Monday, May 28, 2012

A Special Surprise! Vintage by Nina Giveaway!!

I'm home my darling ones!!
I am so very sorry to have been away for so long~~~
 I have brought you a very special surprise! 
 A Mary Poppins bag full of PURE Inspiration!

 From a land of white Swedish wonderland
and from a home with many dreamy windows to peek inside,
from two amazing eyes and one heart that knows just how to touch your soul~
If you don't already know her Amazing magic, let me have this opportunity to introduce to you an authentic antique dealer, interior designer, columnist, brocante junkie and writer, my friend from Scandinavia
Nina Hartman!
She shares all her talents with us in her one
Charming & Beautiful Home
 on the pages of
~Vintage by Nina~
  zinc                    rare          Sweeden
                      white          raw                    baskets
                                                       blanc         collections
                               clear                 France           
                                        glass       old
ironstone           wood                                                                     wings 
           recycled               brocantes                           hearts
                                  soul                               ballet
For your pure 
Joy & Inspiration
Nina has sent me 3 signed copies of her book 
for you!!!
To win....
 I think you already know the ropes~

1. Leave me a comment on this post~

2. For TWO entries: Leave me a comment on this post AND promote Vintage by Nina on your blog.  Come back and let me know you have posted it~

3. For THREE entries, do both of the above, then come back and give me a BIG hug~
 Good-bye for now sweet friends....
I am going to go sit in the sun, have a cup of my newest favorite Earl Grey green tea,
 and gobble up all these pages of
tattered heaven~



Notes from Nina to know:

Trino at Atelier de Campagne is taking orders both for wholesale and for private individuals.
Atelier de Campagne

The first scandinavian interior book that is 100%
in ENGLISH in the US!!
This book is already worldwide in three editions.
vintage & antiques.This is the book where France meets Scandinavia.Where the Nordic light meets the French brocante findings.This Best Selling Book Vintage by Nina is NOW Available

in ENGLISH in the US!!
This book is already worldwide in three editions.

Over the past eight years she has run the vintage and antiques online shop 

with showroom in Sweden. Her creativity, artistic talent and passion for interior designs and styling with vintage and antiques, has made her one of the most famous stylists in Scandinavia.

The book VINTAGEBYNINA is a result of the close cooperation between Danish Nina Hartmann and the Swedish photographer Maria-Isabel Hansson. Their work is seen in international interior magazines through the entire world.

Ninas soft, warm, light, feminine and highly personal style is characteristic for the book containing 160 beautiful and inspirational pages. The book Vintage by Nina is meant to inspire and create ideas, creativity and dreams for the readers.
Bedste hilsner fra
Nina Hartmann