Friday, January 8, 2010

Fauchon Paris

There is something about
sugar cubes that
make me a bit

everything to me!

So I thought today is a good day
to go to Fauchon together!

Come with me!
What do you want?

For sure
I am getting One of these...
or maybe two or three or four!!

What about these
pink stools
They drive me
NutZ too!

I think...
I know
I am a bit obsessive
over certain things
and right now it is
Fauchon in Paris!
I want those
sugar cubes!!

Let's get a cafe to go!
So we can have this
cute cup!!

of course we'll get a
Pretty Pink Eclair
Mauh Mauh Mauh!
Let's go now not later
my favorite ones that
are just as
cRaZy & NuTz
as me!!
I know you are!!

photo no. 1 from etc. book by sibella court
photos no. 2,3,4,5,6,7, & 8 google images


  1. Oh, Oh, Oh, let's go NOW!
    I haven't been in soooo long!
    The pinks are too wonderful! I've been thinking pink lately...especially the hot pinks. (I think my black & white toile den could use of dose of Fauchon pink :)
    Mauh to you!
    Terri or rather Therese since we're in Paris!

  2. I LOVE Fauchon, just love it! The packaging is really to die for isn't it.

    Love these images Janet....and those pink eclairs...YUM!!!

    I'm ready, meet you at the pink chairs :)

  3. Bonjour!
    Here's one of those crazy and nuts people you were referring to - I'll meet you at Fauchon's anytime, and perhaps I'll just take two of those pink eclairs...or maybe one pink one and one chocolat...or one mocha and...
    Delicious post!

  4. LOVE IT!!! I want it all NOW not LATER! The pink is making me crazy!! Where can I get that pink eclair? xoxo

  5. This packaging is glorious! {yeah - I am all about presentation too :)} I do definetly just purchase items because of its sweet wrap -- so I know great packaging sells its self!
    Thanks for the peek!

  6. I just returned from skiing at sugar bush mountain in vermont. I lunched at a sweet little french resturant on the slopes - Chez Henri Restaurant & Bistrot. Here i experienced my first encounter with fauchon sugar cubes. I don't know if it was the wine, but I sure was making a big deal about the presentaion of the sugar. Thank you for the wonderful post, Lori

  7. Oh Janet,
    How pretty is that eclair and those pink stools and umbrellas look amazing. They are so cheerful, there on the street..... and, you don't see sugar cubes like that, very often, nowadays. As a child, I used to love it when you got two sugar cubes wrapped up like that. It was such a treat. Thank you, so much for our trip to Fauchon today but, I think I bought too much !!!! XXXX

  8. Thanks for taking us with you! I am swooning over Fauchon right with you. Just my kind of store! I am really thinking I need to drag my husband to Paris really soon.

  9. You do know how to get me excited my friend...these images are unbelievable!!!!!!!! I so am coming with you. I think I have died and gone to heaven. I am glad to see someone else would totally flip over all the amazing packaging. Yes..I even get excited about fusha straws. You are my kindred spirit! xoxoxo

  10. love those pink stools and umbrellas, flamingo pink, would look great in Florida
    thanks for sharing
    Kaerie Faerie

  11. i love, love, love this! dreamy.

  12. Aloha Janet,
    Your fabulous post swept me away..oo, la, la,


  13. Can I come too? I am with you about the sugar cubes they are so sweet. I would love a big vintage screw top jar with a zinc lid filled with these little gems....and the pink stools - well! =0)
    Ness xx

  14. Ok now you've done it,,,I need a sugar fix. Thanks alot!! just kidding...beautiful post!
    Happy weekend!

  15. Ooooh yes! Let's go, Janet! I cannot wait to try their eclairs! One of those and one of those and don't forget...that one! And then we can eat them sitting in those adorable pink chairs outside! Maybe a bit chilly right now, but that's OK! That's what a nice hot cup of tea or coffee is for!



  16. Those little sugar packs are so cute!! I would love to visit there.

  17. Completely agree with you. I've had the little pink purses (that came with a chocolate before I obliterated it) on my inspiration board since I started traveling to France :) Little things make a huge difference -- Laduree is the same obsession for me.

  18. Hi there sweetie, what a chic post!! Totally agree presentation is so important!Being a personal stylist I am of course a bit biased! I am determined to get to Paris this spring and drag my husband away from his beloved Vennice! Happy Sunday. Sharon (UK) xox

  19. I'm so there, just say the word.

    And yes, those stools are scream worthy, love, love, love them!

    jules :)

  20. I love Fauchon. My second time in Paris (1995), I went straight to Fauchon. Back then, they had those black and white coloured shopping bags. Do they still have them? It wasn't so pink before. I haven't been to Fauchon since, but judging from the photos, I should make an effort to go there once again! I love their food stuff there.

  21. sigh......I was just whisked away in a time machine - flash back to 10 years ago when I just graduated college and spent a week in Paris - solo - and my hotel was 2 blocks up from Fauchon. This post is SO perfect!

    Can't wait to read more of your great blog!


  22. omg omg omg!! That eclair... looks like heaven. What a fun post~ I love how all the pictures are so festive! You always find the BEST of the BEST and THIS is one of the BEST!


  23. Bonsoir !

    Oh la la :-) I must have missed something in Paris... so next time I will go to pink-heaven :-) Love it !

    Best wishes from Anneli in Sweden

  24. I'm a big fan of Fauchon . I love their pink packaging

  25. This place looks like a dream...I am SO going there next time I go to Paris. Might I ask, what is in the pink packages?