Friday, October 15, 2010

Au Revoir Wishing Contest

~Au Revoir~
I have a Surprise waiting
Just For You!
Your Wishing Contest
Starts Right Now!

I bet you didn't know...
Your coming with Me!
Yes you Are!
Right on my lap!
at least a very special part of you is coming....
Your wishes!!

Here's how this contest works~
{some of you may remember this from last year
Mel & Koralee you can win again:}

Make 2 Wishes~
Tell me, on this post something vintage
You want from France.
Choose a special treat from
I am listening to your details and every thought...

The one who chooses the 2 items

I can actually find on my journey through the

Brocantes in Provence
Flea Markets in Paris
will be my Winner!

You will be surprised what my eyes can find~
So please don't be shy.
I love the hunt, especially for my
somebody specials
like You!

Your wishes are my command...
Choose anything.
Don't be Shy.
Be Imaginative.
Be Specific.
Greedy is ok.
I Love Unique.
2 Rules Only
1. Only one entry per person
You may comment/wish more than once.
However each time will eliminate your prior wishes.
This is if you want to change your mind.

2. Items must fit in my suitcase
note: Tell me details & be descriptive...
because if more than one of you wish for the same thing
without details then the first one who asks for it wins it.

Au Revoir my Special friends~

Our house & cat sitter has just arrived


I am off !!!

I will miss you All!!

I'm sorry I will not be posting or commenting while

I am away....but I will be checking in

for all of your wishes along the way~

kiss kiss kiss


images 1.simply seductive, 2.wabi & sabi, 3.fanciful designs, 4. flicker,

5.imgfave-tumblr, atelier 7. home beautiful

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Can't Wait Another Minute!

I want to share the apartment my
have reserved at the
La Madone
in Provence!
It is called the Renaissance~

I am counting the days...
we are almost down to the hours...

We will visit our beloved Paris first~
From there we will ride the train
to Avignon.
We will rent a car to drive into
We will visit wineries, explore & stroll through Brocantes
all the way to the water in Nice~

Natalie, the owner is one of us....
her eye is the most amAzing
I have ever seen!
You will love her Le Blog too~

Don't worry my Loves...
I have something up my sleeve

just for you!

Stay tuned......



images 1,2,3, by Cory A. from Tongue & Cheek of La Madone

image 4 It's Mary Ruffle

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Time To Play

To everything there is a season...
There is a Time To Play~

A time to be Grateful~
It is this weekend that I will Play.
It is this weekend that I
am Grateful for
everything & everyone
in every way~
Have a Playful Weekend
my darling every-ones!!!
photo 2 greige via ikea

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Paris Apartment Book Signing

You're invited!
Please come meet
Claudia Strasser, author of
book & blog!!

Where: Vignettes Antiques

4828 Newport Ave

San Diego, CA 92107



When: Saturday October 9

Time: noon - 5:00

What: Book Signing & Celebration

Claudia has been invited to be the
guest of honor to celebrate
15th Anniversary Soriee!!!
An institution of all things Glamorous,
Everything in between.
Congratulations Lori!!!!
To know Lori is to Love Lori~

Claudia's book reintroduced
Old Hollywood & French Glamour.
She continues to fly across our Sky's
on her magic carpet to Paris to keep
this classic beautiful look
{Sometimes if you look up at the mOOn during the night
you might see her twinkling by...look close
you may mistake her for a star or dewdrop}~

This Mademoiselle
has a way of waving her wand to create
a French Boudoir for anyone who shuts
her eyes & wishes three times~

Fairies and lots of them
are busy making her nest
uncovering found treasures
for you~

And preparing a beautiful celebration
for her arrival~

There will be special treats & surprises
everywhere you look~

Lucy's House

One of my very Best Friends in this world,
Lucy from
Paris Flea Market
sells her magical old French relics & chandeliers at
It will also be her Grand Opening of
French Tent Brocante
in the back!!!

This is My house
{way back in the has changed completely}
that Claudia inspired,

she photographed it when she came to visit
Also some of my
favorite pieces I purchased from
Lucy are in this picture~

I can't wait to see you All there!!!



images 1 google images 2,3,4,5,6,10 the Claudia Strasser.

image 7 This is Glamorous image 8 Everything Fab

image 9 My Paris Flea Market

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Old Bookstore Paris

I stumbled upon this antique book store
my last day in Paris last year
at closing time~

This year it is on the top of my list
to go my first day back.
I like to think about who's shelves they once sat~

I love Old French Books...

I don't read in French, but my imagination

speaks the most romantic love stories that took

place in France...

or sometimes maybe a very mysterious history lesson~

St. Germain des Pres

Paris, France



All photos taken by FrenchBlue