Monday, July 13, 2009

Rose Petal Ice Cream

Roses Roses Roses~

I want Rose petal ice cream
This is a rose sculpture
ice cream cone!
(Scoop, what do you think of this rose?)

is an ice cream shop
in Venice, California that makes
Rose Petal Ice cream!
I am going to take Lynn
here when she comes to
visit me this month~
We will get a rose ice cream cone
go to
one of our favorite shops
around the corner~

Rose petal ice cubes...
How Beautiful!
A Great idea for a wedding~

I can't do this post without
sharing & showing
you one of my favorite treats~
A Religieuse a' la Rose
from Laduree~
Here is my secret...
Take one to go...
Order tea for two
room service...
Always Earl Grey ...
Sometimes this is our dinner~

Last year in Paris
I found Rose Petal tea!
Pure roses!
It is heaven...
Clear hot rose water~

I also just discovered Rose Jam~
Noel brought me a jar~
I can't believe what I have
been missing out on!

There is nothing more
delicate than the flavor of Rose Jam
on a baguette~

My friend Corey from
Tongue & Cheek
makes her own
Rose Jam!
with real Rose petals~
See her recipe

These are a treat too!
You can buy sugar coated rose
petals to sweeten your tea
or for cooking~
Have a great week!


  1. After this post, my week will definitely consist of taking time to smell the roses and savor their delectable goodness too!

    STUNNING photos with clever future party ideas!

    As always, thank you Janet for my dose of loveliness.

  2. Did you write this post just for me??!!

    What absolutely gorgeous images....rose petal ice cream sounds absolutely amazing......I so want to try that!!

    I have had rose petal jam quite a few times - I rarely find it on sale so whenever I do I snap it up - Hediard in Paris sells a fabulous one as do Fortnum and Mason in London....I love everything about it :)

    Those rose petals ice cream are quite possibly the prettiest thing I have ever seen - what a lovely idea.

    I shall be thinking about this post, the ice cream and the jam all evening.....sweet dreams :)

    Happy Monday :)

  3. OH MY GOD!!!! I am going crazy over here!!! YES, please take me for that rose petal ice cream. I've never seen anything like it!!! And the rose ice cubes...oh my...and the rose jam! You're making me crazy and nuts! Beautiful, beautiful post!

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful post.....miles and miles better than mine today....I lost some of my pictures , then the photos seemed to have a mind of their own and ended up all over the place and then I had to go out and was late so I couldn't redo it !!! Not a good day....anyway enough about me...I love the rose petal ice cubes....I'm going to try that and you could use any flower couldn't you....what a great idea ,thanks and thanks for a wonderful , serene post. XXXX

  5. no way! i need to visit that sounds pretty, but messy! thanks for sharing!

  6. Rose divinty I say. Can your posts get any more enticing, beautiful and informative, I think not!! Your blog is what I strive for....

  7. btw, bountiful is one of our favorite shops too - we bought most of my store's furniture from there. sue (the owner, whom i'm sure you know too) is a friend of ours.
    there was actually a post on faire frou frou/bountiful on absolutely beautiful things blog:

  8. Oh my goodness. These are all gorgeous, but that second image makes me want to reach through the screen! How wonderful! xoxoxo g.

  9. This pictures are so lovely...the ice cream looks amazing and sooooo refreshing.

    I hope you have a lovely week my dear.


  10. Between the Rose Petal Ice Cream ( what an art) and the Rose Jam I am in heaven.... Gorgeous!

  11. I love the rose petal ice cubes the most. How romantic.

  12. I want to know how they do that ice cream cone in the second photo-amazing!

  13. Oh how fabulous, that ice-cream looks so delicious! Wonderful photo's.

  14. I always remember my first piece of Turkish Delight when we went to England but I think this may also be soemthing you love. A friend of mine does. I also mix a bit of rosewater into honey too.
    I'm nuts for the rosebud ice cream cone!!!

  15. Oh Janet! This post is divine! I can almost smell the roses! The ice cubes are fantastic! I am going to have to check out that ice vream shop in Venice, sounds yummy! :) Have a great week.

  16. These are delectible treats for the eyes and lips. I am salivating over their beauty and artistry. I will be looking for rose petal jam now. Never knew it existed but sounds delish.

  17. How I sit munching on some popcorn...i really need to kick it up a notch or two...those first two images are do they do that anyways?? Thanks for this beautiful post!!! Love it!

  18. Hello Janet!
    This is such a beautiful post!!! Everything is just so beautiful! And I am with you, the rose religieuse is just amazing! I had tasted the jelly and some candy before, but seeing my husband's face when taking his first bite of the flavor of rose is something I will never forget! He was instantly in love!!
    Thank you for starting my day in such a wonderful way!!

  19. I knew we should have moved to California when we had the chance! Just for this ice cream, which is my major weakness. These are the most incredible photos Janet and just LOVE ~ Love the theme. are good at this blogging thing! XOXO

  20. Honestly, there are no words for that rose petal ice cream cone. Does it make me an awful parent that I would NEVER have given a child something that beautiful??? What an incredible post my friend - you are truly gifted!

  21. Boots are from and are in the sale. I've always wanted a pair of Summer boots as I'm nearly always in boots in the winter.....once again love this every post you are too clever !!!!

  22. Omigosh...I cannot WAIT to try rose petal ice cubes. Absolutely beautiful, as was this whole post. I've found rose petal jam but can't bring myself to open it and try it. Thank you so much for such a lovely post and lovely way to start the day!

  23. How divine! I had no idea that one could do anything but stop and smell the roses ;)

  24. Those are stunning works of art. It is amazing what some creativity and food can accomplish.

  25. Janet,
    All right that's it. My husband and I have to take a trip to California. Every time someone mentions a wonderful beautiful place to visit (besides in Paris, of course) it's in California!! I have never heard of rose petal ice cream, but should I be surprised? I mean ice cream and roses- two of a girl's favorite things in one! and rose jam??? I've got to start getting out more!

  26. Oh what I would give for a rose petal icecream cone rignt now..what a truly lovely post and divine blog

  27. Hmmm....seems as if everything's coming up roses :-)

    Loved this sweet, fragrant post...made me hungry for ice cream...

  28. OMG so beautiful ! Thnaks a lot for sharing !


  29. I am so glad I took time to stop by and smell the roses! Beautiful post. I especially love the rose petal ice cubes.

  30. Last time I was in Italy I had a rose petal ice cream - it was a shame to eat it but I did.

  31. who knew I could love ice cream even more than I did!

  32. Thanks for this rosy post, I want the rose petal ice cream too. I grow scented roses, this makes me want to use their petals for everything.

  33. What is the ice cream shop called?! I must try it! <3

    <3Jo of