (not much, I know all about not ruining the patina etc.!!!) and display somewhere. Great post....and my favourite is the old 1873 Goyard that you found in the flea market......gorgeous. XXXX

  12. What beautiful treasures you have acquired! If you feel like bringing something home for me, I'll take a Goyard with the orange and fuschia stripes!!! LOL!

  13. Can't I choose BOTH? Love the LV encased in lucite What a wonderful way to display such a vintage piece for safety and yet utlize the lucite as a table for serving tea. Sea Witch

  14. Could you bring both???? I will take the Goyard first though because I love the initials. And it looks so roomy. I bet you are already packed and ready for Paris will have a wonderful time. XO ~S

  15. that is a tough call! i have both, so i guess that's my answer...though my most recent was the Goyard tote (i have the white one) from barneys.
    i didn't know that the LV pieces weren't made in france...not good. though it does seem that LV is slightly less expensive than goyard.
    lovely post!

  16. Oh my...what a lovely post...I am amazed at your daughters old Goyard trunk...what a find! I adore you bags...lucky girl. What fun are the initials...Paris in the Fall...I can only dream and live through you! I would choose Goyard for sure!!!! xoxox Happy Week to you!

  17. OMG UH UH UH - This makes me want to go to Goyard shop in Paris right now. I can't even explain what that shop does to you. When you and Dad walked us up that street it changes us and our vision. This is such a great post Mom.. I love the the pictures YOU took and appreciate the reminder of these special times.


  18. Oh of course, so very fabulous. Loved reading!

    xoxo Agnes

  19. That is a very difficult choice but I think I would love a large trunk from Louis Vuitton, love the lucite surrounding the trunk> It would tre' chic in my living room...

  20. Oh, and just in case I didn't make it clear earlier: GOYARD!!

  21. g. will take a g., please.
    This is a great post. Beautiful, creative and you.

  22. A Goyard has been on my dreamy wish list for quite some time now, and I hope one day soon it will come true!

    It seems you have passed on a very special talent for recognizing beauty and elegance. A proud Mama for sure!

  23. Janet,
    LV vs. Goyard... I'd take either if they were offered. If I buy, I love the vintage LV much better. Sorry. It must be a birth defect.
    Fabulous Finds Gal
    ous Finds Gal

  24. Interest post and pretty photos. The two girls a lovely. Sandi

  25. Can I throw my two cents in again? I started buying LV in the 1980's. I was in my 20's and spent half of my paycheck to buy a bag, one at a time. Totally obsessed with LV for years. Then the reproductions started coming and coming. While I still love LV, it is so mass-produced that I'm a bit tired of it. When I first saw a Goyard steamer trunk, then handbag some years back, I fell in love with the age and provenance of the company. You rarely see them around too. So, since I like being different, I vote for Goyard, but don't want to offend you LV lovers. It's still lovely!

  26. I have to admit that Ive never been a LV fan. It's so commercial now, and there are so many fakes. Not to mention how many people own one.

    Of course I am a YSL Guy through and through.

    However, I do have a soft spot for Goyard. They are so unique and not everyone knows them, making them somewhat special.

    I ADORE your collection and that trunk is TO DIE FOR!!! Jealous!

  27. What a fantastic post Janet....I got excited just reading it.....and I'm not joking!!

    I know nothing about Goyard to be honest so I learnt a lot just reading what you wrote.....I love those old trunks though and how exciting that your daughter found that old is GORGEOUS!!!

    I do love LV but I have to say that Paris Hotel Boutique makes a great point about there being so many copies done of all their bags.

    I must investigate Goyard a little more....

    Are you really going to Paris this wonderful!!


  28. My favorite of all is that old Goyard trunk. I'd love to know all the places its been.

  29. I just love old trunks. Too bad they don't make them quite like they used to.

  30. Hi Janet!

    Oooo...the decisions here today! I think I would have to say...Goyard. I love anything with personal touches...especially with brushes! All are quite beautiful thou, especially Noel's little treasure!

    ~Miss Kris~

  31. I'm thinking the Goyard is classier but then I wouldn't mind an old YSL trunk....

  32. I love all the trunks in the pictures! My answer would be: any trunk would do as long as its as nice as the ones pictured, the brand doesn't really matter :)

  33. Considering that there are so many knockoffs LV these days, Goyard is probably better. Besides, it has so much history and I'm sure not many people know what Goyard is.

    P.S: Thanks for your support & comment, Janet. It was so lovely to hear/see your beautiful comment @ CCC

    xxx - eLLy*

  34. Goyard, Goyard is the best !!! I'm living near their shop in Paris, and i can say that all their prodcuts are sooooooo beautiful ! I'm saving money to buy a bag with my initials. Goyard is the french "elegance" add to an excellent quality… la classe à la française.

  35. Wow what a post! Shame on me, even a fan of the Duchess and not really knowing much about Goyard! I can not believe it!
    The last time I was in Paris the LV on the C.E. was under construction and to cover the scaffolding they had used GIANT 3 and 4 story Louis'! It was SO AMAZING you could see them all the way down the avenue!
    Again, great post!

  36. Goyard, for sure! Much more unique and less trendy (those qualities I love). I agree with YSL Guy...too commercial and too many fake LVs out there.
    Oh, and could I please get the coral cape?
    Love this post! What a fabulous collection!

  37. I love bags!!!!! And I love your blog!!!! And I looooove Miley Cyrus!!!!!!!

  38. Hello my dear stylish friend, there is an award for you at "The Attic".

  39. Isn't it just wonderful having something that you simply adore that much? How fun that your daughters share your love of this classic gem.

    I am sure that when Simone and I meet in Paris next year, we will be on the lookout as I had never heard of Goyard either~

    Bon weekend,

  40. I am a big Goyard fan Janet so there is no choice for me....xv

  41. I would love to get a St Louis PM in bordeaux,but there is not Goyard Store here.:(

  42. I have to go with Vuitton. My Goyard purchases have not lived up to the so called "craftsmanship" the house is so proud of.
    I have in total about 6 or 7 Goyard pieces.
    I bought my first piece about 4 years ago when i was in college. a medium Blue Ciel St. Louis tote (still my favourite) seems to me the one that has held up the best. My stripes and initials chipped within the month of getting them done, the corner of the bag are already weathered and the straps that hold the wallets broke.
    My Ambassade briefcase is even worse, the straps (sold separately) the stitches became loose and i had to sew it myself. the strap leather holder broke, my initials chipped within the 3rd use. It is not true ALL initials and racing stripes are done in Paris. They hired outside sources (at least in the USA) and because Im a painter they dont seem to barnish or coat the stripes after they are done, so like any regular paint it just dries and chip.
    I bought Goyard because I expected a better quality than Vuitton, but I was surprise to know that Vuitton, after all worked the best for me

  43. Great ideas! I'm so glad I discovered your blog. Can't wait to buy one for Christmas.
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  44. "Many of the new

    Louis Vuitton's are now made in

    California & China."

    I didn't like how you said that. The authentic ones are never made in China. Unless your talking about fakes then yes.

    Other wise good article.

  45. I'd love to add my Goyard to your blog. Any way to do that?
    Also Bergdorf carries Goyard which is where I bought mine. I worked with Michael there. Love your blog and pics, very well done!

  46. i just found your blog and love this post. that is a tough one. I live about 3 miles from the Goyard store in SF. I don't allow myself to go in much. I cannot imagine finding a trunk at a flea market. Your bag is stunning! Excited to follow you in 2012.

  47. I see this post is quite old; but I recently found a HUGE Goyard trunk at a local antique store for $95. I am still reeling from the find. I blogged about it here: