Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ice Cream Parlour Buffet

Let's have some
Ice Cream!

No reason really...

except that it will make us smile....


I have something to show you! favorite is still always vanillia...
What's yours?

I found this amazing post over at

Daisy Pink Cupcake

I had to share it with YOU!
You can download all the labels
Here to make your own
Ice Cream Parlour Buffet!
What an adorable birthday
party or wedding shower!

I LOVE the
pink & white stripe theme!

Maybe a cherry on top too!

Apricot balls?

Coconut Ice?

I think I will probally keep my
ice cream plain
in a waffle cone~

So now...
take your shoes off
and relax.

We can sit in these cute chairs ...

Or maybe
we will sit in this living room,
it looks warmer here~


Mauh Mauh Mauh's


Friday, February 19, 2010

Toe Dancing Back To Me

I am strong.
I believe in balance.
I am toe dancing
back to me~

I am searching hard,
talking out loud,
praying in silence
for my space,
so that I can keep my balance...

My balance comes from my time
Some, always love people around them.
Do you ?
Do you love being alone?

I celebrate when I am alone.

It is a communion between
me & myself.

Staying balanced in life is

just like a toe dance~

You must be strong, graceful


honor your dance~

Have a Beautiful Weekend!



Photo 1, 4 from Jacqueline at Home
photo 3 from It's Mary Ruffle

Photo 2 from google images

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's A Beautiful World!!

It's a Beautiful World!!


since the day Mandy created

ONE year ago!

Watching her beautiful beautiful

little Amelia grow

is one of the sweetest gifts

I know...

Amelia's first birthday party , inspired by

Marie Antoinette last

year was an unforgettable event Mandy

shared with us all, every single step.

She welcomed us with open arms into her

Beautiful world!

Mandy shares her celebrations in life

and moments of motherhood.

Sometimes she will share a date with

Mr. a la parisienne~

Mandy is honest. She gently shares thoughts

of change through her life of being a

young mother.

She is an amazing artist, photographer, writer,



She tried so beautifully to teach us all

~Joyeux Anniversaire Mandy~

Mandy is very special to me.

I hold her close to my heart.

She was one of my first friends

in my blogging family.

We both started our blogs last year in Feb.

She has been a loyal friend throughout

my blogging journey.

Mandy's eye is most romantic.

She creates handmade flower brooches.

Above is my favorite one

in her pale blush signature color,

Mandy designs blog banners, side bar

images & buttons.

You can visit Mandy's shop to view

all her talents she offers

Happy One Year

Beautiful Dear Mandy!

You have blessed me


all who know you~

Thank you for being here!!



Monday, February 15, 2010

Calling All Goddesses...

Do you know She's ONE this week?

One whole year of sharing...
One whole year of
filling our lives...

Simply means to us....
One year of

"days filled with

pretty little boxes and bows


having your cake and eating it too!"

whisper... because she has the wisdom to know how~

Happy ONE Year To You


in blogland!!

Mauh's to all of you

Very Very Beautiful goddesses!!



Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do You Remember?

Do you remember
your first
I do, but it wasn't that special....
I was in 6th grade.
His name was George.
It was a Saturday.
My friend & I rode bikes
to his house.
I was taller than him.
I was grounded when I came home
but I couldn't wait to
go to school on Monday.
I never kissed George again.

I wish you a day full of
Butterfly kisses
all the love your heart can hold~
Happy Valentines Day
my adorable friends!!
photo 1 from google images
photo 2 from ddna

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

As I celebrated my birthday today
I shut my eyes,
clicked my heals three times
and repeated
"There's no place like HOME".
It comforts me like no where else
in this whole world.
My Birthday Giveaway WINNER
My dear friend Janet, Many, many happy returns and I wish you everything that you wish yourself on your birthday and that you have all of your family and friends around you.My favourite birthday has honestly been ALL OF THEM. I could never pick a favourite, as I always have a wonderful time, as long as my husband, children, family and friends are with doesn't matter where we are or where we go as long as they are there.Even as a child, I loved my birthday. It always felt so special and had a magical feel to the day. Enjoy every minute of yours, Janet.HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Thank you Jackie
for your comment & for reminding me that
All of Them
are special when shared with those we love!!
So true.

Visiting Jackie is just like being
There is truly no place like it.
HOME is more than a just another Beautiful blog...
it is where to go when you feel a need
to go home~

Thank you every single one
of you that shared your
stories, memories & wishes
your sweet sweet hearts~

A party dress is even more fun
even when you choose
to stay HOME
on your birthday~

I Love my HOME...

HOME truly is where
my heart is.

HOME is where I feel
most loved
most comfortable.

HOME is where tender messages
flowers come...
It is where my family is
where my friends know where to find me.
Thank you Sweet Melissa
Uh Uh Uh Thank you Lynn!!

HOME is where I pamper me
and can stay in pajamas
all day and visit all of you!

HOME is one of my
greatest gifts.



photo 1,4 & 5 from google images
All other photos from HOME

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Come to My Birthday Giveaway!

Your invited
to my
Birthday Party

February 10th

Whenever you can come~

Le Meurice Hotel
Paris France

We will have my favorite sweets...
White cake
White Frosted Marshmallows
with white sprinkles on top!
I can't wait!

One of my most treasured memories

of my Birthday parties

{besides the cake & ice cream}

was my birthday week helping my Mom plan

my party! Mostly because she let me

pick out the prizes. I was so serious about them.

She also let me pick out the wrapping paper

to wrap them in too!

I came right home, wrapped & stared at them

and all the color cordinatied decorations & party favors!

The excitement built all week long~

I absolutely could not wait for my friends to come

and to give the prizes I picked & wrapped

to my friends that won the games!!


I picked out a

Prize just for you!


A long ~Pink~ lace ruffled scarf....

that will be tucked in a HUGE 20w x 16t
Ralph Lauren
Environment friendly
Canvas Tote Bag!

Thank you Mom
for all my Birthday Memories~
You made them all
so very very special!!
To enter :
Toot these horns as loud as you can!
Tell me about your favorite
Birthday party, Birthday cake
Birthday present

Most festive answer WINS!!
{judging will be helped by my three kids}

Good luck most darling friends of mine!

Mauh Mauh Mauh's!!


All photos from google images