Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Things Never Change....

Good-bye my friends~~
When I was little my parents
would say
with excitement....
we are going to
the Snow" !!
I cried.
I said NO!!
I didn't want to go.
It was cold.
It was far away from home.
It was like a Big White Monster to me.

Hat from Etsy Giant Dwarf
My mom would buy me a new hat
thinking this would help me feel better.
So guess what?
My husband just bought
me my new hat to help me feel better.
Because we are going to the snow!

I have been skiing for way too long
to still be a beginner.
But I am still a beginner.
I feel like a child,
cold & awkward.
I would always rather be at home...

I have learned to play in the snow,
find inspiration in my own
make believe world.
I found that when the sun is out
the snow sparkles like
White Glitter~
Sometimes it looks like sugar
on a BIG White Cake~
In the afternoon when the sun sets
the snow turns pink, powder blue
and sometimes lavender!!

Over time
I have learned to put a smile on my face
put my heart in places I don't always choose.
I have learned that my heart
is with my husband, even in the snow.
I love Mr. FB who
He loves to ski
just like I LOVE to go to
Paris flea markets very early,
in the dark even.
He always gets me there.
So together we're off
to the snow!
P.S. Shhhhhhh secret time...
To be really honest just between you & me,
I would much much rather stay
home with you and have hot earl gray tea
Some things never really do change...
I'll miss you all!!
Please think of me
when your HOME & WARM
and tell me I'll be ok...
Good-Bye :(
I'll see you next week.


  1. Because you are you, Janet, you have learned to find the poetic side of snow....... white glitter, pink, powder blue and lavender..delicious.
    You'll be O.K.... Goodbye and don't forget that there's is always apres-ski to sweeten the pill!!
    Have fun. XXXX

  2. Love your childhood snowy tales. so grab a cup of hot tea, lace it with your favorite liquor and put your feet up...preferably in front of a fire and enjoy the rest of the day. Sea witch

  3. Hello from Canada-and we know snow! You will be fine! I am new to your blog, but had to comment. I hope you wore warmer boots than the lovely red ones in the photo. Dress warm and remember your tea will taste so much better after a while in the cold. It is almost like you earn it when you have to freeze before you get it. So I hope after your ski you find a warm, cozy spot with your hubby to enjoy your well earned tea.

  4. Oh have fun, my last trip ended my skiing career, the ol' ACL cashed in it's last trip down the mountain!!
    That's ok though, leaves more time for shopping and down time!
    I like to live thru everyone else and there skiing tales at the end of the day,
    Have a wonderful time,

  5. Well, at least you are smart enough to live where it doesn't snow! I am certainly not too keen on it either but live with it for 4-5 months. Ski resorts though always make it kind of look nicer. Have a good trip and do that fashionable apres-ski thing and you will feel better. XO

  6. One more really, really are a beach girl! XO

  7. Aw, that's so cute. I can see you in the baby crying. Waaahhh!! You will relax and have fun. I know you will. Can't wait for you to come back now not later! Have fun and be safe my friend. XOXOXOXO

  8. Janet, Janet, Janet!
    We are connected souls for sure! Snow is my LEAST favorite natural wonder, and I am with you - skiing is over-rated! However, we support those we love with all our hearts even if it means our noses will be cold and lots of layers must be worn!
    Thinking of you and hoping with all hope you have several delicious hot cocoa's with the most delicious marshmallows floating on top!

  9. Glad it's you and not me! But,I hope you had fun!

  10. great post! hope you had fun too. lulu

  11. I know exactly what you mean Janet......Have a safe and happy holiday and enjoy your time with Mr FB as you shush down the piste, xv.

  12. You will be okay honey. You just play and have fun. I soooo loved the photo of the two girls laying in the snow....that's the ticket!

    Thinking of you :)

  13. What a wonderful post: sweet and funny and written with style.

    By the time you see this you'll be back from the monster snow all rosy-cheeked, maybe even un peu bronze and sooooo healthy with all that fresh (cold) air.

    Your blog is divine.

    Warmest regards,

  14. J,
    There's no telling what visual treasures you will find! Take your camera!

  15. Oh sweet friend...hope you stay comfy cozy playing in the snow!!! How sweet are you to go play with your husband even though it is not your favourite thing to do. I will be waiting for you to come back to us all. xoxoxo

  16. I find a pretty paisley thermos (that looks harmless) full of grog doused with whisky helps with the tears and the frozen toes, toes, what toes?
    stay warm with your dear husband and continue to know you are blessed- and missed.

  17. dear janet... you are so darling... and loving... i feel the same.. i used to LOVE to ski and now, not so much... unless sun is out...1/2 day ticket... and a yummie bowl of chili and hot cocoa are involved... and a wonderful hot bath later (not as young as i used to be!) enjoy....wonderful photos... xx pam

  18. I love this post Janet, you really made me smile......I loved the image of your mother buying you a snuggly new hat too, how lovely.

    My husband has only been skiing since last year but already loves it! I have skiied once and enjoyed it but I can think of other things I would rather be doing.

    You will be fine, of course you will.....a little ski and then a lovely hot chocolate while you watch your husband ski off.....

    Have a lovely time! xo

  19. I have so missed visiting you and feeling the romance!! Your poetic spirit makes me so happy, I just love it!!
    Have a great time playing with the least you can look forward to coming inside and being cozy!! Hav Fun, Big Hugs xOxO Nerina

  20. Beautiful post. You have a beautiful blog.

  21. My feelings exactly! I am so not a snow person and prefer to stay in the lodge with the hot chocolate and warming myself near the fireplace! Enjoy your trip with Mr. FB! :)

  22. This is such a beautiful post. I felt as though I had finished a calm moment of meditation when I got to the end. Have a fabulous time in the snow. Enjoy the beauty of it. Know that there are plenty of us who feel awkward on skiis :).

  23. Hi Janet,
    Welcome back, I think!
    I missed you...
    I recently did a post on the Hen House in Lafayette and the owner Elizabeth might be getting in touch with you. I think you may have mutual friends... anyway... Blogland just isn't the same without your beauty.
    Anxiously awaiting your newest post, I mean gift.
    Thanks for the congrats on winning Sande's Giveaway... I beyond ecstatic and can't wait to see how it's wrapped.

  24. My Scoop~

    You did cry and pout didn't you!? I was there to lift you up and keep you smiling right? You are GREAT at skiing!! I was amazed how fast you flew down the snowy white monster. :-) I love you and THANK YOU for being YOU!