Friday, April 30, 2010

I So Wish I Could

Oh gosh...
You have no idea how
I so wish I could
rest this weekend...
but my work load is still
way too full...
{no worries... it's all good stuff.
I will share with you later if all my
hard work pays off}
So this is my wish for all
of you Beauties...
to rest, to sleep, to dream,
to play, for me
until I can...
I miss you all!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Balancing My Act

My week is full of beautiful,
new and
unexpected work~

I will be
my act
the only way I know how...

Above the ground
on my tip toes~
I do still need your help....
with all your good good energy wishes~
Help Me
Pretty pretty

I wish you a week that is

Top two images Tim Walker
bottom image Repetto Paris

Monday, April 19, 2010

So So Fabulous!

And my winner is....... the So So Fabulous

Christina is one of our blogging girlfriends
who shares her life, thoughts, fabulous finds,
her very special Mom & Dad,
her adorable five year old son,
her most
Fabulous Found Husband!
You can check out her online shop
A BIG Merci Beaucoup to all of you
for all your amazing comments
on my last post!
I Adore you all.
Have a Beautiful Week!!!
both above photos from FabulousFindsGal

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life Gives Back

Life has such a way...
A way of giving back
when you least
expect it...
Noel & I wanted to spend time
with our friend Jacqueline, editor of
Romantic Homes Magazine.
With all of our schedules so busy,
our only time to connect was on
one of Jacqueline's "work days"
in which case she said,
"I'll have to bring my camera"~
So Noel & I decided to stage my house with
Fanciful's paper art for her to photograph~
Our q.g.t. as Jacqueline calls it,
{quality girl time}
took place last Wednesday~

Our timing was perfect practice for the

Bridal Fair
I helped Noel with yesterday
at Laguna Cliffs Marriot.
At the show we made friends with two
amazing women from
Jo Malone ~
When I bought a candle for our booth,
I was given back a small make-up bag
filled with Jo Malone samples!!
Not just one cute little black Jo Malone bag, but TWO!
Wink wink!!

SO... back to my story...
Here are some photos at my house
staged for Jacqueline.
A little fluffy, I know...

We covered two walls with Noel's

Huge White Paper Flowers!!
It truly looked amazing,
especially at the corner~

Noel made
Raw lettuce wraps as seen at Cru
ginger jasmine white iced tea~
I, of course was serving
Rose flavored Marshmallows~

Just another photo for you...

Jacqueline arrived with
her big smiles, hugs,
little round pouch in front,
{she's having her 1st baby next month}
her sunshining energy
{that she could truly sell, if she could bottle}.
She handed me a book she has
just published,
{Buy it here}
She showed me a chapter she wrote
about my tabletops, kitchen and me!
I was SO
Surprised, Proud & Amazed!
Merci Beaucoup Mon Aime

Here are a few of my pages

I want to share with you
from the book.

When I read
what Jacqueline wrote,
I realized she knows me better than
I know myself...
it shows in every word.
She is an amazing writer
and photographer.

My kitchen cabinets have since changed
from this.
They are now filled only with
my collection of

cafe cup & candle~

One of the most beautiful things about this
book for me is that two of my best friends in
in the world are in it too!
I introduced Jacqueline to
Lynn from
The original Queen of
all things beautiful,
Lucy from

There is a page with my
Laduree collection
A huge passion of mine
as you all know!

this is the cover of
The Vintage Table.
I am giving
One of You
A copy of this amazing book
A Jo Malone Make-up bag
filled with samples from Jo Malone!!
One for you & One for me!!~
Life just gave me
two very unexpected surprises
in return for working so hard.
Now I want to share them with
for working so hard too!
Because I know you do...
Life Does Gives Back~


Noel's paper art at
will be featured in
Romantic Homes Magazine
October 2010~
Have a Good Week Beautifuls!!

~ P.S. A winner will be chosen at via next Monday.

All photos on this post taken by Janet Solomon at FrenchBlue
actual photos in The Vintage Table taken by Jacqueline de Montravel

Friday, April 9, 2010

To You

To: You
An old painted blue wagon
full of sun bleached shells,
a chandelier
a salty white sea sprayed door~
From: Me
Have a lazy & happy weekend
adorable friends!!
photo French Eloquence

Monday, April 5, 2010

An Organic Home

Have you noticed that wood is back?

My dream is an organic home.

There is nothing more beautiful
than simplicity to me.

Some like it painted white.

Wood is warm and real.

It can be modern and current.

It can be very French and rustic.

It is natures art.

It can be raw, inviting

Have A week that is
Real, Warm



Friday, April 2, 2010

May Your Easter Basket be Filled....

May your Easter basket be pure,
filled with sweet surprises,
lots of laughter, time
Beautiful new beginnings~
chocolate eggs
bunny peeps
Extra Big Hugs to All of You!!

Happy Easter
to my most
Special Friends!!!!



Photo Vogue Italia