Monday, October 19, 2009

Au Revoir Contest! The Hunt is On!

Au Revoir
Little Darlings~
I'm Off
The Hunt is On!!

You get to Tell me
what to HUNT FOR!!!

What do You Want?
It's All About You!

When I go to Paris,

I always bring back
Something Special
to those
close to me~

Because I Adore
each one of
I am bringing back your
Just For You!

This Au Revoir contest
will help me on my hunt...
Here's how to enter:
Just Ask
me on this post for two items:

One Laduree Treat
your heart desires
One Vintage Treasure
You wish for from a
Brocante or Flea Market
in Paris~
{Be as descriptive as possible in case the item is wished for twice}
Or the first one who asks will win~
The Winner will be....
The one who
chooses the items that I
actually find on my trip!


Don't be Shy.

Be Specific.

Be Imaginative.

Only 2 Rules:

1.One entry per person.
{You may comment/enter as often as you like
but each time will eliminate your prior wishes,
because you may change your mind}

2. Items must fit in my Suitcase.

I truly will

Miss You All~

I'm sorry I won't be visiting, commenting

or posting while I am away~

Although, I will publish your entries.

The Winner will be announced

November 1st!!

P.s. If more than one request is found

Most unique item wins!!


Merci Beaucoup for all your

sweet Bon Voyage wishes~

Au Revoir




All images from Laduree

Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Very Busy Packing~

I'm almost all packed and ready to GO!
I am feeling butterflies
in my tummy from

Yes, yes, yes!!!
I'm bringing an extra suitcase
or two, or maybe even three!!!

I am going with
Mon Amour

Have a Fun fun weekend!

I have something special planned

Just For You

since I will be gone for a while...

Stay tuned for my next post

right before leaving~



Top photo by Getty

Center photo Google Images

Bottom photo taken by FrenchBlue

Monday, October 12, 2009

Three Wishes And A Prayer...

I was searching for images of
wish boxes to post...
{one of my ideas for you!}
Of course, the best one I found was
taken by
Corey at
I can't ever just look at her images.
I must read the post that goes with it.
Her post was 2 years ago titled
It was about her Dad who she loves
and misses every single day....
It was about three wishes...
I smiled.
I moved over to her post today.
It is an image
of her Dad's closet....
I read it & I cried.
I understand first hand...
I want to comfort her
but don't know how.
So I prayed.
I prayed that Corey will be strong.
I prayed that she knows how loved
She is....
I prayed that she remembers that
it is a cut that makes
one grow.
Grow into beautiful things,
like her story about cutting


So I pray she has a safe journey Home

to French Husband~



Image taken by Corey at Tongue in Cheek

Friday, October 9, 2009

I Just Want to Say....

~B o n j o u r~
Have a Fantastique' Weekend
to the
most Beautiful ones of All!!!

Mauh Mauh Mauh!!!



Monday, October 5, 2009

Merci Beaucoup Claudia!

Merci Merci Merci
to my
Sweet Friend


I want to give you a Party!
Right Now!!
I am inviting all my friends to come~
We will pick our best dresses...

Photo by Von Otter

We will meet at the L' Hotel~
Cheers to Friendship!

We will toast to celebrate gratitude,
sharing & being
a part of such a wonderful

We will eat pastries

without any guilt at all~

In honor of my beloved

photo from Reverie Daydream Boutique

Merci Beaucoup My Friend
having the biggest heart
in the whole world
for seeing me
through your
Beautiful eyes~


Friday, October 2, 2009

Moi In Trouble?


In trouble?


Come on~

Let's go Have Fun

my little cyber Angel friends!!



photo from Beautiful Day