Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's A Beautiful World!!

It's a Beautiful World!!


since the day Mandy created

ONE year ago!

Watching her beautiful beautiful

little Amelia grow

is one of the sweetest gifts

I know...

Amelia's first birthday party , inspired by

Marie Antoinette last

year was an unforgettable event Mandy

shared with us all, every single step.

She welcomed us with open arms into her

Beautiful world!

Mandy shares her celebrations in life

and moments of motherhood.

Sometimes she will share a date with

Mr. a la parisienne~

Mandy is honest. She gently shares thoughts

of change through her life of being a

young mother.

She is an amazing artist, photographer, writer,



She tried so beautifully to teach us all

~Joyeux Anniversaire Mandy~

Mandy is very special to me.

I hold her close to my heart.

She was one of my first friends

in my blogging family.

We both started our blogs last year in Feb.

She has been a loyal friend throughout

my blogging journey.

Mandy's eye is most romantic.

She creates handmade flower brooches.

Above is my favorite one

in her pale blush signature color,

Mandy designs blog banners, side bar

images & buttons.

You can visit Mandy's shop to view

all her talents she offers

Happy One Year

Beautiful Dear Mandy!

You have blessed me


all who know you~

Thank you for being here!!




  1. What a great post, always giving a little sunshine in our everyday world, have a great week!

  2. Dearest Janet,

    This is the sweetest blog post I have ever read. You have such a gift at writing posts and putting images together~~everything becomes sweet and magical at the turn of your hands. It is amazing that we started this blog journey alone and then found one another...and even more amazing that Sande also began her blog at the same time. Now throughout this journey we accompany one another and pick up wonderful new friends along the way!
    You and Noel are such special ladies and I feel so privileged to be your friend.
    Thank you so much for sharing my Blog Birthday with your sweet circle of friends and for making me feel so special.


  3. happy one year!!!
    beautiful photos....


  4. You dearest Janet are such a beautiful friend to celebrate all the glorious ladies who make this world a more gorgeous place!

    Congratulations to Sweet Mandy and her beautiful world!

  5. What a fabulous tribute to Mandy and gorgeous photos too. May I send a Happy Birthday too?
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. Dear Janet,
    What a beautiful post for your blogging friend Mandy.... and how lovely that you both started on your blogging journey together and have blogged along as friends for that year.
    Happy first anniversary, Mandy. I wish you many more and I'm off to visit your blog. XXXX

  7. Hi,dear French Blue!-)*

    It's SO pleasant to read you nice words about Mandy!
    I adore about her blog and also about her creativity beautiful work!!!-)*

    Many love and blessings,


  8. ...Oh Yes! Her shop is fabulous, as are her brooches! I have a most soft pink/cream one and every time I wear it, other romantic souls always say ~ "Oh, How Lovely"! Happiest One year to you both, as all our worlds are ssooo inspired and better for it!! xo

  9. Cute-cute-CAUTE~
    Cheryl over @ Artsy~Fartsy

  10. What a beautiful post for your friend. She is so beautiful and talented and has a gorgeous blog.

    lovely day to you darling,

  11. I also love Mandy....between the two of you my life is filled with more beauty than I had ever imagined....thank you to both of you for bring ruffles and romance and all things French to those that did not realize they were missing it in their lives!!
    Big Hugs, xOxO Nerina

  12. I haven't met or been to Mandy's blog but I can only imagine how special her world is if you are in it!!
    I'm heading over now. Thanks for sharing and celebrating your friend!!

  13. Oh I so agree...I love Mandy...she was one of my first blogging friends as well. She is so romantic in every way...I adore her images..thank you for this sweet post on one of my favourite sweet people. xoxoxo

  14. What a sweet post for your friend!! Congrats to both of you for a year of blogging!!!

  15. What a beautiful tribute to your friend! Happy ist birthday to her, I must visit her again soon,she has such beautiful Style! Sharon xx(UK)

  16. Bonjour Janet,
    Such a wonderful post for Mandy. She is an inspiration to us all, she was my very first follower. It is so nice that you share a blog anniversary - here's to many more!

  17. Me too! me too! Mandy is like having a creative and beautiful blog daughter which means little Amelia is my blog grand daughter.
    Obviously self appointed! We are indeed lucky to have her in our world and bringing us her unique French style. Just love that girl. Beautiful post Janet, you are just spreading the love and it's wonderful. XOXO

  18. Dearest Janet, this post is Sweet, Sugar Sweet! So, so lovely. Off to visit Mandy....

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  19. What a gorgeous post Janet....that 2nd photo is one of the most adorable photos I have ever seen.

    I must be one of the few who has not yet met Mandy, I will go visit her now.

    Wishing you a very happy week-end!


  20. Great photos....
    Happy birthday Mandy...

    Warm blessings,