Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Trust

Do you ever have a craving that your not sure exactly what it is?
I do.
I think it is because many things are all rolled into one.
I'm craving the cleansing and the scent of
 natural plants, herbs
green tea!
But the funny thing is that it seems to be leading me to repaint, but not with just any paint.
So then this is leading me to a favorite stop of mine in Paris,
So then....
I begin to wonder and obsess about what shade of grey do I want to paint...
which then leads me to thoughts of a Chateau in the South of France
 to somewhere that looks very much like this~ 
 my journey makes me stop and wonder,
 what exactly am I craving...?
Then to find out,
I am content to know that I am not really sure. 
But I am sure,
I am at peace
 with my very own process of thoughts,
 even though I don't know exactly why they are.
  I know that I am very grateful that I have the space in my mind to dream~
because I trust that it will take me somewhere very beautiful!

Hugs to All of You my Darling Friends!!



1. Inspiration i Vitt
2. Flamant
3. Greige Design
4. Kathy Hackman Pinterest

Friday, February 10, 2012

Thank you Scoop

Today is my
The best gift I received are the words my little one wrote me on her post
You must go visit her blog!
She is having a party
just for moi!
I love her.
  I am so proud of her,
being my heart, for loving and seeing me!


image 2 by fanciful designs image 1 from pinterest

Monday, February 6, 2012

French Sole

Have you ever bought yourself a Valentine present?
I think this year...
 I have to!
My shoe of choice for ballet flats have always been
But I can't help myself fall in love with these shoes from
 and thought they would be perfect to wear for 
Valentines Day! 
Then I saw these from French Sole New York on sale
for almost half off!
 I found THESE!!
They remind me of a Yves St. Laurent dress I just saw on a documentary
that you must see!

But something about these black flats that just came in at
Je t' adore
I feel is a must have too!
In my search trying to choose only one perfect pair...
I absolutley LOVE these French Soles Olympic flats I saw over at
What are girls to do?
All I really know for sure today is....
We are SO LUCKY to be a