Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Surprises In at FrenchBlue & Co.

Butterflies and Summer Skies~~

I must share with you....
A few of our new vintage surprises in at
FrenchBlue & Co.
Hand Painted Pistachio Green
salt & pepper shakers~~

Fanciful has created a
French papier covered Pen
with a handmade papier flower~

Vintage Lace trims from Paris~

The Perfect Shabby statue!

A vintage table marker with
a little pencil attached~
See these items and more
at FrenchBlue & Co.
Always Free Shipping in
the U.S.
Remember Mother's Day
May 10th~
Below is a collection of tiny
French Parfums
from Paris~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

French Paper Wigs

A paper artist & teacher, Jeffery Rudell was invited to
do a window display on 5th Ave in New York
for Tiffany & Co.
He visioned elaborate wigs of
Mid-18th Century France
as his focal point~

Instead of powdered hair these wigs are
hand crafted with
Handmade French Paper...
Each one is a sea of rolling curls and
piled a high 36 inches tall!

Jeff's challenge was finding a way to
create volume without weight
to sculpture pieces that look light & airy.

He imagined and created
fanciful shapes like this
violin & harp
to top the curls~
another with a songbird.

Jeffery Rudell was also invited to do
another window for
Tiffany & Co. for Mother's Day
with a theme of
"Queen For A Day"
He made Paper Crowns~~
Photos of Jeffery's work were all taken
by Katherine Knauer.
I could not find a website direct for
Jeffery Rudell.
If anyone knows it please let me know~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuileries Gardens Merry-go-round

I feel like taking a ride on the Merry-go-round in Paris~
Does anyone want to come with me?
I am so so missing Paris right now...
So I want to share with you a few photos
of the Carousel in the Tuileries Gardens
I took last October.

My favorite is the white and pink elephant!

The half moon is my second favorite.
I am saving it for Claudia from
The Paris Apartment. She loves the moon!
Miss Kris Do you think you can paint this
for me while your still there?

An evening view from the Le Meurice Hotel
looking over
Tuileries Gardens.
See us on the Carousel?

Do you ever miss Paris so much it hurts?
I do...
because, just like the carousel
it always goes round & round....
The music plays....
And everything is perfect!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't Forget Grey Gardens Satuday Night !!

I positively Cannot WAIT!!
The Grey Gardens Movie is finally here!
On HBO.. Please don't miss it!
I am going to pop some popcorn and get some
Good n' Plenty!!
Drew Berrymore as "Little Eddie"
Jessica Lang as "Big Eddie"

The story is of the eccentric Edith Bouvier Beale
"Big Eddie"
and her extremely eccentric daughter...
"Little Eddie"
They lived in a deteriorating Long Island mansion
called "Grey Gardens".
About a mother & daughter relationship
and how they managed to go from
Riches to Rags over years...
The dou areAunt & First Cousin to
Jackie Bouvier Kennedy

The original is a 1975 documentary photographed
and directed by two brothers
Albert & David Maysles.

Little Edie was a Beauty Queen
dreamed of being in the movies.
The Mother & Daughter had a very co-dependent
relationship in
high Society & Glamour...

Everything appeared so normal....

Little Eddie was creative
and had dreams of decorating.
this is her actual decorating board~

In a world all there own...

They only had each other...
and sang together....
~Tea for Two
Two for Tea~

the walls crumbled down around them...

Big Edie sits and looks out the window
next to a portrait oil of herself
from healthier & much wealthier days.

Original Grey Gardens House

The kitchen as they lived in it.

Saturday's Movie
The Original
You can buy the original documentary here!

These two Beauties are going to be Fab-U-lous!

Look how amazing she is!
Drew Berrymore will play as
Little Eddie...

She radiates!
Look at her fashion!!

And the house will be a dream to see!
One we all would love to get our
hands on~

Enjoy it every little bitty detail
of the decorating
the conversation.

I am a bit obsessed...
So, I want to know your thoughts
about this story....
what about the relationship?
And let me know if you see the movie!
I can't wait!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Special Ness~

Fairly new to blogging,
It didn't take me long to fall in
love with Marley & Lockyer.
I studied, I investigated & I learned,
Ness, is very special...

Ness is an Amazing
Artist & Creator...

Ness is a Designer of All things Beautiful.
Ness is a Mom of two boys, Delcan & Mason,
A Wife to Mic, A Friend,
A Sister, A Daughter
~A Decorator~

Ness knows the beauty in simplicity
and the art in nature...
She sees quality and has
an eye for excellence~

Ness Designs Pillows~
She sews them
hand paints each one

This one is my favorite
my daughter's favorite,
Noel of Fanciful Designs.
Noel showed me these pillows
and has been wanting one for
way too long. So....
I contacted Ness to help me
with Noel's & her sister Jeanna's
Easter basket~
Ness sewed & painted four pillows for me
shipped them right out.
I got to keep two!
We were both so excited,
we had a secret to share!!
But not as excited as Noel was when
she saw what the bunny brought to her!!
Surprise Noel!! (See bottom picture of Noel with her pillow:)
Jeanna loves hers too.
Thank You Ness!

The pillows are made with high quality
Crisp White Linen
Deep European pockets,
A Marley & Lockyer
label tag on the side...
her famous
M & L

I also love Ness's clay art.
made four all white tags...
to hang on each basket!
They are beautiful
and embellished
like old architecture!

She added a surprise for me...
An all white clay feather!

I hung it on my chandelier...
with other favorite pieces~
Thank You Ness!

This picture tells all of
what Ness loves....

And at the end of the day....
Ness dreams of
White flower gardens,
Zinc tables,
Old French baskets,
White crisp linens
New fresh designs
just for us...
Here are a few of
Ness's new items
she has made!
You can puchase them
Marley & Lockyer