Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where Are Your Wings?

We are all characters with Wings!

Some of us have as delicate as Insect Wings!

Some of us are born with Angel Wings!

Some of us have as unique as Sea Shell Wings!

And some as strong as bird Wings!

Tell me, What kind of wings do you have & where are your wings??


  1. This is pretty! I LOVE the photo at the top of the blog!!! Really grate!

  2. Lord those are gorgeous! Makes me want to run out and get a set :)
    I know you wear yours, they're just invisible dewy. How cute is Noel??! She says she doesn't know what that means but just likes saying it!
    I had to laugh out loud when I read your comment on Lynn's blog. You make me feel like such a moonbeam! I love you and hope we can do something amazing together right quick!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh my!!! You have done it!! This is the BEST! I love it! Even though your my mom you teach me new things everyday that I never knew. I love your blog to no end! I agree with Lynn... LOVE THE PHOTO ON TOP!

  4. Dewy Dew, President Moonbeam & Miss Grate!!
    This is SO FUN!! You are all my fanciest beams of light and laughter! You make my wings strong. I love you all! Thanks for the comments!

  5. Oh my... that picture on top took my breathe away!!! What beauty and inspiration I have already had today and I haven't even had my coffee. Thank you for being you! I do see your angel wings all the time. You are an angel here on earth to help us little one's along. Thank you for all you are.
    Much love, Christina

  6. Wow!! This is such an amazing post. Very whimsical...I think there are certain points in our lives our wings transform. Throughout our lifetime, may we all be lucky enough to experience each type of set of wings...And when someone has a different pair of wings than us, we get to embrace the difference and learn from them and teach them all at the same time...Such a special post that touched my heart. Thank you, Mom...You always give me and so many others such beautiful thoughts about life.

  7. Jeanna,
    Thank you! WOW WOW! I must have done something right! Your continuous growth amazes me. I am so PROUD of your Beautiful knowledge and insight!

  8. Fabulous Finds & Co.
    Thank you for seeing my wings! I see yours too! I think yours are stronger than you know!
    Love you,

  9. hi i wanted to use the angle wings picture for my gcse dida course work and i was wondering if that possible. please could you email me back my email is