Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Winner

The Winner:
is one of my readers that wrote with no name...
someone who sees with a heart and walks with Angels everyday.
Anonymous said...
"As I sit here in tears reading this blog, and these responses, I am reminded of my loved ones that are no longer here that I feel are my Angels. I miss the so much sometimes even though I know they are close. Also I am reminded of when I lost my wings, and what a very long a strenuous journey it was for me to find them again. Thank you so much for the world you create, and sharing with us. Whoever wins these wings from this living breathing Angel will truly deserve them.-hebehimisa"

Whoever this special reader is please email me your name & mailing address to

My gift to you is to Thank You for sharing in this giveaway in

a most beautiful way...

To remind you to always know those dear dear Angels of yours are truly with you everyday.


To congratulate You that you have found your wings to fly again~
These wings will remind you
of your own journey on this planet we call earth
and to never lose your wings again~
photo 1 Such Pretty Things~photo 2 Rachel Ashwell

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Playing With Angels Giveaway

This pair of
White Feather Angel Wings
were worn in a
Christmas pageant in France by a little angel who lost her wings~
they are for One of You!
Because we play with angels~

Those who know me know that I adore wings~
Especially ones lost by little French angels...
I want to share with you two of my treasured Christmas presents.
The wings above were my gift from one of my dearest friends, Lynn.
They were brought back from France by her friend. She always knows just what I love~

Old gold gilt layered paper, like rose petals applied by hand, one by one just like fish scales.
Each has an old metal hook to attach to the back of the alter boy alb.
They are 100 yrs. old.
They were worn in church ceremonies.
I Adore them everyday.

These darling wings are from my sweet friend Amy.

She found them in Paris at the Clignancourt flea market!

There were 4, she bought 3, she kept 2,
she gave me 1!

They are from the late 19th Century.
Worn in Catholic Churches for Christmas Pageants.
Old grayish white gauzy linen,
hand sewn thread stitching
slightly tattered in all the right places
So so so beautiful.
I feel holy just touching them~
I Love them so much.

So you see.... When you are given something that touches your heart in a way you didn't even know your heart could be touched that way.
You realize it is a moment.
A moment of being blessed by an Angel.
A moment that the gift of receiving from a friend is understood. It is not about the gift. It is about being loved by your friend.
It is understood that our life is simply a playground
to play with Angels~
Thank you Lynn & Amy.

With all that being said.
There are no rules to win these wings.
Simply tell me....
about playing with your Angels or why you need this pair of lost angel wings~

An angel will be visiting me to read your stories & draw your name from a basket.



photos 1,2,3,4 taken by FrenchBlue photos 5,6 from Fanciful Designs

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This One or That One?

If you were asked to pick...
This One?
Or That One?
A CHANEL just for you!
Which one would it be?
Black or cream rain boots,
ballet flats...

pearl sunglasses...
A CHANEL Guitar?
Wishing you a perfect week
my darling friends!



All images Chanel

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Ticket to Ride

Oh. My. Gosh.
It doesn't take much to get me going...
A simply beautiful book cover,
can very honestly be,
~my ticket to ride~
To get lost in a day dream~
Or maybe do a little time traveling~ To finally be inspired to imagine something new
that I may want to buy.To think about a possible change for a favorite corner. To look at something way too beautiful to eat...
and actually consider eating it~ Well....
maybe not all that really...
But to for sure walk with a little secret that makes me So happy,
even if it is just a beautiful pale pink book cover with a pretty black font~



photos 1, 2,
Candice Lesage Austens, 3 google images, 4 Cire Trvdon, 5 Madeleine Castaing book, 6 etsy Sweet Ambs, 7 Paris Atelier

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Surprises by Fanciful

Come see what's new at

Handpainted by my daughter Noel on Canvas~

Also darling paper treasure cones!

Some are filled with a surprise!
Fun for a Birthday or Valentines Day~

Some are empty~
Perfect for a wedding gift
to put a handwritten note inside
a little something extra~

~Pom Poms~



Fancy That!!

To Visit Noel at her etsy shop
click Here!




Sunday, January 9, 2011

Forever on My Mind

Imprinted forever on my mind
are images of our visit to
the Renaissance apartment at the La Madone
in Apt, France~

Recently hung in the front entrance are these props from a Chanel Fashion Show!
Someone that lives in the building works for Chanel.
They were given to her as a gift after the show~
I was so excited!
The adventure of discovery outside of our new "home"
was a gift alone....
even if it was just for a glimpse of time
in my life.

The ceiling in the Master bedroom.
I starred. I dreamed. I loved.

The wavy glass doors from the kitchen to the porch.
The long old French linen panels
that hung on the 17th Century floor.
I could look at all day long~

The lighting down to the old stone wine cellar
was warm & so beautiful, it actually talked~

The Master bedroom,
as the rest of the apartment is
a perfect marriage between both owners. Jean Bernard & Nathalie are husband & wife.
A 17th Century gold canopy found by Jean Bernard.
It is draped with the perfect color lavender-grey
antique French linen that Nathalie designed and dyed herself.

An antique oil painting found by Nathalie hangs in the bedroom.

Nathalie has an authentic eye. Jean Bernard knows how to make it all happen. They restore, they work & they laugh together~

My sweet husband sits.

He sits thinking.

And I know what he is thinking about,

because he asked me,

"How am I going to get you back here?"

I answered only,

"very soon". Another lavender dyed linen by Nathalie.

She covered this chair, it haunts me daily with it's perfection of color


it's imperfection of beauty~

The small village steps from your door is

friendly & familiar.

It feels like Home.

My treasure.

My angel wings found in Apt.

I lost my heart that day.

It fell to the ground.

It stayed in a small village named Apt in Provence.

It sits in an apartment called

The Renaissance at the La Madone.

It is waiting for me there.


Thank you for always listening & letting me share with you~


Have a Beautiful week!!




Image 7 image from LaMadone All other images taken by Janet & Larry Solomon

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Song is January

My Song is January.

My celebration is January.

A palette of choices to be made.

A blank canvas to create new
and maybe recreate old.

A brand new world to See!
A brand new song to Hear~
Have a week full of
Absolute Bliss
my most darling friends!
image 2 & 4 greige , image 3 flamant, image 1 &5 vintage rose garden doll