Tuesday, September 29, 2009

His Name is Buick

This is my love....

and his name is Buick~

is the name the pet shop gave him~
Noel decided not to change it.
Each kitten in the litter
was named after a car....
Buick had two sisters,
one named Mercedes
one named Lexus~
His brother was Ford~
loves to be a part of
anything new that comes in
the house.
He especially was fond of this
vintage zebra prop
made of wood
covered in dyed zebra print~
He was sad when it sold...
I love my little boy!


All photos by Frenchblue & Fanciful

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wishing You....

I am Wishing You....
Happiest Weekend Ever!!
One that looks like a
birthday cake
feels like a party~

photo from flicker

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where is Home?

When I first met my husband,
he told me Home to him
is where ever I am.
Nothing has ever meant
more to me....
I knew then, how much
he loved me.
He never even had to say
"I love you"~

I believe
Home holds our souls.

Home is where beauty, comfort

function all unite as one....

I believe Home is
where our hearts sing....
and sometimes this may
be somewhere far far away...
with someone very very special~
Where do you think
Home is?



Photo 1 House Beautiful
Photo 2 & 3 Rachel Ashwell
Photo 4 It's Mary Ruffle

Sunday, September 13, 2009


There is something about
the balance of contrast
that I have always

Black & White
is my constant favorite.

Even if it is white on white
placed on black...

Or if it is still another
amazing image
Corey took for her
guessing game over at

I adore,
this vintage Chanel wedding
window display
in Paris~

I found
the contrast of old & new
is in this photo I took
of a Dior window in Paris...
An old broken
beaded chandelier
not hanging leans next to the
new white dress forms~

This favorite statue of mine


the contast of a rough old white

stone texture that was once smooth~

This is my collection
of white glazed
Astier de Villatte
pottery placed in an
old dark Welsh Cupboard
that was given to me from
my Mom~

Have a very special week
my most beautifuls~


top three photos flicker
photo four Tongue in Cheek
photo five Chanel
bottom three photos FrenchBlue

Friday, September 4, 2009

Good-Bye Summer

I am saying
this weekend~
I love the changing of seasons...
Good-Bye long lazy golden
Hello Autumn!
I welcome you with open arms
in brisk morning air~
Do you realize
our lives are like seasons,
forever changing...
as we walk through the chapters
of life?
Doors closing, doors opening
as time goes by....
Have the BEST last
weekend of Summer
EVER my darling ones!!

Top photo from Tongue in Cheek
Bottom photo from Tim Walker


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vintage Treasures at FrenchBlue!

We just added our
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As you all know, we LOVE Vintage!
Many of our items
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We also are so excited to share
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Special Occasions offers
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Signatures offers
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