Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Whatever you are doing...
Have Fun!

Wherever you are going...
Be safe!

I will be off
dreaming Somewhere...
safe & having fun...
See you Monday!

Top two & bottom images are from
The Cherry Blossom Girl

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is it About Claudia? Free Ad Giveaway!!!

Please tell me...
What is it about our Claudia...

Is it her knowledge of

Could it be the Book she wrote,
or her keen Eye
mazing photography skills?

Or is it her very Glamorous & Chic

Could it be
the yards & yards of vintage
Satin Silky fabrics & Mirrored furniture
she uses to put your life in the
middle of a
Hollywood movie set?

Or is it the sense of Surprise
she creates
in her Interior Design
Very hard work?

photo above from The Gossamer Tearoom

is it that she is the most Whimsical person I know,
Travels to
the mOOn and back on any
given day or night?

I am very excited to share my story with You!
Once upon a Time...
There was a very lovely
Mademoiselle named Claudia,
The Paris Apartment.
One day Claudia
mentioned my website,
French Blue & Co.
on her blog~
Later, that month I checked my
site traffic on Google Analytics,
because business had picked up to an unusual speed.
I could not believe my eyes when I saw my hits!
was from
The Paris Apartment Blog!
I emailed Claudia right away,
found her on the mOOn, sunbathing...
I let her know how very very powerful
she is... she didn't even know!!
She is like a magnet in the most unexplainable way!
I called my good friend Lynn at
Paris Hotel Boutique.
Together, Lynn & I can do anything!!
Between the 3 of us,
we chatted, created & chatted more...
Guess what?
Claudia is now offering
advertising on her blog!!
If you have any type of business,
and looking to promote yourself,
I highly recommend
The Paris Apartment
Her prices are affordable~~
I currently have my ad on her hits are still up
& this is my Number 1 traffic source.
Claudia is an amazing blogger, writer
everything else I mentioned above.
The Paris Apartment Blog is NUMBER 3
according to the
New York Times!!!
Claudia gets over 2000 hits a day
on her blog~

So... see, there is something about Claudia,
like no other...
She has a Huge Heart
her Blog is Alive!
Email Claudia Here
if you have any questions
or interest of having a beautiful resting place
to advertise.
You will be very happy~
If you figure out what it is about
Our Claudia that makes her Magic....
please let me know~
Could it be dewdrops
is it her mOOnbeams?

And we all lived Happily Ever After~
Claudia just commented....
She wants to Reward
all you little darlings...
So she is offering a giveaway drawing to one of
YOU with an online shop!!
FREE advertising on her site for 3 months!!
If you'd like to share this opportunity with your
blogger friends mention this post and let them know
about this contest so they can enter
the drawing too!!
Please leave me a second comment to
enter twice, if you posted this
Giveaway on your blog.
I will draw a name
from all comments left
on this post on Monday
June 1st.
Y E A!!
Thank You Claudia!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pink Ruffles

I'm feeling a bit Pink today~~
a bit Ruffly too!
I adore this bathing suit
from Abaete!

I could not resist this cake from
It's Mary Ruffle~

Nor could I resist the ruffled rose detail
from Frou Frou Fashionista

I simply Love this color pink
the ruffles on this dress!
It reminds me of
a pink cloud~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Week-End!!

My Nephews are coming to visit
this week-end!
This top photo is my first nephew,
He was the leading role in
~The Cat in the Hat~
He is on his way to

And this is my youngest nephew,
He thinks people look
like different animals...
I wonder what animal Andrew will think
Rhett is?
Rhett is my big brother's
Andrew is my little sister's.
I can't wait to see them!!
They are both a bit Whimsical...

Have a Happy Memorial Day
Be Safe & have Fun~

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Seaside Holiday for Two!

getting away, just the Two of us...
We will drive up the coast,
to our favorite,
sleepy seaside village,

My husband & I
will celebrate being married for 25 Years!
We love being alone.
We will sleep in,
take long Walks...
look for sea glass, coral
even go antiquing...

We will have long talks...
Plan & Play...

Have a Fun week-end!

See you late next week~~


Top photo from Marley & Lockyer Trilogy
Thank you Ness!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Calling All Goddesses....Unveiling Party!

Calling all goddesses to our First
Guess Who Party!

Today is the unveiling of our very Special
and Beautiful face!

She dances through the pages of our lives....
With her grace and fineness.

With Ageless, Timeless Class,
she wraps our everyday lives
in Pretty Paper and
Satin Bows....
She makes everyday, even if it is just for
a moment, feel like
A Symphony and a Song ~
Do you see her yet?
Come closer...

