Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Knock Knock

Knock knock...
Who's there?
"Your Baby Doll...
named Amy!"
then she said...
"I'm bringing a pArTy to your Frenchie Bleu world...
I just want to see you put that lavender oil on between your eyes again and I want to see your smile
Oh and I lost 20 something pounds!"  
~And I know she'll be dressed all in pink~
And then she said,
"We'll make a little holiday magic"...
Then I said,
" 20 pounds!??! but can we maybe eat a cupcake?"
She said,
"Of course we can!"
So we promised we will walk.
but after we unwrap a pretty present or maybe two! 
She said mine is wrapped in white paper with silver stars
I wrapped hers in a pink bow with gold stars~

 ~Wishing all the magic possible to all my twinklie little stars~


image 1,2, 3, 7 & 9 Kathy Hackman Hutchison
image 4 Shirley at Simply Chateau
image 5 Tumblr
image 8 Google Images

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If I Could

I could... 
I would make us a delicious Thanksgiving feast! 
A banquet like you've never seen before!
I would set a table for us all to sit together so that we can see each other
 face to face.
I imagine we would cheers our moment together
All. Day. Long....  
I would bake us each an apple tart shaped like my heart.
To tell you each one... that I am Truly Grateful
For You,  in my life.
Even though it is sometimes only words on a blog, it is your heart that speaks to me.
I know you are there. You take time. You care.
Thank you for being here!

Happy Thanksgiving 
to each of you and may your day be filled with
as much Love as you always



All photos from Kathy Hackman Hutchison via Pinterest 
Thank you Kathy for all the beautiful images you share!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Sitting Here

Just sitting here planning our hOliDaY 
I am getting SO excited! 
It will be simple this year! 
Less stuff, less fuss but
 with  lots of magic!

Have a fun week planning all of your favorite things,
your special touches
 recipe hunting too!

Hugs to all You Beautifuls!!!



photo 1 Dust jacket

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Ashley

Dear Ashley,
 I first want to let you know that finding your unexpected gift this year was an experience I will never forget...
It was a very special kind of "prize" when I stumbled upon it, because I knew, this moment was going to be for you. 
 It was a precious journey for me.
Thank you!
I walked into a beautiful old church in Paris.
I was overwhelmed with emotion.
I could not help but think of my Dad. 
I thought of your brother in pure silence under amazing huge grey arched ceilings and stone walls. The sun showered in like heaven through old wavy glass stained glass windows.
I walked slowly until I found Saint Christopher,
 for you.
He stood on the left side, on a small alter all his own, holding a child in his arms. 
Candles were burning for loved ones... 
 I lit one for your brother.  I lit one for my Dad. 
 It was warm.  It was peaceful. 
 There was a huge brilliant presence of being HOME.
I felt so small.
My heart felt bigger than words I can share with you.  
I burned a Sainte Therese candle for your brother...
I knelt down and said a prayer. 
 I asked Saint Christopher to hold him close for you, always to keep him warm, happy and safe.    
Our candles burned all night long...
I went back the next morning to bring yours home to you, though now empty you can add a candle to burn again.
Always remember....
Your brother is Here.  He is There.  He is Everywhere
I promise you he is!
At the flea market in Nice I found your vintage religious souvenir.
 statue de sel 
A salt statue of Sainte Therese to sit by your candle.
Big Hugs
All my love to you sweet Ashley, stay strong.
Please send me your address to


Ashleys comment: 
I entered this amazing contest last year and will do so again today, although my desired treasure has yet to change. I have a little vignette in my home dedicated in memory of my brother whom I lost in November of '09', he was only 27 and I still can't get the grasp of my on-going life without him. If I am so lucky to win, I would love a religious figure of sorts, something old, something that tells a story...I am so thankful to enter this contest....Good luck to all who enter!!

Ashley just sent me over pictures of her brother.
Jonathan William Casedy
Jonny with his son...
Jonny fishing...
both were his Heaven on Earth.



Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Le Grand Colbert

I am Home!
My cup is filled and I am so content. 
One of our first evenings in Paris was spent at 
It is one of my husbands favorite visits because of the warm setting and delicious food.
  It is also special because it is the restaurant Diane Keaton mentions and ends up on her Birthday with Keanu Reeves & Jack in one of my favorite movies,
We are far from Jack & Diane but we were
so happy being here together.
After dinner we walked by the Grand Palais at night all lit up. 
So stunning!
Then we walked across the bridge.  The water was magical,
just like liquid gold.

Thank you all for you sweet wishes to me on my post,
Here, There & Everywhere.
Each one was so important to me. 
I will be posting my winner soon!



All photos taken by FrenchBlue, Janet & Larry Solomon
photo taken in Le Grand Colbert by the waiter.