Monday, October 10, 2011

Here There and Everywhere...

I have learned that wherever you are....
 There is a door. 
A door that takes you to wherever you want to be.
It may be a place, a feeling or with a person.
It may be even with someone you loved, that you have lost~ 
I miss my Dad everyday. 
So much so that I was forced to  find a door with a bridge behind it that takes me to him.
My door has been shut very tight this year. 
I allowed myself no room. 
I felt like I was being buried alive. My husband noticed I was fading.
He came quietly to me and said...
"Let's go to France...
Let's go somewhere where everything makes sense to us...."  
"Where there is a secret hole we fall into..." 
"Where children are children. 
Where they catch rings with wooden sticks on a carousel." 
"Where you might find that very special little someone playing in the park after school again this year." 
"Where we can't read the menus and we can have two hour lunches."
 above photo Corey Amaro
"When we leave Paris we will go back to where the world feels balanced, perfect and right.
  Let's call Jean Bernard and stay at the La Madone in the Renaissance!"   
"You can stare for a long time at the linen drapes on those four hundred year old wooden floors again." 
"We can drive through the villages in Provence. We will go on daily adventures. 
 maybe even get lost if we want to." 
"We will see the leaves change color. 
It will be cold. 
 We will walk and walk and walk...."
"We can go to out of the way flea markets & brocantes." 
"Where we can find another unexpected treasure... 
like things that don't matter to anyone else, but us." 
"We can see and maybe even follow some of our favorite characters."  
"We will go all the way to the ocean this year, to the Cote de Azur! 
 There are brocantes in Cannes & Nice. We'll stay in a hotel over the water in 
And so I said...
Amy said I must visit The Monaco Oceanographic Museum headed by Jacques Cousteau.
She said It is by far the most beautiful place she has visited in France!
Lobsters are as big as us! SeaShells! Sea life specimens!  Huge old sea creature chandeliers!
I can't wait! 
My sweet friends....I have started packing today! 
Tell me what YOU want me to bring back to YOU!
Because you know I love to give back to you! 
This is will be my 4th annual Tell Me contest!  
Tell me something very SPECIAL you are longing for from a brocante in France.
The first treasure I find on my journey that fits a wish will be my winner!
It must fit in my suitcase.
Be descriptive.
Don't be shy.
Just Tell me. 
Your wishes can be taken now through october by just leaving me a comment on this post!
Presents are little things that make us smile,
I know....
But the best treasure I have to share with you is...
We will walk through many doors in our lifetime. 
Some doors we walk through are better than others.
Hard times or good times, married or single, travelers or not, rich or poor.
There is one door we walk through where it is all the same.
Everything is the same.
  The sky is blue above us everywhere. 
 The earth is the earth and soil we walk on.
There is only one moon that looks down on us. 
 There is only one sun that warms us.
There is only ONE place to be no matter where we are. 
 That choice is yours. 
Love exists and lives, it's a feeling that only we can make from inside of ourselves.
It is here, there and everywhere.

Au Revoir Mes Amis!!
photo 1 pinterest kathy hackman hutchison 2 lynn goldfinger photo 7 corey amaro photo 15, 16,17 google images.  all other photos taken by janet solomon

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I call him 
My husband calls him
Monsieur St. Honore'
 {with his hopeful French accent}. 
But his name is
He is my daughter Jeanna's
 Big Big
And Big Big Love thinks he is the only one privlaged to sit & squash granmma's favoirte ANKASA pillow!



all photo taken by Janet Solomon at FrenchBlue