Thursday, December 31, 2009

And So As Time Goes By... My Winner Is...

A very very fancy
special little lady!

Who not so long ago
was her
Mom's Littlest Angel...
And so, as time goes by......
is now all grown up
a new Mommy too!

Her Mom,
is my winner!!
She asks that her gift of
Miss Dior Cheri
be sent to her daughter, Julie~

Who was born one very special
New Years Day~
Julie is her Mom's birthday prize!

Every long year that has gone by
has seemed like a thousand
years lost....
If she had 100 wishes she would
use them all to spend
with the
"Jewel of her Heart"

Happy Birthday
Dear Miss Julie
from your sweetest


Cathy B. Please email me Julie's address at

Thank you every one for all

your Birthday wishes to

my Beautiful Baby Girl

Cheers to the Most Beautiful Year Ever!!

Yay Yay Yay!

ProjectHope7 has left a new comment on your post "Happy Birthday Noel!! GiveAway!!": First, I am near to tears having stumbled upon this amazing and inspiring blog. I am weeping now just thinking of the blessing that has come to so many of us as you share your relationship with each other. You so beautifully thanked God for your daughter and for all in your life. I have to say you are truly blessed women. After a horrid divorce and many years of custody battles, I lost touch with my first daughter, Julie...not through any desire of mine. The years that followed were filled with more tears than anyone should have to shed...wanting to be near to her and not being able... I was sure on her part as well. Last week for the first time in many many years, she finally responded to a message I sent her thru social media..and for the first time in 17 yrs she sent me a 2 line note asking for my address and said she would send me photos of her and her new baby daughter! So as I read your post, I thought of all the things that could have been between my daughter and I... and then I thanked God for women and daughters like the two of you that give hope to some of the rest of us. My daughters birthday is on New Years day.... mine is on January 4th. The year she was born I was in the hospital having just given birth to her 3 days prior... the greatest birthday present I have ever had! If I win I would love to have you send the perfume to her... the Jewel of my heart!( that's is why I named her precious jewel)..Happy and blessed Birthday Noel...(both my daughter and I were due on Christmas day, but arrived late!..) and Happy Blogiversary to your mom...Blessed New Year. I look forward to following this inspiring and encouraging blog! Posted by ProjectHope7 to FrenchBlue at December 30, 2009 7:47 PM



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Noel!! GiveAway!!

Happy Birthday

Today I celebrate YOU!

Thank You for being in my life!

You unfold before my

eyes everyday...

We dance, we play, we work,

we learn, we love.

Yesterday it seems

you were

only 4....


you turned around

and have given me

25 years


Utter Bliss~

Thank you my

Beautiful Daughter!

Today is also my 100th post!!!
To: Noel

I will give a bottle of

Miss Dior Cheri


To: One of You

the same!!!


will draw the winner

New Years Day!

Life is Beautiful!


I thank God everyday for

mine, my babies


for all of you!

You truly all mean so much

to me!

Happy Birthday my Scoop!!




with all my Heart!!

Mauh! Mauh! Mauh's!!



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Thursday, December 24, 2009

To You

To You,
My Christmas wish
is that we could be children
together just once.
On this one day...
We would
build a bridge to the mOOn
and look down on
our Beautiful Earth.
We would see it lit,
with Angels...

Then on our way back,
we would see Santa Claus
in his Sleigh!
He would give us
100 wishes
to bring back
to our family & friends!!
Maybe they would wish to
go to the mOOn too!
Merry Christmas to all
of you
sweet sweet
Beautiful Angels
may all your wishes
come true!
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Come As You Are....

Come as you are...

I suddenly want & must have some
Christmas Cookies
and I don't want to eat them

I have two most favorites
Russian tea cakes
Frosted sugar cookies

The teacakes look
like little sugared

What is your favorite
Christmas Cookie?

Tell me while
I pour our tea....

Have a warm & cozy week!



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Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Gift

My gift
this year after much thought
& reading La Dolphina's
post about visiting
her beautiful
is to give
the gift of
Time Together...

I am
s l o w i n g
down my Holiday
hustle & bustle.
I decided to put my time
where it counts.
I am taking my 2 girls
up to Northern California on a
"just the 3 of us"
girl holiday!!
We will be together for 24 hours
with no interruptions~
Yay Yay Yay!!!
We are almost off!

We will then go visit my mom,
"Just the 4 of us".
We will have
a day to make memories~
A day made up of time together.
Maybe doing nothing at all...
but laughing,
something we do best~

Then we will be off to see my sister,
Aunt Julie.
"Just the 5 of us".
We may stay up all night talking,
drinking coffee or sipping tea,
as if tomorrow never comes.
Our time together is
Rare & Priceless,
we find a place where
time stands still~
We are five women
strung together by the same
golden thread...
We are all so different
we are all so much the same~
If I could slow down time,
I would...
If any of you
smart, beautiful & creative ones
have figured it out
please tell me how....
Have a blissful week full of
solid beautiful time
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Snowing At FrenchBlue & Co!!

It's snowing at
French Blue & Co.!!!
We have just added many
unique gift items~
You can visit us
Vintage, Laduree almonds
One of a kind gifts
by Noel

Our shipping is always free
we will gift wrap upon request!
Well... no, not like our Sande
but we promise
to make it Beautiful~
Wishing you a
warm cozy week!
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2nd photo Noel at Fanciful Designs

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cherish Your Moments...

Do you know....
This weekend is
Cherish your moments~
Wrap each one
like fine French Chocolat'.....



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2nd photo google images