Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Color is Heaven?

At times like this
I find myself asking
over and over again...
What Color is Heaven?

This is when I yearn to be alone.
I ponder.
I pray.
My obvious answer is white.
The color of purity & the clouds.
Then I think of Blue.
The color of the sky, the sea,
all of my babies eyes...
But is Heaven warm?
I ask.

Finally my answer comes
comforts me...
I remember a dream I once had.
My dream was more vivid
and more real than
All my senses were
I realized when I woke up
I just visited

So my prayers,
being answered once again,
I know that Heaven is
Here and There.
There is no color at all
but at the same time,
it is all colors...

There is no door between us.
We are already there.

Heaven is wherever we are
that makes us
and yes warm~~

It is something like Magic.

It is somewhere within us...

So all of those Angels Here and in Haiti

who pass before us,

mothers, fathers, grandparents, all family,



our precious babies

are truly still here with us.

We are all sharing the same space~

I wish you all
comfort & warmth



photo 1 Rachel Ashwell, photo 2 Dustjacket Attic

photo 3 Chanel, photo 4 A Gift Wrapped Life

photo 5 Simone, photo 6 Wabi & Sabi


  1. Your words and vision are very comforting to read today.
    Thanks for painting a beautiful picture, that I can hold close to me today.
    xo ~ Dana

  2. Such beautiful words and pictures. We can indeed be in heaven here on earth x

  3. such pretty pretty pictures! love it


  4. what a beautiful, *heavenly* post!
    that first pic is my favorite...i collect antique Mary statues, and those are gorgeous!
    xox alison

  5. Such a gorgeous post. This one did my heart good. All the images in it are divine.

  6. Heaven is the color of what makes your heart soar. Lovely post good friend. Lovely post. Sea Witch

  7. Your posts are always so beautifully composed - you are both a poet and an artist. Thank you for turning a cloudy day into a sunny one!

  8. Such a lovely post today...Heaven is right at our finger tips...it is not about being finished and perfect....here on earth it is about God being present in our unfinishedness.
    Your post made me think today and touched my heart dear one. Blessing for the rest of your week. xoxoxo

  9. Yes, I imagine it to be warm and happy...with rays of sunshine and light everywhere...at least that is the image in my mind...

    That first pic is so beautiful!

    Blessings ~

    :) T

  10. now that post is heaven itself. light as a feather yet heavy with meaning,
    always beautiful, thanks...


  11. I needed something like this today. Thanks for sharing the beauty and the lovely thoughts.

  12. your Majesty,

    Wow! how touching this article. You have given us so much to think about and reflect upon. I believe that there is a spiritual energy that is so big and that it will spread it's energy upon Haite and it's beautiful people. I am so proud of how so many countries have come together to help them and to show that we all are brothers and sisters that belong to Mother Earth. Amazing Pictures!!!

    Royal wishes,

  13. Dear Janet,
    You have taken me to Heaven just by looking at your images and reading your beautiful, soothing words.With so much horror in the world at the moment, this was a perfect time to reflect. XXXX

  14. This post is so moving...

    I will ponder it in my dreams tonight


  15. dear janet... this is one of the most beautiful and loving posts i have read in some time... God is so good. He made you xx pam

  16. i have been trying to follow you but cannot seem to add you... please help! xx pam

  17. Oh what an uplifting post, I do love the first picture with words.

    You are such a gorgeous person, your light shines and touches everyone.

  18. What a great post! glad i found you..love your blog..off to browse..lulu

  19. This is beyond gorgeous and soooo inspiring!
    What a beautiful thing to share.....xoxo....Faith

  20. What a sweet and moving post! Here for the first time - Sande at a Gift Wrapped Life encouraged her readers to come by and here we are - so glad I did!

  21. Your writing is amazing in this piece Janet.....you have a such a way with words.

    Such beautiful images.....


  22. I am almost speechless, you have a way with words like no other and your choice of pictures to take us into your words visually is amazing, thankyou,Kathysue

  23. I have also wondered that very same thing lately. My Mom is currently very near to her journey. She lives with us in a cute little apartment we built onto our home. She is so sweet and precious, and in 52 years I have never heard her say anything bad about anyone. I'm not sure how life will be here when she leaves, but I am comforted by knowing in my heart that she will still be with us. Your post and your words and pictures were very comforting as well. I always wondered which would be preferable, have a loved one go suddenly, or over time. I am very grateful for the long goodbye we are able to have. Bless your heart and thank you!

    Warm Hugs,

  24. I had a glimpse of heaven once in a dream... It was like opalescent, but a zillion times prettier! God's loving light is really indescribable... Love hearing other people's experiences and descriptions; it's a life-changeing thing knowing the awesomeness of God's warm, loving, light!

  25. Dreamy and so lovely. Perfect for my Sunday. Thank you.

  26. I love your ideas of heaven and realized they are the same as mine. Thank you for this heavenly post.
    You have a picture of The Meurice Hotel in Paris France on your blog and I just adore it! I put that picture on my facebook and said that that is where I want to go for Valentine Day...you should have seen the responses!! Everyone wants to go. Thank you for giving me and my friends something wonderful to think about besides this horrible snowstormy weekend with more to come. I'll be sure to tell them to check out your blog. It is beautiful!