Friday, February 19, 2010

Toe Dancing Back To Me

I am strong.
I believe in balance.
I am toe dancing
back to me~

I am searching hard,
talking out loud,
praying in silence
for my space,
so that I can keep my balance...

My balance comes from my time
Some, always love people around them.
Do you ?
Do you love being alone?

I celebrate when I am alone.

It is a communion between
me & myself.

Staying balanced in life is

just like a toe dance~

You must be strong, graceful


honor your dance~

Have a Beautiful Weekend!



Photo 1, 4 from Jacqueline at Home
photo 3 from It's Mary Ruffle

Photo 2 from google images


  1. ahh i could look at beautiful ballet pictures like this forever! how beautiful.
    xoxo alison

  2. Oh I have to have alone time,most definitely. I like to take time with me and God and that will always bring me back in balance in short order. I find if I lose focus that is when i lose balance. My quiet time with God always brings me back in focus. I love your images and your thought provoking poems and sayings. Lovely post,Kathysue

  3. Loved this!!!!I needed those beautiful images at the end of today..... Toes up! Thanks!Maryanne:)

  4. What an Amazing words...

    ´´Staying balanced in life!´´

    Nothing is beter if do you can this!!!
    I do!-)))

    Many love and blessings,


  5. Dearest Janet,
    I needed this post so badly...a beautiful reminder that it is okay to yearn to be alone. This personal space of just me time helps me revive and regain my inspiration. I've always adored the image of the girl in the tree, for I know I could sit there for hours without anyone else around and just dream. Oh how healing this would be....
    May your find a peaceful, personal reprieve this weekend.

  6. beautiful!

    happy weekend...

  7. OHHHHHH!!!!!!! these are just beautiful words that say it all. Thankyou for sharing them with me.

    Arohanui X

  8. I thrive on being alone. So many people confuse alone with lonely. Alone isn't necessarily lonely, and when I'm alone, I rare feel that way. It's peaceful, isn't it?

  9. Did you write this for me?
    It's just what I've been contemplating all week long... the delicate balancing act of life.
    I've been struggling with it a little too much of late. I will think of it as a toe dance and that I need to be strong and graceful!!
    Thank you Janet for another "perfect post".
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  10. lovely photos and sentiments.

    thank you.

  11. Your posts are so so lovely...this is one of my favourites. I adore your wise words. I struggle at time to stay you say.. always so much to do. I am always around so many students all day long that I need time to myself. I am hoping for a nice calm weekend...sending you much love sweet one. xoxxoxo

  12. Love the ballet pictures...always wanted to learn ballet but mother would not allow it.

    Having moved to the other side of the country with no family or friends just my son and husband it is a good thing that I am capable of being alone.


  13. Dear Janet,
    How beautiful these inmages look against the palest blue of your brautiful blog.
    I love to be in the company of others but I am just at home with my own company. I love to be alone for reflection and contemplation .
    I was saying to Simone the other day that it never ceases to amaze me how much pleasure I get from beautiful photographs and that it has been one of the most wonderful things that has come to me from blogging. Is that the same for you, Janet.
    When I find an amazing photograph, it can really take my breath away......a lovely 'extra' that has come to me since blogging. This post is no exception. I get SO much from these glorious images. XXXX

  14. It is when we are happy alone that we are able to be the best together. Have a wonderful weekend Janet, xv.

  15. Janet,
    It's amazing how a simple concept can be made into something so beautiful when YOU put it together.
    I am such an independent person that I often choose to be alone...maybe that's the only child coming out in my personality. I remember walking through France alone when I was studying abroad and was absolutely happy to be walking alone in a foreign country. I should have been fearful, but it was so thrilling to feel like I could do something so out of the ordinary on my own.
    Bon week-end to you,

  16. Dearest Janet:

    Such beautiful thoughts you sprung forth on paper -- a reminder no doubt for each of us as we read your blog with the amazing photo's preparing us to get ready to receive the 'gift' of quality time alone. To live with intention & walk to the edge, listen hard, laugh, cry, play, appreciate, choose our qualities with grace & serenity, knowing we can become the person we long to be.
    Have a glorious week-end

  17. What a lovely post!!! I love being around others, but I also have to have my alone time... I do struggle at times to stay in balance, because there is always so much to do. I love your beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing... Have a blessed day!

