Monday, May 30, 2011

A Fancy Grand Opening Giveway

You must come see & come play with me!!
A Grand Opening and giveaway to a simple & fancy new shop!
I am So Proud.
My daughter Noel, just launched her new website

Organic. Natural. Eco-friendly. Recycled. Handmade. Noel is an Artist.

~Her art floats & speaks softly to ones soul~

These Angel wings are the most whimsy & delicate wings I have ever seen. Worn & pure they look and feel as if they have fallen from a real Angel on her flight to heaven from a long time ago. They are reproduced from a favorite antique pair of mine from Europe with threads and dreams of the past.
FancifulShop is a paper art gallery with a very modern vintage twist.

Her simple paper covered crosses....

would be a beautiful wedding or baby gift~
They are a celebration!

Handmade paper surprise cones are filled with the most special little treats or they can be stuffed with your very own ideas & magic!

Many brides have carried her exquisite paper rose & peony wedding bouquets down the isle~

And there's even a little bit of vintage too!

To win a $75.00 gift certificate you may go visit Noel Here or if Blogger isn't working you may leave me a comment on this post. Also she will enter you 5 times if you blog the Grand opening of let us know in the comment.
There is something special here for everyone. Perfect unique one of a kind gifts or treat yourself to something tender & dear to your heart.
You may visit Noel's gallery, flower shop, studio for little ones, weddings & events Here!


And don't forget that at the end of the always will end up

~into white~

Sooo Big Big Loves to all of you my darling friends!!


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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pillow Talk

Do you believe in pillow talk?

27 years ago today...
I married my best friend, my lover, my trainee, my teacher to all things I never knew, my planner, my tour guide, the father to my children, my partner on this earth and not on this earth~
Everyday, every single morning during our pillow talk we planned our dreams, built our life & still are happily ever after....

To have and to hold.


Have A Beautiful Week my Precious Friends!!


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Winner Sparkles!

Finally.... Time to announce & celebrate my winner!As we all agree, the Royal Wedding was so much fun to watch~

I, like a fool sat alone all night sipping hot tea from 12:30 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.
It was worth every minute to see Kate's BEAUTIFUL smile and all those hats!
( btw...THIS CAKE forced me to eat several buttercream cupcakes, one was royal wedding cake flavor with a picture of Kate & William on top!
Yes...i pretended I was there! )
Thank you all for coming to my scone & tea sleepover even if it was in my land of make believe~
My winner is most like a Princess herself. She works within her own royal world. She adds a special unforgotten grace within everything she does, to all who know her and to all that she touches~Congratulations to the my very beautiful friend Lisa!
You will know exactly what I mean when you visit her at

Lisa Golightly

~becasue she sparkles like a Queen to be someday~

Have a fun week my huckleberry friends!!



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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We named her Lily because she loved being near our water pond. She sat on her nest as if it were a lily pad~Some of you may remember the nest she made in my chandelier in our courtyard. Lily came back to us to build another nest! I put out a few scraps for her hoping she may use them. And so she did! The pieces she chose were the most precious ones. A blush pink ribbon from a baptism coin used for a little French baby girl with her birthdate printed on it, Fev 1906 and a thread of old sequins from a pair of my Angel wings~

Lily soon laid her eggs in the nest made 100% of all natural and very fine French fibers~

I couldn't wait for these eggs to hatch~

When I photographed them, I noticed the eggs glowed! It must be the essence of life and the spirit of someone very Grand. I knew Lily was special and of course her eggs GLOW and of course this nest is unique and of course they were born on Easter Sunday!
Lily fed and nurtured them everyday. I started to notice every time I saw them they seemed hungry. I realized Lily was gone! She never came back... I hurried, I worried. I fed them nectar with an eye dropper. They recognized our voices and our touch. When Jeanna would come to them they picked up their tiny heads and nudged our finger. They struggled. They became weak. We lost the smallest baby a few days ago. We cried. Yesterday we said good-bye to the other little one. And so....we cried again.

Today before I buried them, I wrapped them in a blanket made of soft white flower petals with sweet fragrance. I placed white lilies over each of them in a nest~ I topped it with a white rose and placed it on a bed of another white rose, then sprinkled them with jasmine flowers . Such tender little ones, they were to us.
Good-bye littlest angels from God~

My gifts in this life are so simple. These babies took me to a place that matter so much to me. A world that I understand. A world that I love just like being home. It amazes me how small something can be, never made a sound, hardly moved, no eye contact but created the Biggest essence of Love in ones life. Life goes on and it always will, as will Love. It is constant and comes in all shapes and forms~



all photos by Janet Solomon - FrenchBlue

Friday, May 6, 2011

Huge Renovation Closing Sale!

FrenchBlue & Co will be closing for a grand renovation!
Before we start, we're having a HUGE SALE that starts NOW!

ENTIRE shop 50% OFF!
Starting now through May 10th.

Our doors will be closed for remodeling on May 11th through this year.
Click Here to shop!

See you there!

P.S. The winner of Princess Kate's ring will be announced next week!!

Hugs to Every single One of You!



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