Sunday, March 28, 2010

Being a Woman

Being a woman...
I honor that I am sometimes
{well almost always}
too soft.
I embrace who I am.
I take pride when I say No.
I pray that I am forever strong.
Life blooms in complete fullness.
Sometimes beautiful
sometimes not so beautiful~

Being a woman is most magical.
Just like a pearl...
as we are tumbled through it all,
regardless, we can only shine~
As time polishes us
all we will know how to do, is to
~R a d i a t e~
Have a week that is
nothing but

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Christian Dior Meets Fanciful

Did you know....

I know some of you
already heard this news...
but I want to take this opportunity
to make a
Very Special Tribute
to my daughter
Noel at Fanciful Designs~
So Proud Of Her!!

Noel, known for her detailed eye
and French paper art
mostly in shoes & flowers
was contacted by the head art director
to make samples of flowers for their
new packaging designs~
See her complete story HERE~

She rose to the occasion and delivered.
So this means
I can now share with you
a few of the images
of the actual samples
she sent to
in Paris France~

A rose~

An open rose ~

Detail of the rose~

A dove gray daisy~

Each flower was placed in
it's own separate box~
It was a positively beautiful

I told Noel that the
real gift for her is the gift of
she has been given.
Her art was considered
by one of the most prestigious
well known designers
in this world~

The most interesting thing to me is that
Christian Dior, Chanel & Paris

have always been

Noel's greatest inspiration

behind her art...

I never knew her vision was focused so precisely~



Mauh Mauh Mauh's my Scoop!!!






Friday, March 19, 2010

A Playful Weekend!

Wishing you a
playful weekend...

full of
Flowers & Bliss!



Big Mauh's
to all of you playful
Beautiful minds~

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Arrivals at FrenchBlue and Co!

We have just added over
40 new items
to our shop

A few of our favorite finds
in our Spring collection are....
A vintage sea washed patina urn
stacked with white & blue coral...
An all natural piece of coral
in the shape & color of a nest
with stone eggs~

A vintage chippy garden statue~

A vintage gold Italian Florentine side table
with cherub faces~

A porcelain Reserve table sign~

An ornate gold door number~

An old Italian Opera program,
hand written in calligraphy~

An old porcelain flapper
half doll~

Fancy little high heels all
one of a kind paper shoes
handmade by Noel at
Fanciful Designs
They would be adorable filled
with candy in an Easter Basket!

Vintage white & gold
French crepe paper
Mariage Bags~
A vintage wax
orange blossom wedding vine~

Each item has been carefully chosen
photographed by
Noel & Myself
to see more
visit HERE!

We welcome
Spring 2010 with wide open arms
BIG smiles~



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sharing The Trove

I just wanted to share
my favorite store with you!
Come see

The owner's are artists!

One of my favorite items they create

are white plaster sculptured

dripping chandeliers!

Amazingly beautiful!

They have an eye for the
organic, the raw
the old.

Rich textiles drape throughout the shop~

Textures of soft mohair~

Every chair in the shop is
one or two...
I must have!

A woman can never have too many
shoes or chairs~

The lighting offered is the most
unique you will ever see.
They also carry
{my favorite French enamel pottery}
Trove is Located in
Laguna Beach, California.
This stop is a must if you are visiting
in my neighborhood.
I hope your week is treating YOU good!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

She's Somebody Special

She's Somebody Special...
She shows the most unique
in fashion~

She always shares only the BEST...

She has an eye for the most quality of

details & textures...

She shares the most
rare in vintage,
most beautiful handmade creations
the most hard to find new items!

She adores pretty
paper & ribbons.

She tells us about her favorite

antique shops, tea salons, she tells
funny stories about herself
stories about her beautiful family
and home
while living in the Uk~

She sees art & design
in nature.

She lives in the same
whimsical world as
we do!

She has a passion for delicate paper art~

She is Beautiful.
She is my friend.
If I could,
I would nominate her for an
Oscar award.
She would be the winner!!

She would win
Best Designer & Artist!!

Everybody DANCE
Clap your HANDS...

If you don't already know her
please meet
Di Overton,
the amazing author & creator of
Designers Block Uk!!

She is also the owner of the
beautiful, wild, & delicious website
Ghost Furniture~
She is a treat to know.
She is absolute inspiration.
There is no other like her in this whole world.
Di is Somebody Very Special!!

Have a warm & bright week
my precious ones!!



All photos from Designers Block UK

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pink & Black Sandwich Anyone?

Do you like
Pink & Black

The zebra image from
and these
black shoes
pink socks
captured my interest!

Pink & black
always reminds me of Paris
in the Spring ...

I would wear these rainboots in Paris...
They make me happy
and make me think of licorice~

Licorice Allsorts to be exact...
A pink & black sandwich

I hope your week is
treating you special!