Sunday, March 8, 2009

Huge White Paper Flowers!

A Huge 20 inches across!
Look How Amazing!
I have to share with you!!
Handmade White Paper Flowers made for a window display!!
Made with Organic recycled Paper!!
The size will cover your dinner plate!
They look like a cake or a hat!
Detail is one of Noel's finest Talents!

Special orders taken by Fanciful Designs!
Noel Solomon, my daughter is the artist.
Shop FrenchBlue & Co. for vintage French treasures
found in Paris France by the two of us!


  1. I just discovered your blog via Claudia's at The Paris Apartment. Wow, your pictures are fabulous! Just wanted to say I love your place and have subscribed to your blog.
    Bonnie :)

  2. Welcome Bonnie!
    Thank you for visiting me and stopping by my world!

  3. I was so lucky and had the extreme privilege to see these beautiful creations in person!! They are absolutely breathtaking...Noel is one of the most artistic people I know. Her eye and creativity are impeccable!

  4. Jeanna,
    I too am the lucky one to see these in person with YOU and NOEL! What a day of smiles and excitement! A day together, a day of of blessings... :)

  5. Mesmerizing...they're exquisite! I can't wait to get to know Nicole better and see more of her work!

  6. lovely work, It´s amazing. I want to make with black paper flowers but it´s difficult.

  7. How lovely! Who'd ever imagine that paper could be so fabulous!

  8. Absolutely elegant and delicate!
    Regards from Italy

  9. it is minblowing
    sooooo beautifull I AM TOO MUCH IMPRESS

  10. these are gorgeous, and i have to say. helped with my research at college thank you!

  11. Wow..these flowers are gorgeous!! Found them by googling 'paper handmade flower images'...and voila! oh so fab...I SO wish I could make them...(maybe your daughter would like to do a tutorial for us blogging sistas?!!) lol...just fabulous! thanks for sharing..enjoying your blog. :)
    jessie, nz

  12. Hi there. Wat song are u playing on ur page? I love it.

  13. Hi. What song are u playing on ur page? Love it.