Sunday, April 29, 2012

Something about Nothing

There is a light shimmering. 
It is dancing through me! It is cleansing my world!    
I see that there is something about nothing
That I absolutely adore!
Lately I have been letting go of so much stuff
 also emotionally of so many silly little fixes I'v had through my whole life
 that wasn't even real.

It feels SO GOOD!
I feel
~So Free~


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

French Paper Blossom Diffuser

~ ~ Blossoms ~ ~
~ ~ ~ Blooms ~ ~ ~
 has just launched her Amazing line of one of a kind,
100% organic cotton,
french paper blOOm diffuser for your home!!!
Comes packaged 
in Noels signature quality pure white
 French inspired
gift box~
Perfect for your Mom's Day!
Fragrance is not included...
 simply pour your own blends of essential oil in the thick blown glass vase 
and you will LOVE when your favorite scent
 gracefully through
your home day after day~

You may Order now by clicking
 for Mothers Day
Limited quantity available.

Price $48.00 includes gift box

Contact Noel for
Wholesale pricing 



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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tea Leaves

 I am obsessing once again. 
This time it is over tea!
Tea bags, tea leaves
 sipping hot steaming green tea.  
I found this darling dress to share with you!
It is made out of mighty leaf tea pouches! 
 I love it!!
It makes me imagine sitting in a hot jacuzzi, pretending it is a giant tea cup
 I am the teabag! 
This image makes me imagine 
organic fluffy down pillows
 thick antique linen or hemp sheets.
 If I were a designer,
I would design recycled french teabag bedding....
The tag would be a tea bag~  
It would be scented like my sweet Noel..
Or maybe my all time very favorite,
the fresh perfumed scent of
 Earl Grey French Blue tea leaves
To drink....
I choose as Vicki Archer just posted,
{who inspired this post}
steaming hot Green Tea tea in the morning!
It makes our bodies sing!
it makes us happy!
There is only one problem I have...
I never seem to get enough~

sweet friends!



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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Laduree Still

still has a way of taking my breath away~
The Laduree candle line offered by
 just keeps getting more beautiful! 
Matt colors with a white bisque laurel wreath and cherub cameo
will always make me happy~ 
 do you think it can get any better than this?

Hope your week is being good to everyone!!

Big Muah's



All photos from sjaak hullekes

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Noel's Video Oversized Paper Roses with Martha!!

For those of you who missed Noel yesterday on the Martha Show
You can watch her
 This video has been cut/edited down for time.
Thank you ALL for being so excited with us!
It was an amazing experience for her!



Monday, April 2, 2012

LIVE Tomorrow! Fanciful Designs on The Martha Stewart Show!

Heads up everyone! 
Tomorrow morning Noel Solomon owner of
{my daughter}
Martha Stewart
You can watch her on the Halmark Channel at 10:00 a.m.
April 3, 2012. 
Noel received a phone call from The Martha Show about a 3 weeks ago inviting her to come to
New York to be on the show to make her
Huge Paper Blooms! 
Noel accepted. 
She flew to New York on Friday to tape the show tomorrow. 
 We just found out today the show will be LIVE!!
You can see the preview
"Hop into action with charming Easter craft how-tos from Martha. Upgrade a basic basket with pretty pastel flowers made from rick-rack trim. Then, bring nature indoors with gorgeous handmade oversized paper blooms with artist Noel Solomon. Plus, a fun and affordable favor idea using jelly beans." 
I will bake us all a very pretty cake!!

Please come over to watch with me!!!!