Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shabby Chic Withdrawals?

I adore the crisp simplicity


Shabby Chic
Design & Attitude~

I have learned from her,

I respect her


I miss her....

Best known for her comfy

white slipcovers,



time worn treasures~

Such Pretty Things

took this picture of this pretty

little French vignette
left alone in the window
of the store that is now closed...

I love these

Pink dupioni silk

curtians that Rachel


Well... you probally already know...

but just in case you don't...

I am very excited to share with you

Rachel's New book

Shabby Chic Interiors

My Rooms, Treasures & Trinkets

You can buy it Here!

I think it is a must to own

so we never

lose our Shabby Chic

time worn attitudes~

A sweet picture

just for you

to have a Beautiful week

my Charming friends~



Friday, August 28, 2009

A Play Day

Today I am wishing us

all a Play Day!
{as a dedication to my bff grandmother's 100th birthday}

We will dance to our hearts content...

We will thank the mOOn



for sharing such a beautiful planet

for being here with such beautiful people...
like Bannie~

We will swing from chandeliers~
We will eat whatever we want~
Happy Birthday to precious

Happy Weekend to my
Beautiful life Dancers
Ice Cream Lovers!
Top two photos by Tim Walker

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goyard Or Louis Vuitton?

I hear a whisper, in the wind
calling my name...

There is something about this image

that reminds me of

Paris in the Fall~

Perhaps it is the warm parisian colors.

Or maybe the ever so luxurious

that originated in


I love vintage French luggage...

to just imagine where it has been

and with whom~

I was excited to find the way this

trunk is boxed in lucite. Image found from

It offers a perfect juxtaposition of

old and new~

The hardware, the worn leather


old musky hemp lining drives ME nuts!

But there is a little voice that echos in my head,
Especially when I walk the streets of Paris....


calls my name over and over again....

Goyard is made and all handpainted

only in France...

Many of the new

Louis Vuitton's are now made in

California & China.

I was able to capture a picture through the

window of Goyard. It is

The Duchess of Windsor's

actual Goyard trunk that is

on display in the store at

233 Rue Saint Honore, Paris France.

One may choose stripes or initials

to be hand painted on their bag

to personalize as their very own~

The very uber chic

waited for her personalized bag...

When it returned from Paris

{all initials & stripes are painted in Paris}

Barney's loved the color

so much, they ordered a store display

of the same~

Remember Hollister Hovey's was first
to have this color combo!

The only Goyard Store

in the United States

is located in downtown San Francisco.

Barney's is the only department store

that carries Goyards.

My two daughters,

Noel & Jeanna in front of

Goyard in Paris after their

first exciting purchase~

It was a moment to remember!

This old Goyard trunk was

found at a local flea market here

in California!!

My Noel spotted & bought it before we

even knew what a Goyard was!!

She bought it just because

she loved it!

The trunk is dated 1873~

I came home from my trip to Paris with my

first bag... this is when

she realized, she had a

Vintage Goyard trunk!!

My purchase last year ...

It is a cat carrier with my initials

on it.

I chose a very large & bold

lettering to match my collection below~

This is my tote and wallet with matching

navy blue & white stripes.
I love the nautical colors because

they are crisp & simple~

The first top photo is a few favorites of my vintage
pieces I use in my house~

I love the subtle simplicity that a piece of

old French luggage gives to a home.
O.K. Yes, this is a confession right now...

I think am a bit obsessed with Goyards.

It must be the history

and the fact that they are so authentic.

They are so mysterious to me~

Just for fun...
When I go to Paris this fall

Would you like me to bring you back a

Louis Vuitton?


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I made It!!
I am So Thankful
I just conquered another brutal project
in property managment!
Yey Yey Yey!!!
I am going to Have the Absolute BEST
Weekend Ever!
I wish you all,
my Most beautiful
friends the very



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If These Walls Could Talk

Renovation of old hotels
always amaze me.
I daydream of the history
and stories
that took place in them.
If these old walls could speak...
What a tale they would
have to tell~

Couples in love
rooms full of laughter...
Children playing hide & seek...
If only these walls could speak~

Tell me a tale that might have been~
Photos by Korhman Waldo Hotel

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Between Heaven and Earth

There is this place....

it is a space that sits


Heaven and Earth~
It is a place of your own.
You can paint here
and your brush will
paint things like peace...

Your shoes can walk here...
it is just a few inches
above the ground~

Both photos from the amazing Trouvais

Thursday, August 13, 2009

No Check Out Time Required

No check out time required
at my house!
My friend Lynn
was my guest of honor
this week~
to those of you who
guessed her!

Lynn & I
(Lynn is on the right & I on the left)
We had such a fun week

Our surprise for You...
Lynn's beautiful home is
featured in the October
issue of
Romantic Homes Magazine!
Her gorgeous livingroom made the
Cover !!
It is out in the stores now!!!
Guess who wrote her article?
Very proud, yours truly...
I promise we will not
disappoint you!
Have a Fun Fun Weekend

Top photo taken by FrenchBlue at
Le Meurice Hotel in Paris.
Bottom photo rights of Romantic Homes Magizine.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to My House?

I can't wait another minute!
Guess who's coming to
visit me TODAY for
3 nights?

Her room is ready
fluffed just
for her~

We shop for beautiful
new things...

and for very special old things too~

We both love candy...

but are trying not to

eat it...

We want to take long walks,

talk about big & small things

that really matter to us~
Can you
guess who she is?
Have a fun week too
my friends!



photos from Trouvuais, Ruby Press, Blumarine & Flicker

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Journey

I'm very very busy
this week
you know...
packing my trims

and my fancy dress up clothes~

My car is packed
I am ready to go....
Do you know where
I am going on this
glorious journey?

Knock knock....

To your house, of course...
to visit you my friend!!
In my favorite
make believe land~

We will sit & visit
heart to heart...

I will bring lavender

I have secrets
I want to share with you...
Do you have one too?
See you soon!!


above photos google images & sweeden interior design