Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend Bliss

I am going to have a weekend in
Pure Bliss~
{i need it after my week in property management}

I'm wishing you a perfectly
Blissful Weekend Too
my special ones~

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sandcastles in the Air

The Waves are big,
loud right now~
{I can hear them from my house}
Smiling sandy faces,
large mounds of seaweed
kelp scented air
unlocked a memory today...
A memory of
how important it was to me
at one time in my life
to build

I love the water,
being on the sand
collecting & creating
with jewels from the ocean.
This is who I am~

I realized today
that I have outgrown
my urge to
on the sand...
But I have not outgrown
my first love...
the sea.
Or lessons I have learned from her.
She taught me well....
I now build my sandcastles
in the air~
She is a mother,
always teaching
always honest...

above photo from Tongue & Cheek

I learned very quickly to
my mother in nature
I am grateful that
she taught me all my life lessons
right here in
sandcastle air~

Have a beautiful week
little mermaids
get your toes
a little bit sandy~


Friday, July 24, 2009

For You

photo from Bianca Lorenne

Water, a row boat, silk pillows
I am feeling this is all I need
this weekend~
For you...
I wish exactly the same~


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Party on Hand

I am absolutely mesmerized
by this Artist!
Do these look like a Scoop of ice cream
a piece of Coral?
I can't decide
but I LOVE them
I want one!

Each piece is a surprise party
for your hand...
Or a fresh flower picked from an
enchanted garden~

I honestly have never seen
such beautiful cameos~

This ring reminds me of a Birthday cake
with a candle on top!

Rings to pour from ?!?!?
It must be a Magic potion
for sure~

Oh...of's a chain!
I knew that~

I adore this artist
Alidra Alic
her inspirations
her whimsical mind~


Monday, July 20, 2009

What Flavor is Coral?

I LOVE everything about
I love it because it is natural,
it is beautiful
not one piece is the same
as another~
Sometimes I wonder...
If Red Coral were a flavor
what do you think
it would it taste like?
Do you think...
sweet like candy
sour like fresh summer fruit
spicy hot like winter
salty like the ocean?
Maybe some of these
images will help you decide~

These old French papers that
Corey at
Tongue in Cheek
found at her local French Brocante
are driving me crazy!
Coral seaweed~

I adore this ring designed by
Mesi Jilly~

These coral shoes were designed in Paris~
by Roger Viver for
Christian Dior.
You can read about them

I found this coral velvet dress
made by Rezoom on Etsy

inspires me!
This all white framed coral mirror
I could hang anywhere
and be happy~
Maybe you want to think about
what flavor White Coral
would be...
Creamy sweet, Cool Mint,
or Salty

If I have a choice,
I always seem to lean toward
one of a kind,
sometimes even funny or weird items
{according to some}
over new trendy objects.

I love this corner!
This chair is covered in new coral fabric
but the chair is old~
This make a perfect juxtaposition~

Lynn at
Hotel Boutique
found this amazing old
iron coral table from France
at her local flea market last year!
Sorry it is sold~
there are some of the best
vintage items you'll ever see
available at her online shop!

My friend Sandy at
Gift Wrapped Life
found this image
that I LOVE so much!
Sandy has a coral line of gifts
coral gift wrapped items
at her online shop
Oh la la~

One of her items are these linen embroidered
guest towels~

And look how she Wraps!!

If you know me...
you know that I'll have
to show you this
coral cake today

This is some of my coral
in my home
I want to share with you~
On the right is a piece of coral that
reminds me of a nest, it dips in the center.
I have pale blue stone eggs in it
and a sun dried white crab...
I told you I like funny things~

Last but not least~
I am a crab & bug nut...
Two of my most treasured pieces,
are made by my
sweetest friend Lynda~
She makes bug & crab bodies out of recycled metal
places old brooches on top.
This one is an old
red coral crab~
Below is one she put
White coral on ~
to make my favorite bug~
Have a Good Week!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Take Time...

I am wishing you
simple weekend~

It is important
you know~

To be one with
to balance, to think, to create
to grow~
Take time my special ones
Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do You Like Marshmallows?

Top photo from Soffan Cipria

For some reason
these soft fluffy images
remind me of

I think because
I love Marshmallows!
Do you?

Above photo from The Paris Apartment

I think Marshmallows
are one of those things....
that you either love them
hate them~
Am I Right?

I Love them always~

Especially if they get a little bit stale~

I know someone who only
likes them in
hot chocolate~

I think they are the prettiest candy
I have ever seen!

bottom two photos from Such pretty things

They remind me of colored cotton balls~
I believe the pink taste different
than the white you?
Tell me about

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rose Petal Ice Cream

Roses Roses Roses~

I want Rose petal ice cream
This is a rose sculpture
ice cream cone!
(Scoop, what do you think of this rose?)

is an ice cream shop
in Venice, California that makes
Rose Petal Ice cream!
I am going to take Lynn
here when she comes to
visit me this month~
We will get a rose ice cream cone
go to
one of our favorite shops
around the corner~

Rose petal ice cubes...
How Beautiful!
A Great idea for a wedding~

I can't do this post without
sharing & showing
you one of my favorite treats~
A Religieuse a' la Rose
from Laduree~
Here is my secret...
Take one to go...
Order tea for two
room service...
Always Earl Grey ...
Sometimes this is our dinner~

Last year in Paris
I found Rose Petal tea!
Pure roses!
It is heaven...
Clear hot rose water~

I also just discovered Rose Jam~
Noel brought me a jar~
I can't believe what I have
been missing out on!

There is nothing more
delicate than the flavor of Rose Jam
on a baguette~

My friend Corey from
Tongue & Cheek
makes her own
Rose Jam!
with real Rose petals~
See her recipe

These are a treat too!
You can buy sugar coated rose
petals to sweeten your tea
or for cooking~
Have a great week!