The Inspiration for her business is...
"It is our opportunity to
help You make another woman
feel remarkably Special."
In our fast, crazy, fun loving, spinning world
of today,
she is busy creating Beauty & Elegance....
for us All...
To make Us feel
She reaches out to help us celebrate, to recognize,
to honor & to comfort.
Sande Chase ...
Thank You!
"My Respect for You is Immense"

A Gift Wrapped Life~
Sande puts her Interior Design
experience of rich Color & Textures
on top of
Pretty Boxes with long candy Ribbons~

Sande's Online Boutique
Oooh la la-Cadeau
is Amazingly Unique!
Gift Wrapped Presents for
every Special Occasion.
She offers a quality selection
of all sizes & price ranges
Free Shipping!

The Gift Wrapped Life
ande gives us ideas to do ourselves
that are Easy & Simple,
like wrapping a love letter in
satin bows and quality paper~

Every Monday, through Sande's Inspirational choices
of classic, sophisticated Fashion
we are reminded how Blessed we are,
just to be us.
She's truly an
Essay in Glamour~
And A Woman to be Admired.

ballet photo above by Tara at Paris Parfait

There were Three winners total for this contest.
Two who guessed Sande at A Gift Wrapped Life
One with the most creative answer.
Congratulations to Mandy at a' la Parisienne
Mandy's comment:
"This is very tough as I chose two wonderful bloggers...but
I would have to say Sande at A Gift Wrapped Life. She fits your

lovely description plus I saw an extra hint
in this post. "Oooh la la" like her boutique Oooh la la Cadeau!!??"
Congratulations to Noel at Fanciful Designs!!
(promise I didn't say a word!!)
Noel's comment:
"Well I just read through the comments above. And my guess
came to me so quickly after reading Sande's from
A Gift Wrapped Life.
Her comment is So so kind! I think she is the one!!
Every picture you posted looks like something she
would have wrapped. And her genuine comment,
how sweet of her to truly want to pick
everyone as there are so many wonderful
bloggers. I hope she is it!!"
Congratulations to Rayia at
A Fullness of Joy
The most creative comment
Rayia's comment:
Why, she's ME Darling!
She's the woman in my heart, the woman I am,
the woman I long to be, the woman I admire.
The woman we all want to be... Timeless!
We would not have lovely women like
Coco, Audrey, Grace Kelly or Jackie
without all of them loving who they are
and being (without apologies) just that!!"

Ericka at Fabulous French also wins
a token for Guessing
The Gift Wrapped Life.
But without reply to choose
one final of her two choices.

Thank you everyone for having fun and celebrating
Sande with me!
I know she would want all
of you to take home a gift wrapped cupcake
in her honor~ So please do!

On Sande's behalf,
I know she would insist that this contest is
All About You!
~All of You~

~Have a Beautiful Week~

Friday, May 8, 2009

Calling All Goddesses.....Hint

I see you....

I just want to tell you....
are All very very
This week's post is only my
First "guess who" contest...
with more to come in time...
It really is just a simple post,
that I turned into a guessing game!
I want to be creative for you
& allow you to
be creative back, here with me.
This contest is not about the prizes.
It's about Sharing
with eachother...
your thoughts & reflections.
I love all your wonderful answers and I am having
so much fun reading them!
You are all
Princesses & Queens...
and Princes & Kings...
And you all wear your golden crowns
right here, in my French Blue world~

We are all notes in this music~
We are all in the Dance~
Oooh la la~~ la ti da~~
This means:
"Have a Beautiful & Happy Mother's Day!"
in FrenchBlue
Thank you for being a part of my world!
If you've guessed more than one goddess
you must tell me your final guess
by Sunday evening...
Mwahhhhh....Good Luck!
Our Beautiful Friend will be announced
Monday Morning..
along with the winner of the
most creative

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Calling All Goddesses.... Hint

Keep Guessing.... no Limitations.

She's One of You!
a fellow blogger...

dress image from Ticklish From a Distance
thank you g.

P.s. If anyone is blushing yet...
it's o.k. to guess yourself~
I would love for you
to win the
Chanel Box
Paper Flower
on top!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Calling All Goddesses... Who is She? Contest....

My respect for her is Immense...
She's ageless, timeless, lace & fineness...

Her Beauty & Elegance...

She's an Essay in Glamour...
A Symphony & A song~~

This is a guessing game contest about a very
~Special woman~
There will be two winners.
One winner
must guess who she is.
The second winner
will win chosen for a creative answer,
wrong or right.
The most creative answer wins!
The winners will be announced on Monday following
~Mother's Day~
There are several hints in the photos above.
Since this woman represents Class...
The prizes will be presents wrapped from the
Chanel counter with a
French paper flower made by Fanciful on top!!
I promise you will love it~
p.s. I will add a couple of hints during this post...
you may guess more than once~