Sunday, March 10, 2013

French Blue

The color
 French Blue
  always INSPIRES me & makes me SMILE~
I just found this website I want to share with you called
Different artist use the color
French Blue
 to make the most Beautiful glass beads I have ever seen!

Julie Fountian writes about her creation above:
"French Blue is significantly darker than regular Periwinkle and it’s much better with silver wire. I can't use Periwinkle with silver wire as it fumes too badly, no problem with French Blue."
Laura Sparling wrote about her beauties above:
"I decided to make a set of beads out of plain, un-encased Effetre Turquoise and then I  decorated them with some fine scrolly stringerwork in CiM
French Blue." 

What color in your life inspires you the very MOST??
Big Hugs