Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Dream Cabinet of Curiousities

Photo Deyrolle in Paris
This is my Dream Cabinet
of Curiosities!!

If it were really mine,
I would sit here
all day
and look at it!!

Photo taken by Corey at Tongue in Cheek

My cabinet would house
old seashell collections
Things like these special little guys.
I LOVE old science bugs...
{very weird I know}
and especially ones
found in

I would fill it with old saints hands
Old French papers and documents~
Writing and words move me
like nothing else...

Photo by Corey at Tongue in Cheek
I would stack my
shelves with
French Blue Chocolat boxes
just like this one!
photo by Fanciful Designs

I would put stacks & stacks
of these
French Blue paper journals
handmade by
Noel using 18th C French Documents
at Fanciful Designs.

I would fill it with everything




  1. If that was your cabinet, I'd have to come over NOW not LATER! I may have to move in with you and Larry, k? Love it!

  2. Oh gosh, if that were my cabinet I too would sit and admire it all day is GORGEOUS!!

    And those journals are beautiful too....there is something about old papers isn't there, I quite agree.

    Have a lovely day :) xo

  3. I one day want to have a glass cabinet of all my lil treasures. I love the picture with the ceramic hands. I definitely would love it to be of a french style cabinet. =)

  4. Thanks for this, I am looking into a more scaled down version to huse my t.v. Thanks for the imagery, I am new to the blog, but enjoying the post's.

  5. Hi sweetie, your posts are so joyful and softly poetic, they always make me feel I have walked into a beautiful dream!I wanted to ask you, if you would support my virtual Tea Dance that I am holding till this Friday over @ My Passport to Style to raise funds for Haiti!All you need do is pop over to My Passport to Style and leave a comment and then include a link on your blog to my virtual Tea Dance event, spreading the word to other followers and it does not cost your or them a penny! Sharon (UK)xoxox


  6. I too could happily have all of those items. Simply beautiful!
    I particularly like the little hands on the beautifully hand written paper.
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  7. Hi Janet -

    My dream cabinet too! Love Deyrolle.

    You were right, Janet. They are indeed paper. I'm making some completely new, colorful ones for the giveaway. The paper cuff I made also. It's from my Valentine's post from last year. I will have to link to it.

    Thanks so much...and as you say, Mwah!

  8. I laid my eyes on that cabinet a year ago on another site..that is my desire and dream

  9. think i'll just sit here all day and stare at it

  10. I love it too!!! Imagine how tall your ceiling would have to be to house that fabulous piece. Heck we could always cut a whole in the roof:) It is gorgeous.
    Blog:Capers of the vintage vixens

  11. *sigh* I like your thinking today although I might give the bugs a miss.
    I loved your beautiful mention from Sandy today as well - you light up my morning. x Suzi

  12. oh i love your pictured story, thanks for sharing your imagination !

  13. All of these pictures are just killing me. I lovee all the writing and old papers. Somehow they make me sick and so excited at the same time. :-)) That's what we go through when we LOVE something isn't it? Thank you for mentioning my journals*


  14. Janet, I just came from Sande's blog and read the most beautiful tribute to you. It is a pleasure to be visiting your blog. The words she wrote were so heart felt so I had to come and meet this wonderful person. Hi, I am Kathysue,we have another mutual blogging friend, Terri at La Dolfina, she is such a dear sweet person also. I am going to go and look at some of your beautiful post. Love this first one that I just read, you have a wonderful dream cabinet, Kathysue

  15. ...absolutely gorgeous! As all you other lovely things to go in that cabinet are!
    A very beautiful eye you have, my dear! xo

  16. Are you my long lost twin we have the same taste!!! Chrissy

  17. One would have to have a very big room for such a cabinet... a beautiful room....with love birds in cages, plates of marshmallows and shoes with buckles.
    I love those little hands and the journals from Fanciful Designs are gorgeous. Tried to have a look at the Etsy shop, but having trouble.I often have trouble with Etsy. I will try later, Janet. What a fanciful post...full of whimsy. XXXX

  18. Merci for this gorgeous post. These curiosity cabinets hold so many delights and discoveries. Mine would be full of ancient paper relics and pressed botanical specimens.

    Marjorie au Chemin des Nuguets

  19. save me a spot right next to you to linger and stare at the cabinet of curiousities- tre manufique'


  20. i want it all, except the science bugs..bugs scare me in general! lulu

  21. I totally agree, all of your lovely photographs are divine...

    Have a sweet day,


  22. While I sat in my studio today, I mused that it would be lovely to have a beautiful antique cabinet to store all my treasures and here it is! What synchronicity!

  23. All i can do is deeply sigh and dream on how lovely this would be if i had it in within my home. It's so beautiful, instant love! Take care cherie!

  24. All i can do is deeply sigh and dream on how lovely this would be at my home. It's instant love, and looove this post, take care cherie!

  25. I have a cabinet of curiosities that I love so much... everyone should have one. It's a perfect place for all one's cherished treasures.

    ~XO Terri

  26. Exquisite! Perfection! Oh, I want one, too.

  27. And when you fill your heavenly cabinet with all those beautiful things, you must invite all your bloggy people to come and sit and soak it up in person...


    Wishing you the most wonderful weekend. And for you to happily stumble upon a beautiful addition to the cabinet!

  28. Oh wow, so many beautiful things in one post. I love Noel's journals and the second picture is just gorgeous, the color of the seats and detail on the wall.

    Happy wishes coming your way,

  29. Just discovered your delightful blog!

  30. I thinks we all need a cabinet of curiosities! I love yours!

  31. I LOVE this post! Your images are just gorgeous...
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  32. French Blue is featured at my place, ddna!