Monday, December 13, 2010

Fortnum & Mason

Where in the world have I been?
I know it takes me a while to catch on

I seriously cannot believe
I just discovered via Carol over at

You can build your own F&M "hamper" that looks like this!

It must be that time of year....

for me to discover a brand new obsession for myself~

Located in London since 1707 ~

These hampers out for delivery must be full of presents for the all the good little ladies & gentlemen this year~

Like these Amazing rain boots~

Or maybe the special "homegrown"
Superior Honey
right from the buildings very own bee hives~

Santa could make his job so simple
with just one stop at
Fortnum & Mason

This F&M hamper empty
would truly be enough to make me happy


~I'm wishing you all a week of calm & festive cheer~



  1. This is CRAZY and NUTS!!! We really really are on the same page. I've had some of those pics saved and wanted to blog about them for so long. Doesn't it look amazing? I want the boots, uh uh uh! Let's just go to England now not later!

  2. Oh my goodness my sweet friend...pure JOY...can you just image receiving one of those baskets...I am off to take a peek right now. Thank you for sharing...oh how Happy you always make me...that shade of blue is beyond lovely. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Oh I just love it there too! I highly recommend their Green Tea. Not bitter at all. I had no idea that they had their own bee hives there! Can't wait for another visit. So glad you "discovered" it.


  4. I love Fortnum and Mason - I was pregnant on my way home from my first time in London after having spent time with a friend who lived there, and Mason was one of the names considered for #3!

  5. Goodmorning,

    Love this colour blue on your pics..

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  6. Oh Janet,
    Don't worry that you are late in discovering F&'s been there since 1707 and I don't think that it will be going anywhere anytime soon !!
    I have been buying things from them since my late teens ( which is many, many years ) When I worked in London, many a Christmas present was bought from there, especially Taylors port for my Dad !!
    Isn't it a beautiful store ? That clock and the shop front has Janet written all over it !!!!
    You must go there if you are ever in London. XXXX

  7. Un autre monde !!! Vos photos sont splendides !!!
    Belle journée à vous, merci pour ces rêves. brigitte

  8. I did this for UK daughter last year...lots of lovely food, chocs and wine!
    Beautiful gift for anyone (and at any time!!)

  9. So many goodies in one place. I would love to receive one of the baskets.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Visiting the store in London is one of the most fun things you can do. I have been a fan of their loose tea for years. your images are gorgeous!

  11. Replies
    1. I feel that I am seeing this post way too late. I love love love those boots and I am quite certain that they are not available in that color. if anyone know where I might find some please let me know (

  12. Fortnums and Liberty are my favourite London shops, and I was lucky enough to visit both yesterday. They were both beautiful in full Christmas splendour, always a sure way of getting us in the Christmas spirit xxxx

  13. I spent a week in July in London with my husband and we had high tea at F&M and i brought home so many treasures!!! My husband was just there a few weeks ago and i hinted big time for a hamper to be under the tree for Christmas!!!

  14. Sooo beautiful! I love having a new elegant shop to drool over! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


  15. ha ha i know what you are saying, it is something that has always been there and we totally take it for granted. I Love everything about FM !!

    best wishes at christmas Ginny

  16. Why has everyone been there except for US??

  17. Hi you guys, I haven't been there either! Sounds like a reason to road trip to me!

  18. It really is a wonderful shop - I have been there and eaves dropped on a couple ordering their Christmas Hamper - oh do have seen what went inside but more so the look on the receiver. It is a wonderful browse - I only had minutes but would love to have stayed for tea.

  19. What is it about this gorgeous color???
    It makes everything beautiful! I'd like to have that robin's egg stage coach-lots of photo ops!
    I hope all is well with you!


  20. You had me the minute I saw that beautiful monogram ...and love the calligraphy on the honey jar. The colors are perfect. I keep looking at that window and thinking what I could do....hmmm.....

    Glad to know I am not only one to just discover F&M! ;D A road trip indeed.


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  22. I can only imagine that carriage showing up at my house. :)

  23. Apparently everyone knows about this fantastic mecca. But me. I had no idea either but love those boots and that amazing photo of the bees. Wow, completely inspiring.
    Hope we each get to enjoy a package from there some day. In the meantime, sending you beautiful holiday wishes from Lisa & Alfie!

  24. Just so gorgeous! How do I join your site?