Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'll Drink the Winter Sun

I am finally feeling like myself again! 
It's time for me to go outside, drink the winter sun, taste the crisp air,
thumb through my favorite books
finally start my new year! 
I feel so renewed! 
I want to start right here by
all of you,
my twinkling stars from above,
for your sincere emails and genuine comments!
You made me smile. 
You made me feel better.
You warmed my



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Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Not Doing So Good

Hello my beautiful friends...
I just want to tell you,
 I am sorry I have not been out to play for a while...
That I haven't visited you on your special page, where I love to be to find my sunshine.
I lost my voice.
 It's been way too long.
 I am tired.
 It's hard to find the magic right now.
I feel small.
I ache. 
The Dr. said I have whooping cough.
No medicine is helping. 
So today I had a chest x-ray.
I am drinking lots & lots of
Steaming Hot
 Peppermint Green Tea! 
I have lots of love around me.
I am resting alot
 trying to get better sooner than later~

Stay warm & healthly!
I miss you All!



photos 1.& 4. uncommon grace typepad
2. google images.
3.Heidi Monner 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inside Astier de Villatte

Inside the doors of
in Paris...
The walls alone are art.  
Musky, pale faded green chippy paint sits very long and hard on my mind  
when I walk away. 
 The french windows are wavy, the lighting is dim.
Lithographs hang framed in gold, of course my favorite is the bug... 
The lopsided white enameled grey clay pottery lines the walls
unevenly in the most perfect way! 
Cire Trvdon candles sit under domes on top of crooked white platters
a white glazed clay heart centers the table and my heart. 
The front window display is a simple little arrangement.
I am still not sure what these are.
An egg cover perhaps? 
This aqua chandelier hangs here year after year
so eloquently,
so loved...


all photos taken by
Janet Solomon
FrenchBlue-FrenchBlue blogspot

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Shining Star

Do you know I have a shinning star? 
I do!
His name is Brandon! 
33 years ago today my life changed forever... 
I was given my first born.
A bright shining star,
 my son!
Our days were filled with adventure, just the two of us. 
 We had to make something special out of nothing at all,
 but we did it! 
And always, we were together.
But then as we both grew,
we walked down different paths...
To be honest,
there were days I was so scared.
I worried if I would ever see my little star shine bright again.   
Through prayer,
I believe he survived.
He found a beautiful little angel that has stood by his side
through it all.    
Brandon & Megan
are the true meaning of
 Happy & Healthy. 
They have fun whatever they do as long as they are together. 
Brandon is always there for his two sisters.
Their big brother pulls them up if they fall down
he always has a way of making them laugh. 
Larry's smile is bigger now than ever before,
 he is very proud to be Brandon's Dad! 
Happy Birthday to my shining star,
to my crowned king,
my Brandon! 
Here is a cake just for you!
I will be up later to have a rose & lavender soy smoothie with 
{your new favorite!} 
I am SO grateful everyday for the man you have become,
for the little boy that has always been there for me, you always gave me hope and taken care of me when I needed it,
 even though I was your Mom...
Thank you for my very solid golden forever friend I have in YOU,
for always knowing the exact right thing to us all.
And for being my first born baby and making me the proudest
Mom that ever is.... 
I Love you Brandon!
Meganbug too!
~ ~ ~
~Happy Birthday~
 Muah Muah Muah's!



  9 & 10 google images
all others from french blue

Friday, January 6, 2012

To Sir With Love

The funny thing is....
I had this song in my head all week!
It hasn't been there for a long long time...
So I thought I would get it out by sharing
with you!

~~To All With Love~~



1. papier mache magazine
 2,9, 10. kathy hackman hutchison Pinterest
3. simone at from bottom of the ironing basket
8. oscar de larent via sande chase at dust jacket attic
all others
 google images 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Your Smile

Has anyone told you yet that
is going to be your
Golden Year?
Our year is going to be like a field of diamonds!!!
Your beautiful smiles will curve our world into pure gold
your hearts are already glowing!! 
Our world will shower us with jewels,
 like magic.

Happy Happy New Year
to all my
Darling Darling friends!!!



All photos from my Kathy Hackman Hutchison
 via Pinterest