Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to The Ice Hotel

I tried to wait until it warmed up to share this
but I am so excited because i just learned
about these Ice Hotels! Yes, they are real and
I never knew... I can't believe it!

This is all real! Ice Hotels!
for all you eskimos
who love snow!

A Grand entry Lobby with a Chandelier
to welcome you!

The Grand Suite ...Not lucite but ICE!!

With an ice chandelier hanging over the bed...

Oh and a cozy corner to curl up and read a book!

Another sitting area....

Maybe you like this Suite better?

Or this one?

Spa treatments are available too....
and some get married here...

They even have boutiques in them...
to buy ice stuff....
Check it out..Hotel de Glace it is in Canada.
Also in Sweeden.

I love the decor, so simple & natural...
but I know it's way too cold for me...
I like to be warm.
But what do you think?
Have YOU ever heard of these ice hotels before?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Window Shopping In Paris & More

I want to share with you some of my favorite window shots.
The above window shop front is Ankasa in New York.
It is most amazing!
Mostly known for unique linen
flowers applied on pillows!
Texture, texture, texture....

A Fine Line Studio

This adorable shop is the front window at
A Fine Line Studio!
Brought to you & photoed
by owner Dana Cochran
in Ashville N.C.
A Fine Line Studio specializes in quality
invitations, stationary,
unique paper accessories
& the art of calligraphy.
Dana does all her own work by hand.
Dana special ordered the paper flowers in her window
from Fanciful Designs.

Bergdorf Goodman

Nothing better than this for Spring...
A Bergdorf Goodman Window in New York!
A green and white
I love it!


I took this photo of a shoe shop
in Paris on rue Saint Honore'.
Couldn't get enough of this store front
so I used it for my website entry page at
FrenchBlue & Co.

Chantal Thomas

I also fell in love with the window of
Chantal Thomas on Rue Saint Honore
in Paris. Chantal Thomas is known
for her French designed Lingere.
She also designed a Laduree Box!

Christian Dior

I could not resist this shot when I spotted the
Old French broken beaded chandelier
used as a prop for this window!
If you look closely, you can see a vintage crystal prism
necklace on one of the mannequins.
These necklaces were designed and worn at the
Dior Fashion Show in Paris.

Astier de Villatte

Of course I have to share these pure white clay
glazed bunnies at
Astier de Villatte's window.
So small for a window display but looks
just right because it is in Paris!


This amazing storefront is Located on rue Saint Honore'
in Paris as well. Luggage and hand bags made only in
France with hand painted stripes or initials.


The famous Amazing Orange...
Where else but at Hermes Paris!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tim Walker A World of Magic

I live for the magic in a day.
Thank you Tim Walker for capturing
fantasy, wonder, and moonbeams!!

A dream comes true!

Tim Walker is a British fashion photographer based out of London.
He is well known for Vogue and Vanity Fair covers & photos.
I think he could be from the same planet
as I am from....

A world of beauty and a bit messy...
sometimes a little odd, and always misfit challenges,
but oh so magical!

And at the end of the day alone or together...
It always ends in frolicking and
being grateful for all the magic
that surrounds us.

Maybe it is time to buy yourself a present....
Tim Walkers amazing book!
Click here!
Happy Spring!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

LADUREE My Favorite Tea Salon in Paris

My first stop in Paris is always Laduree.....

I get butterflies as I enter through the doors...

I feel like a little girl looking in the windows.....
and even more when I smell the Pistachio macaroons!

When I see these wedding cakes....
I want to get married all over again....

I want everything I see in the chocolate shop...
Here, you can buy beautifully packaged tea, coffee, candles,
books, tote bags and even umbrellas!!
The ribbons are pale pinks, greens
and cream with Laduree in gold writing!!
Such special presents to bring home from Paris!

I want to work for Laduree when I see the Laduree truck!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thank You Miss Kris!

What a Ride Life is!

I must share with you, who shared with me!!

Thank You Miss Kris....
for sharing....

Look what I bought today at Appley Hoare Antiques!!
An old French paperback book printed in 1723.


Miss Kris was just introduced to me by my daughter Noel at Fanciful. Kris quickly understood what I love and sent me over a beautiful website based out of London, Appley Houare Antiques.

I am amazed at the talent of this young and beautiful artist, Miss Kris. She captures the simplicity in nature, the magic that twinkles in a day and the daydreams of the child that lives in us all. Her eye is fine and her world is a wonderland to discover.
Shop Miss Kris Studio Here!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Serge Gainsbourg... A Special Man to Remember...

Paris. Serge. Songwriter. Singer. Husband. Father. Brother. Son.
Friend. Artist. Photographer. Thinker.
Always working, writing and creating.
Always walking forward in his own shoes!

His home, filled with love, art & music remains whole and untouched.
A man who is so loved and so missed... Serge Gainsbourg.
To see more about this French legend Le Serge Gainsbourg.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Whimsical Chandeliers!

Look at this White Whimsical Chandelier!!
A Winnie Lui
Winnie Lui is a 26 year old graduate of Fashion communication & promotion. Her silversmith skills were taught to her in London by a jewelry designer. Winnie is currently working from her roots in Hong Kong on many projects one being decorating a Spa.

A close up....

A Rock Candy Chandelier!!
Once Wed

Candy Ice!!