Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'v Been French Kissed

When your wishing for someone to blow
you a French Kiss...

When your
quiet and nothing feels right
because your missing France...
When your hoping, searching & praying
with your whole heart
to find a Real French fix...
Go visit Amy

She blew into my life like a warm autumn wind
{as she was painfully seeking out a Pink Goyard}.
She glOws in the dark like mOOnlight~
She suddenly wrapped her wings around me
and filled my every very little but seriously painful
craZy Frenchy need.

Beautiful pale aqua & cream 19th Century
French Documents~

An original parfum label from

Old French sealing wax
in the original paper wrap~

Amy is a Doll!!
She said I would squeal......
Ohhhhh la la
Then I was speechless...
Sea Shells in a babe test tube
labeled with French writing!!!!!

She added a small French dome
for the perfect display!

Wa la~

Lucky for all of us Amy has a
semi annual Brocante!!
And one is just around the corner!
Where: At her 1886 Victorian home in Canby, Oregon
When: October 1, 2010
Time: 6-9 p.m.
Why: Because she has fallen in Love
with France.
Amy's eye is keen & amazingly beautiful~
With this gift, she uses it to get back to France.
She travels back twice a year
to buy for her own maison and to share with us
Charlotte's Brocante ~

Merci Beaucoup
Mon Aime

You are SO Loved!!!!
A million trillion times Loved!!!!

I just had to share this Doll with
all of you!

See all that glOws
this week!


images 1-10 by Me, FrenchBlue
image 11 Foley Appley Hoare

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Le Pere Lachaise in Paris

In Paris,
Those who have lived before us
and some with us
rest behind the most beautiful
gates of
Each harbored in a special

There are little sacred castles.

Rooms behind old locked doors.
Only family has a key to visit
their loved ones.
This one was broken into.
It looked to be a longtime abandoned to me.
I wondered if the family no longer lives~
Others are kept, swept, & planted daily by
family caretakers almost to an extreme~

This old zinc wreath hangs gracefully
with no disturbance....
I wonder how.
In Paris there is such great respect~

The color this marble turned
almost ate me alive~

Old French Majolica Wreaths
are set on the graves

I never new before I visited Modigliani,
that he was buried with his pregnant wife
who jumped from a building
after he died~
Just a few more that you may know
that are buried here...

Edith Piaf
Jim Morrison
Oscar Wilde

is beyond words to visit.
It is Alive with an energy that
inspires in so many ways.
The fall air was chilly that day
but my heart was so amazingly warm~
Sending all my
Love today to my understanding friends
of me~

I have had these images for almost a year

and didn't post them because I thought you may
not like to see a cemetery in Paris...
but I am so missing Paris today so wanted to share
this with you... it really is somewhere SO special~

Big Warm Hugs today!



All photos above taken by me....
Janet Solomon via FrenchBlue.

Above photo from Hoffmank1

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seeing. Listening. Being.

When there is less to see...
you may find that your mind
can just be~

Then, if you listen very carefully

you may hear an old familiar song~

Something inside of you will
whisper... and only to you~

Harmony visits.

All of nature becomes very important.
You become one with nature.
And all is in perfect balance.
Silly thoughts I know....
I do believe every little move we make,
even in our decorating decisions
is connected to another step forward
in our life, to another more blissful space
to be.

Do you agree with me

or do you think I going nutz?
{you can tell me}

all photos designers block & flicker

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pecfect Weekend

I believe it is the
perfect weekend...
to stay warm

To play
be creative.

Get Messy this Weekend
into something So Beautiful!!



photos by Twig Hutchinson

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Absolutely Ladylike

Who said as a grownup
we can't sleep in a nursery?

Or still dream in a playhouse?
No one.
And I am telling you right now
we can~
Because we are all still little girls
at heart~
I hope your week is being good
to you~
Hugs today to You!


Monday, September 13, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

My cup

runneth over

with love~~~

I. Love. This.
You will too IF you don't
already know it


greige: (gra,grège,gray)adj.not bleached or dyed; unfinished; raw

Have a week full of
inspiration my darling

fin ~~
all photos taken from
greige design blogspot
little blue deer

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Special Adventure

It's a perfect day
to go on an adventure together!
Just you & me!
We are going to have have a picnic there.
I have packed our wine, baguette
down pillows & blankets!

We are going hiking!!

To the
old shell grotto caves~

We will explore, examine, touch

Our imagination will run wild~~~
Who created this...
Who prayed here....
Who lived here?
If you want to we can kneel down
to say a prayer
for those who are no longer with us

When we come back, we'll talk about
days gone by....

We will cheers with a cup of hot tea
to the Past, to Art, to Friendship,
most of all, to Time~
When can you be here?



photo 1 campagne couette @ brocantess
photo 2 petitbrocantee
photo 3,4,5, google images
photo 6 paris apartment
photo 7 brocantess

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Listening to Silence

I cannot believe...
I am a bit embarassed...
I have nothing to say today~
I am So Sorry....
my Dad used to tell me,
Silence is golden.
Just listen.

I believe he was right.
I miss him today.
The sound of silence is
music to my ears~
photo 1 tweexcore.tumblr photo 2 j.crew

Friday, September 3, 2010

September Sun

There is something about the
September Sun~

that hangs on forever....
it soaks within your
skin and warms you
like a kiss from an Angel~
Have a BEAUTIFUL long, warm
safe weekend
my sweet friends!!!



photo 2 tim walker