Thursday, March 31, 2011

An All New World

Yesterday was one of those days a mother will always remember. I watched as a slow motion picture of a lifetime with my babygirl flash before me. I thought it was only yesterday that she was small. But yesterday was the day we went wedding dress shopping to become someones Beautiful Bride!

She has her own dreams of what this dress is to look like.

She has planned, laughed, shared & cried with her sweet forever friend Erin all about just how this dress shall look.

There were very few dresses tried on. To be exact, only three. Her beautiful sister Jeanna & Moi by her side.

As we studied and listened to her, we both knew she is not playing dress up anymore. She has become a beautiful woman of her very own. Noel knows exactly what she wants.

Simplicity, elegance, raw pure love...

for her & hers forevermore~


Creating An All New World of their very own!

The only gift a Mom can ever ask for!

Butterfly kisses with watery lashes to all my most darling friends!



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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Somebunny Wonderful

I shared another day....

With somebunny very wonderful!

Time with Addy is priceless.

Thank you Lyss & Mark

for sharing your little somebody
so special,
so wonderful
so beautiful
with me!

I love you Addy!!!
Auntie Janet

Sweet bunny hugs everybody!!



All photos taken by FrenchBlue

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


There is something about
..that is always so inviting to me~

It makes me feel calm & content inside.

But at the same time...
it also makes me want to S~CrEaM inside!!

Have you ever had Buttercream

ice cream

with a Buttercream cupcake?
For some reason this week I am craving

~~~ I believe it's because My Mom always had buttermints for every special occasion. If there were buttermints brought home to our house, I knew, something special is going to happen very soon!

I Hope your week is being good to you my sweet & special friends!!


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Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Unexpected Surprise

She observed. She came.

She built.

She sat.

I observed.

I waited.

She waited.

She sat and she waited some more...
I observed some more...

One day her superb motherhood became a BIG success! The eggs hatched! I couldn't even see their tiny heads for 2 weeks, they were so small.

They sat. They waited.

During her first few visits with me, my thoughts were....
I am going to have a hummingbird nest in my Chandelier!!!
I hang a chandelier outside of my window. It is turning lavender from sun and age. The patina is turning blue green from the salt air.
Life has such a way of handing you unexpected surprises~
It was not only watching a nest be built 6 inches from my eyes.
It was watching her work so hard collecting, she recycled warmth. She gathered dryer lent, feathers and even something blue! She sewed it all together! Watching her patience. Watching her nurture. Watching her teach these babies how to flutter their wings. Watching them grow was an unexpected surprise for me!
One day they all flew away... together, I believe.
I wonder if they are still so close. I wonder if they are safe. I wonder where they are living~

So today I DO have a nest in my favorite chandelier!!!
Today it is an empty nest.
Today I miss the little lives and the big lessons that one little
bird shared with me.
Today I miss the beautiful mess they
made ALL OVER my windows!
Another unexpected surprise are my thoughts today!!

Wishing you all a special week!!!


All photos by FrenchBlue

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cake Pops!

Oh No!

~~~~Oh No!

Oh No!

Just when I thought I really had my head around
fresh squeezed
raw vegetable juice, fruit & all natural everything for my BIG treats....

My beloved Starbucks decides to GIVE AWAY
Cake Pops this weekend!!!
Birthday Cake Pops
on top of that!!
Oh No!
I am in big trouble!

They are SO GOOD!

Have a Fun Weekend
my darling friends!!!



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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Beautiful Little Bug

Today was such a special day!

A beautiful little bug came over to visit~

Auntie Janet gave her a new set of Butterfly Wings~

She worked so hard....

She explored & she examined.

She wondered...
She wondered how in the world her beautiful cousin Noel made these pretty
Big White Paper Roses!!

Please don't fly away too fast our little little one...
One day I know you will....
and when that day comes, please never never forget...
You will always be,
Our Beautiful Little
Addy Bug~

Wishing you all a week of
Butterfly wings



All photos taken by FrenchBlue

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It was just yesterday
a beautiful little pink bundle was handed to me~

Really it seems that way....but honestly, where does time go?
Today my angel turns 30!

May every single little & big
dream come true!

May every wish be yours forevermore!

H a p p y B i r t h d a y

to my

"Most Beautiful"

~ Jeanna~

Thank you little one

for the proud honor of being

Your Mom!






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