Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Things Never Change

It's funny what you loved when you were little
is still so relevant to your life today. 
 One of my very most favorite movies when I was little was
 Mary Poppins~
Truly because of this scene
this song that she sang~
 It seems to be near me and in me always~
 Today, I am still the same.
 I Love Love Love watching someone feed the birds~
And one day in Paris,
I saw a little man bending over towards the bushes whistling to the birds!
That moment was priceless. I'll remember him always~



All photos from google images.  Bottom photo is my own taken when in Paris.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Dream

My dream is to live in a very old church someday
with walls of plaster, stone or brick
 floors of wood or concrete.
Under arches everywhere.
To feel the open doorways.
To feel the open ceilings.
To feel the simplicity.
To live in the juxtaposition of old & modern.
To feel the pure energy of the walls.
To hear the echos of church bells, the voices of Angels
warm wavy windows of light everywhere. 
Because I don't really think my dream never really will come true.
 I have decided my home is my church.
 I find peace here.
There are no arches, but the arches I live under are rounded.  I try to roll off what is not important.
There are no big open ceilings & doorways,
but my opportunities have no ceiling and there is always a new doorway to walk through...
My walls are soaked with windows of light.
And I really do hear Angels sometimes.
I imagine the sound of church bells everyday in my mind
from a church on a hill in the South of France.
And it is this that keeps me going everyday.

Hugs Beautiful Angels!



photo 1 Kathy Hackman from pinterest all other photos google images.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Am

I am loving these today!

And I am loving this today too!
~Always BIG hugs~



both images from google

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sea Salt Ice Cream

My flavor of the month is sea salt! 
Sweet.  Salty. 
Sea salt Ice cream~
It taste just like summer! 

It's like diving under a BIG blue wave, coming up with warm
 sunshine on your face, then licking your lips laced with drops of saltwater.
A must for every human being in my opinion.

My favorite way to eat it is in a cone!

~I hope your summer is being good to you!
Hugs to all my little mermaids~  



photos 1 & 3 Kathy Hackman Pintrist. all other photos from google images.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sweetness Today

Have a Perfectly Sweet Weekend!

Be Safe
Most of all Have Fun!!

Happy 4th!!!



both photos from Flicker