Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

As I celebrated my birthday today
I shut my eyes,
clicked my heals three times
and repeated
"There's no place like HOME".
It comforts me like no where else
in this whole world.
My Birthday Giveaway WINNER
My dear friend Janet, Many, many happy returns and I wish you everything that you wish yourself on your birthday and that you have all of your family and friends around you.My favourite birthday has honestly been ALL OF THEM. I could never pick a favourite, as I always have a wonderful time, as long as my husband, children, family and friends are with doesn't matter where we are or where we go as long as they are there.Even as a child, I loved my birthday. It always felt so special and had a magical feel to the day. Enjoy every minute of yours, Janet.HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Thank you Jackie
for your comment & for reminding me that
All of Them
are special when shared with those we love!!
So true.

Visiting Jackie is just like being
There is truly no place like it.
HOME is more than a just another Beautiful blog...
it is where to go when you feel a need
to go home~

Thank you every single one
of you that shared your
stories, memories & wishes
your sweet sweet hearts~

A party dress is even more fun
even when you choose
to stay HOME
on your birthday~

I Love my HOME...

HOME truly is where
my heart is.

HOME is where I feel
most loved
most comfortable.

HOME is where tender messages
flowers come...
It is where my family is
where my friends know where to find me.
Thank you Sweet Melissa
Uh Uh Uh Thank you Lynn!!

HOME is where I pamper me
and can stay in pajamas
all day and visit all of you!

HOME is one of my
greatest gifts.



photo 1,4 & 5 from google images
All other photos from HOME


  1. Happy Birthday my dear. I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true!

  2. Happ Birthday to you! I am an e-friend of sweet Noel and heard about your birthday! Hope it is/was splendid and all the best to you for a very lovely year!

    A big hug to you birthday girl, xo Terri

  3. Happy Birthday Fin. Yes home is pretty much the best for me too.

  4. Dear Janet,

    I hope that all your dreams came true today. Happy Birthday. I'm off to visit your friend and I have a feeling it's going to be a real treat.

  5. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! Home is my favorite place also. Loved all your pictures, so beautiful and serene. Home is more special when you realize what a treasure it actually is, isn't it? A reflection of us, what makes us individuals... Special.
    Take care,

  6. What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing the photo inspiration!! Have a blessed day!!

    MomTog Diaries

  7. Happy happy birthday sweet are beautiful in everyway. What a blessing it is to know you. May your year be filled with nothing but and love. You so so deserve the best of give endlessly. Hugs to you.

  8. Dearest Birthday Girl!

    Could there be a more deserving recipient of your divine birthday giveaway than the fabulous Jackie? I think not! She does make everyone feel so at HOME whenever we enter her beautiful world.

    Hoping you danced with delight all through your special day!


  9. Happy BDAY!! What a beautiful and well written post the images made me sigh with a relaxed breath and ponder. Perfect! Home is my respite, it is the place that wraps its arms around me when I enter the door from all the craziness out in the world. Home is Peaceful! kathysue

  10. Happy Birthday Beautiful Janet, I hope that you had the most wonderful day :)

    And many congratulations to the marvellous Janet, another February birthday girl! Her blog is fabulous and I love all the images you have used.


  11. Happy Birthday darling...and what a beautiful post. Congratulations to the one and only!

    Hugs and xxx from DJ on your special day.

  12. Oh my goodness Janet,
    I cannot tell you how touched I am by this.
    It's so funny because I was just over at your wonderful friend Lynn's @ Paris Hotel Boutique Journal,where she has done a lovely post for your birthday and I thought, Janet hasn't done a post lately, but, I'll go over and leave a birthday message on her last post and what do I find........ that I've won your birthday giveaway and it's coupled with such lovely, kind words about little old me and my little old blog !! I'm so sorry that I am so late to have seen this post. I have changed my order of blogs that I follow. I put them in order of posting but, I don't think that it works very well !!! I seem to be missing some posts.
    Anyway, I digress.
    Janet, you were one of my first followers and one of the first blogs that I found. I was overwhelmed by your blog when I found it. The beautiful images, the writen word. All was amazing and I could never live up to that, but you have been a great inspiration to me. I think that I have an affinity to all of the beautiful things that you love and it is such a delight to come over to French Blue.
    I could go on all day waxing lyrical about all of the lovely things you do and say, Janet.
    Suffice it to say, you are a beautiful person and an inspiration to so many and I am honoured to call you my blogging friend.
    Many, many thanks for the amazingly generous giveaway......... but most of all I wish you the most wonderful of birthdays, filled with happiness, love and special treats. I know that you will savour every moment of your special day and enjoy it to the full with your friends and family.

  13. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Your birthday post is DIVINE !! I really do love all these gorgeous pictures!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day with the sweetest gateau, the loveliest flowers and a lot of colorful balloons!!!

    Happy thoughts!

  14. ...happiest birthday most inspiring one! Like your photos, you spread magic wherever you go and I adore your spirit and your talent. Thank you for being you! salute!! xo

  15. Happy, beautiful, blessed Birthday,
    Sweet Janet!
    As I'm sure you must know, we all treasure you and wish you the most fabulous day!
    xox Colleen

  16. Oh my things are lovely over here! It is so nice to meet you..totally being swept away.

  17. I'm here, I'm here and hope that it was a wonderful birthday Janet, I thought of you all day and it is such a shame I can't just drop in and see you isn't it? I hope that everyone spoiled you and you enjoyed the day at HOME. They (the workers) are almost out of my house and I finally get my wrap room back and so your special delivery is almost ready. Almost.
    Another year, another year of meeting beautiful new people is ahead. Love and Kisses! XO

  18. happy birthday beautiful! i'm so glad i stopped by in time!
    i love this post...i'm a homebody so i completely understand.
    xoxo alison

  19. Just came over your blog:


    Hope you had a wonderful Day!
    love your Pic`s!
    sending a warm welcome...from cold Germany

  20. Happy Birthday!
    gorgeous post as always, my heart skips a beat...

  21. Janet,
    I hope your day was wonderful! As usual, all of your pictures are just beautiful and inspirational.


  22. Thank you for the post! Love the last picture!

  23. happy birthday Queenie! may you have many many more years of happiness, and good health!!


  24. Gorgeous post!!! Love all the beautiful pictures.

  25. Wishing you for a day that is lovely, a night filled with wonders and a lifetime of happiness. Celebrating your birth. I wish you you all that is kind and breathtaking. Happy Birthday to You.

  26. You put this post together so well that I'm speechless. I love the story scooop! One thing I know for sure is that you have made the most beautiful HOME in the world. I love you SO much and am so happy we celebrated your birthday at home surrounded by purity and love.


  27. Hope you had a great time on you birthday... and have a lovely weekend!

  28. I'm a day late in wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you had a splendid day and were showered with love and affection from your many friends and family. Given how lovely your blog and website are, I can only imagine how beautiful your home must be too. And it is no wonder that home is where your heart is. Best wishes!

  29. you're right. there is no place like home.

  30. Happy Birthday dear Janet! Your home is where I wish my home was! Ok, just kidding. But, it truly is a gorgeous space that anyone would love to call home. You have added your touches to every corner and it is truly you. Magical, original, classy and organic. I wish you all the best in this next year and hope you enjoy all the best life has to offer. And, lots of family and friends joining in on the fun!!

  31. Hope you had a fabulous birthday! :)

  32. Happy Belated Birthday Janet. I recently discovered your blog and loved it right away! I am a Chicagoan living in Paris.
    Looking forward to your next posts and keeping in touch,
    Best wishes, Brigitte