Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Raw Elegance Bellocq

Peonies in your cup anyone?

There is something about raw organic tea that does magical things to my mind.

It draws me in.  It continues to educate me.   

There is so much to learn about the steeping and the blends.
Green. Black. White. Herbal. Oolongs. Pu-erhs.

 Tea is a perfect opportunity for your body to
 commune with our beautiful earth. 
A ceremony one can do alone.

Hand mixed with ingredients like juniper berries
The tea itself is a source of rare beauty.

All senses are filled when you walk into a tea atelier.
  It is almost like a chemistry lab but one that has walls soaked with old English gardens in full bloom filled with wild flowers, roses, leaves, trees

Can anything be more beautiful than this?
You must visit
 Bellocq Tea Atelier.

Just wanted to say Hello to all my darling ones~



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Her Hands.

Her hands have become a dream to me... 
The kind of dream a mother would never imagine~ 
designed and handmade her own wedding invitations!
She didn't share one detail with me so it was an unexpected surprise the day I went to my mailbox! 
It was one of those breathless moments that a Mom experiences~  
She cut each label... 
She tore and rounded each edge.....
She sculptured and curled her French cotton paper.
She tied the box with peony silk....
She wrapped it with English tulle... sprinkled it with dried peonies and sealed it with nothing less than absolute perfection.
It sat in my mailbox enveloped in  pearly blanc gift wrap~ 
It shimmered, just like a diamond!
It whispered her name, dusted with her love....her magic... the pure essence of her, my baby daughter Noel...

I am so proud of her! 

BIG Hugs to all of you, my precious friends!




Custom Handmade Invitations available for YOUR special occasion at 
Fanciful Designs

Image 1 Kathy Hackman Hutchison pinterest by Maryann Rizzo 
 All other images by Noel Solomon at Fanciful Designs.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cake Tasting Time

This mother has waited over nine thousand days and over three hundred months
 for wedding cake tasting time!
 Of course with my Noel it will be the most unusual experience.
Of course Noel is thinking of making her own wedding cake!
Of course guess Who gets to taste all of her sample cakes?
 Of course it will be the most delicious cake I will ever taste~
 She's thinking perhaps a hint of rose to add a special touch~
Or pink champagne would be moist and most beautiful~
 Or maybe she will bake a cherry blossom vanilla cake!
 She wants it simple and to look something like this~
 Or maybe like this!
I know whatever she creates will be
The. Most. Exquisite.
It will be baked with
All of Her Love



all photos from google images except.
photo 2 from Sue King Fisher