Monday, January 11, 2010

Perfect Chaos

To me,
there has always been
something perfect
about Chaos....

Something my Mom
never understood about me~
Therefore, in her world of perfection
I never understood her~
I always longed for the
flaw, the old,
the unwanted...

my home is surrounded
with imperfections
~ I love it~
I am happy in my world
of lopsided beauty...

Something Rachel describes so right below...

Over time...
my mom & I have met
somewhere in the
In a space I call
perfect chaos~

Where does your perfect world sit?

Have a perfectly beautiful week

full of

~~perfect chaos~~


All photos from Rachel Ashwell


  1. my bed is always seems more inviting that way, like a nest.

  2. Who wants perfection anyways? It's way too hard, too rigid and leaves little room for creativity and as we all know Janet you are so creative! It has worked for you so beautifully.

  3. You put this together so beautifully. The Chaos you've taught me I will always welcome it in my life. I will always honor it and it will always remind me of you. With that said, I could never live without chaos... because it is part of home & my love in my life.

    xoxo noel

  4. I just posted a comment but then internet went down so don't know if it worked, Sorry if this appears twice.

    I am a fan of perfect chaos. I used to live with my sister who is a perfectionist. She would spend ages perfectly aligning everything on the shelves and I would spend just as long arranging things in a haphazard manner. I like an effortless look in my house as though things just arrived there by chance. Sometimes this look is more difficult to acheive than total perfection.

  5. I've learned that chaos often equates into beauty, and with this lesson, life has remained good.

    Stunning images.....makes me want to stay in bed all day long!

  6. I guess i'd average out to be in the middle somewhere. I can definately see the beauty in the everyday 'lived in' state of my home, but occasionally i get crazed and have to have order restored (very occasionally :).

    That first image is so beautiful!


  7. I love the lopsided chandelier and beautiful things that are quirky like that. But I generally prefer order over chaos. Funny, how people seem to be one or the other.

  8. My surroundings? Ordered but filled with worn treasures from the past--Iron fern stands with layers of chipped paint, old tables rubbed into priceless patina, cracked glazed terra-cotta, long ago baked in the hot Italian sun. A little bit of heaven on earth.

  9. I love this type of decorating chaos. So warm and inviting overstuffed bed linens and then a lopsided crystal chandlier. Lovely. Sea Witch

  10. I'm not very fond of houses that are 'just so'. Where you have to take your shoes off before you can enter the house (sorry to anyone who does this !!) I find it very uncomfortable as a visitor.
    Don't get me wrong. I like my home to look nice but welcoming and comfortable which probably means a little bit of your 'perfect chaos', Janet. XXXX

  11. It's late and those beds make me really want to go to bed! Delicious!!!

  12. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! I totally know what you mean about the beds - there's something more inviting about covers already being partially drawn back and a pile of pillows that look as though they are actually used. Perfect chaos is a lovely name for it. I just love Rachel Ashwell, too. :)

  13. Love this! Exactly the relationship I have with my mother. She and my sisters just don't get me and my decor. These images are just beautiful.

  14. My world is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination...and I love it just like it is. I so so love Rachel Ashwell and her unmade beds and books piled high.

    I just have to tell you I was looking through some old magazines this past weekend and I screamed for joy when I saw you and your lovely home featured in a past Romantic Homes..march 2008 so lovely my friend.

    Have a great week.xoxox

  15. Perfect chaos is perfect Bliss for Moi. Lopsided, fluffed, layers, chipped, loved, quirky ...Mmmmmm heaven. xo

  16. Love this post and LOVE that cattywompas chandelier ! Perfect chaos - not only makes a home look more interesting, but a great way to look at life. Seeking perfection an be like chasing windmills. Isn't life sweet when you can see beauty and harmony in the not so obvious ?


  17. This must be the mother/daughter relationship as we know it today. I'm formal, she's casual.
    I'm fashionable, she's not. Yet, in everything important, we are the very very very same.

  18. Isn't perfection a bore? I love a little chaos with my beauty too.


  19. As much of a free spirit as I fancy myself to be I could never master that, chic, messy bed look.
    It frustrates me so because I love the looks of these and photos like these.

  20. did i just see your ad in Romantic Homes????

  21. Believe it or not I am a perfectionist by virtue of being born under the sign of Virgo. But this virgo loves a little chaos. There is definitely something lovely about a "beautiful mess" as a dear friend of mine refers to it.

  22. Well, they are appealing in that I am just out of bed and wish i could go back. For a long time, I wouldonly have white linens, they made everything clean, crisp, and orderly. Now... anything goes. Though I adore these images. Chao: not so much.

    This is my first time here and your site is beautiful. Look forward to reading along!

  23. Ah ones character is in the imperfections. Beautiful!

  24. Ahhh...I'm in my office cubicle right now, dreaming of a fluffy white bed like these ones!

  25. i love your idea of perfect chaos. your photos are lovely and inviting, ummm.

  26. LOVE that ceiling mount chandelier!

  27. I am loving your blog. Look forward to the next one!

  28. I adore your blog here, and this post touched my heart so perfectly and I am in heaven here! Thank you for this memorable visit! I look forward to many more returns! You are a gem! soft blessings to you, luv Jenn