Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grab Your Royal PJ's

My driver is on his way!! He will be at your door in ONE hour to pick you up!!!

Grab your best P.J's! Your invited to my Royal Wedding Sleepover~
Lynn has already taken care of your R.S.V.P. She has replied for us all at Lord Chamberloin's Office~ We will all take a ride through this special event together~
We'll have plenty of sparkling bubbles~~
Sande is bringing devils food cake & barbie dolls~ I have a special little treat just for you! Your very own ring just like Kate's straight from Paris France!! To win just tell me your ring size~

The winner will be drawn from this hat box~

I can't wait to see YOU!!!
In the morning I promise we'll have tea & scones~



photos: 1, martha stewart, 2, party ideas blogspot 3, paris hotel boutique 4, tim walker 5, a gift wrapped life 6, kiss the groom 7&8 google images.

Friday, April 22, 2011

For Your Easter Basket

I found a few things this bunny wants to put in your Easter Basket this year~French Blue chocolate eggs!

A handful of fresh blue flowers~

A pretty Easter dress covered with a whisper of blue silk flower petals made just for you~


A Great Big Bunny Hug
From Me to You!

Happy Easter
to all my Darling Special Friends!!

Thank you each one for always filling my basket with so much of You~

Have a Beautiful Easter with all those
special somebunnies you Love!



photo 1 martha stewart 2, all the best 3, little emma english home 4, tumblr.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcome Home

A piece of earth your very own.

Where your milk & cookies still exist in every shape...


Welcome Home my little one!!!


Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone!



photo 1 vintage rose brocante

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Beautiful One!!

Happy Birthday My Little Angel!!!

Your smile lights my world!

I wish your every dream to be real~

I wish you beautiful cupcakes today!

I wish one day you have will have your very own~

I wish you long bike rides~ I wish you days of your very own~ I wish you many many more special days with my Brandon! I wish you Always Know how much you are LOVED!!

God only knows the journey we have been on together...

I am SO PROUD OF YOU my beautiful little one that your wings have grown so strong~



Happy Bithday Meganbug!!!



your other mother forevermore


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

Will you come with me...

just to be?

We'll drink the sun & soak our toes in the sand!

There's room for us all!

I wish wish so much we could...

because I would so love to see all your Beautiful smiling faces right now!



photos 1 & 3 taken by Nelson Garrido photo 2 pretty stuff tumblr