Monday, May 31, 2010

A Lovely Being

I Love this image that the very
Beautiful & Talented
has on her sidebar for
I just wanted to share it with You!!
Have a Happy & Lovely week



Friday, May 28, 2010

A Weekend to Remember

A weekend to Remember
A weekend to have Faith.

A weekend to be Calm
A weekend to be Safe.

A weekend to be Reminded
A weekend to just be....

Happy Memorial Day
weekend my darlings !!!

Have a Beautiful One!
Whatever you do have
be Safe!!!



All photos from Rachel Ashwell

Saturday, May 22, 2010

So Grateful

Today I am grateful~

I am grateful that it is

Come share a moment
with me...
A moment together
being grateful
that we are
on this planet, we are connected
we have this beautiful day...


Happy Weekend
Beautiful Beautiful


All photos from Modern Country

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pink Goyards!!

It's funny what a window display will
do to me...
especially when it is in Paris~

I am in BIG trouble now...
I am actually considering adding a
PINK Goyard
to my collection on my next trip!!!
The most interesting thing is
I am SO NOT a pink kind of person...
unless of course it is
birthday cake donuts
cotton candy at a circus~
Would you buy a pink Goyard?

This image of LeAnn Rimes
is sealing my deal
very quickly~

If you wouldn't want pink
which color would you buy?
what color stripes or initials
would you choose to put on it
or would you leave it plain?


photo 1,2,4 google images photo 4 just jared

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Me Oh My!

"Oh me....Oh my"....
I said to Myself when

photographed & posted these
pink mini donuts with
~~~White Sprinkles~~~
from Starbucks!!

Go on, you can look a little closer...
"Yum Yum Yum" I said a bit louder to Myself!!
Myself said back to me...
"They are even less calories than your protein bars!!"
I said back to Myself,
"yes yes, I know but not as nutritious..."
Myself replied,
"yes yes, I know but they are called
AND it doesn't even have to be a birthday
AND they are pale pale pink icing
AND just look how adorable they are!!"

So I said back to Myself,

"ok ok ok you know me SO well, you win
but just ONE!"
Me, Myself & I
are very very happy we did
and we are all living happily ever after~~


Have a week that is just like
it's your birthday even
if it's not!



All photos from Such Pretty Things

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lost in Translation

my efforts feel tattered....
I work SO hard,
then stop to see,
I have just made
a big circle
that comes back to
nowhere or nothing at all~

I am always here,

I'm Lost in Translation,

with a language of property investors....

Not really my language at all
of butterfly wings
dancing on the mOOn~

So just here to say...

I want to play with you,
come fly with you
I am sorry
I haven't been around too much.
So also,
this is my simple confirmation
to myself in "our world"
where magic HAPPENS,
that I know things will
payoff in the most
d e l i g h t f u l

I hope your having a fun week

my darling butterflies~



Photo 1 the loveliest dustjacket attic 2 google images 3&4 tim walker

Friday, May 7, 2010

To Every Woman....

Happy Mothers Day
To Every Woman!!

Since we were little girls
our natural instinct
was to be a

To nurture


to love

all of those who needed us...

My wish is to
All of you Amazing Mothers
to all of you who are Universal Mother's
on this planet...

to animals,

to dolls, to nature,

to all those who need love

that you give....

I appreciate every single one of


Have a Beautiful Weekend
all you mommies of
our Mother Earth!!!
just be.


photo 2,3,4 google images

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Four Tides

There is a secret behind this door.
A special someone
that I want you to meet...
You will never be the same
after entering~

Her beach hat hangs with
the grace of a
Queen's crown.

Meet my forever beautiful friend
her new blog
her words:
In Laguna Beach, California, there are four "tides,"
which are cottages:
Low Tide, High Tide, Red Tide and Ebb Tide.
Our family lives in one of these cottages.
It is a place by the ocean, with many visitors--
more in the barefoot days of summer.
Everyone exhales.
Everyone is the type of person who can handle
sand in the house
and nights on the deck that never seem to end.
To visit our cottage rentals you my go here.

Jacqueline is also
The Cheif Editor of

Please go visit her here
and introduce yourself.
She will gooble you up, your blog
and maybe even your house!
She will LOVE you ALL
I promise you...
You will discover a whole new world of
simplicity, life, sandy feet,
salty happy faces
you will never be the same~
To know Jacqueline is to
love her....
Her door is always open~
Have a week that's full of
new beginnings!
jacqueline de montravel
dan heller
it's mary ruffle