Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All Summer Long

All summer long~
we sang our song~~
and we strolled that golden sand~~~~

Thank you to all my summer friends
for all your precious
summer memories!
Each one made me smile~
I could identify with all of them
with my whole life time of summer

My winner of the white & blue coral
in the old aqua patina bowl is
Therese from
be sure to check out her
brand new blog
to shop for her
found treasures!!
Big Mauh's
too all of you!!!

photo 2 Google Images
photo 3 JCrew

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Summer Wind

The summer wind~

came blowin in~~

across the sea~~~

I woke up this morning
feeling summer in the air~

Image It'sMaryRuffle

It is time for me to get wet
get my toes in the sand~

Image Toast

It is time to fluff & bring out my summer linens~

And time to find a few treasures on sale from the
Toast Summer Catalogue ~

Image FrenchBlue & Co. is time to offer you THIS for my summer
To win just tell me your favorite
thing or memory about summer~

Winner will be drawn from
a Big White Clam Shell on
June 30th!

Oh and I can't forget....
It is time to wish ALL of you
Beautiful Bathing Beauties
warm long happy days
of Summer!!



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello Dear Picasso!

Picasso was more than a
painter & sculptor~

His home alone was beautiful art~

His life was full of imagination, magic & wonder...

His wife Jacqueline was a beautiful partner

in his every breath~

Picasso was a whimsical
sort of gentleman...

and a tender sweet man.
He loved his dog

and his friend Bridget Bardot too!

Hello Dear Picasso!!
I know you are somewhere
laughing, watching pretty women
white doves fly right now...
but I just wanted to tell you
how much you are missed on our planet



All images from google images

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sending a Beautiful Friend...

I am sending a basket of the brightest
sunshine, smiles and gratitude...
to say
Thank You
to someone very special
to me~

Thank you Sande for the
giveaway gifts from
that literally took my breath away,
took words out of my mouth,
stopped my heart from beating,
started my heart pounding,
brought happy tears, tender memories
and sent me on a tailspin
of emotion~

The emotions of feeling so loved
so special...

The presentation of this gift was beyond
one of the most
exquisite I have ever seen in my life~
Undressing this gift was
an experience all it's own...
{shhhhh...I'm really not weird but...
I felt like what a man must feel like when
undressing a beautiful woman}.
The gifts themselves were everything
a woman could dream for with her
most spoiled Marie Antoinette imagination!

Merci Beaucoup

Mon Aime!!!

More importantly and most of all...
Thank you Sande Chase for your
sweet & beautiful



photo 1 google images, 2,3,4 taken by frenchblue 4 a little lovliness

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lazy Days

Lazy days are worth everything
to me these days...

and they must be
in the most comfortable way~

I think I will be hammock
shopping this weekend...

I just can't resist~

Have a Very Happy & Lazy weekend
my Adorable friends!!



image 1 toast catalog 2,3,4 google images

Sunday, June 6, 2010

She Walks A Very Fine Line

Once in a great while someone special
comes along...
who walks a very fine line~
A line for the finest things in life,
a fine line for detail, a fine line for beauty,
a fine line that only her eyes can see,
draw, paint & create.
She is a fine line of golden thread
who nurtures and respects nature~

When one like her comes into your life,
you must share her
with all of who you know~
So please my friends,
meet.... Dana from
her exquisent website

Dana found this image on my website...

she then sketched & painted this!
A. M. A. Z. I. N. G.

Invitation Suites Stewart

These beautiful hand written
calligraphy wedding invitations were designed
for a sweet bride. Dana has created and named her series
~Invitations Suites~
after her special brides & grooms.

Dana designed & created this business card recently.
Her only instructions were...
"just as the competition for the most exotic colors and flavors
continue to unfurl in Paris...with gold gilt engraving, of course
Dana engraved in gold on chocolate European paper!
Her client loved that it was like a classic bittersweet chocolate macaroon with a touch of edible gold leaf or classic French gold gilt~ This card will represent to her clients customers the love for the simple chocolate macaroon with a bittersweet chocolate ganache filling~

Dana's words...

"I do what I love … being an artist ∙ designer ∙ calligraphist ∙ gardener ∙ shopaholic ∙ proprietress of A Fine Line ~ a stationery boutique and lover of all things paper … I love what I do ~creating an artful life".

Please go visit Dana especially if you are in need of custom invitations,

stationary, business cards, or a personal watercolor~

She is the BEST!!!

Uh Uh Uh!!!

Have a week with

"puddles of inspiration"

my friends!

Thank You Noel for introducing Dana to me when she custom ordered

Miss Swan from you~



photo 1 google images, 2, 4 frenchblue and co. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 the ginger parasol

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where Would it Be?

Just for the record...
If you could go Anywhere
with Anybody...

Where would it be
with whom?
photos from google images