Thursday, November 8, 2012

Always Chanel

There is nothing like walking into
31 rue Cambon in Paris, France! 
Especially this time of year with the holidays
knocking just around the corner~
has the only Chanel that will adorn each package
 with their signature
~white camellia~
after each one is slowing and carefully handwrapped.
Once through the big glass doors lined with gold,
you will be treated like a Queen!
One for yourself
Always Chanel
 for those special little women that you love!
I have missed you all so much! 
I am sorry I have been away for so long...
you probally thought I was lost in the woods....
I am happy & doing very good.
  I think of you everyday!
 There is always some kind magique stirring in my head
 I want to share with you~
I am time managing my life finally, and it feels So Good!!!   
all photos taken by Janet Solomon at Frenchblue