  18. I agree with Vicki, I think when we are happy being alone that we can be happy with others. I love both. I must have my alone time each day, and get quite a bit of it being an artist. It is the balance that I struggle with. Although alone, I am not always balanced trying to do so much in a day!
    You have created a beautiful post for the weekend. I adore the first photo! You are the best at finding the perfect images!!
    xo ~ Dana

  19. Beautiful images :)

    I love being alone, I always have - and now I appreciate it even more because I rarely am alone. I have friends who admit that they don't like their own company and have to have someone around or the TV just to have some sound.....I just don't get that at all!! I think peace, quiet and solitude are so just gives you that time to re-balance things and make sense of life I find.

    Happy Week-end :)

  20. Wow, I love this post!!
    Mmm, balance comes to me definitely through some "me time". It's good to have those moments where you can bring yourself back, to rejuvenate, and to move forward fully yourself.
    This post was so wonderful - thank you sooo much!

  21. Lovely post - My mother was a people person, the more around her the happier she was. I am completely the opposite. I have long loved alone time & it was hard for her to appreciate that. Could be because I raised 4 children, but whatever the reason, it was always bliss.
    Enjoy your "you" time ~ deb

  22. Touche....could not have said it better myself, balance for me is definately spending time with myself and recharging - this happens far too seldom and I really cherish it when it occurs!
    Beautiful Ballet photos are just the thing to get me back on track!!
    Happy Weekend!! xOxO Nerina

  23. Great post! It's hard to find quiet time but it's so essential everyday isn't it? I love being around people but it's important to sit and think alone even just for 5 minutes... It's good to think about life and other times about nothing at all. :)

  24. Wow. What a beautiful blog! It is peaceful, feminine, and all things lovely to look at. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, as it led me to yours. I'm off to read more!

  25. Just like your beautiful ballerinas, the trick seems to be finding balance. For me, every day is different. I know to reach into the deep recesses of my creativity, I prefer to be alone, but too much alone time is not good either. That's why I love to come visit your blog. I always feel like there is a beautiful friend just waiting for me!

  26. so beautiful, reminds of my many years of toe
    shoes. ouch!
    am planning on part 2 & 3 of "on Pointe" myself- great mind think alike my friend.
    but no one blogging lovelier than you.


  27. "Toe dancing back to me..."

    I like the image that paints. Strong, centering, whole.

  28. Beautiful words & images! So so true.... Love the first photograph.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  29. Beautiful images. You know.......I am always comfortable being alone.

    Just me, myself and I.



  30. Just popping over to say Hi and to let you know that I gave you the sunshine award!! You are the first person on my list :)
    ~xo always,

  31. lovely ... and i am hoping you had a truly wonderful weekend xx pam

  32. I know just how you feel. Gorgeous images though.

  33. Oh, Janet...a woman after my own heart...I NEED time to myself quite often...I love being with people, but I adore time with myself - it is a necessity in my life. It keeps me balanced. The photos are so fabulous! Have a beautiful day! :)

  34. BEAUTIFUL post!
    It reminds me of a ballerina I painted in a garden in Ravello...
    Hope all is well with you... ENJOY!

  35. This was so beautiful, I relate to this, I'm the same as you!

  36. Oh Oh Oh my gosh! Your blog is SO BEAUTIFUL! I can only dream of such things. You bring them to life! Thank you very very much. Many blessings to you.


  37. Dearest Janet:

    The sky is painted with hues of gray,
    The clouds are even darker yet,
    No silver lining, for me today,
    Muddy's waters abound in my garden.
    Fun to splash in for a child at play
    My thoughts trail to sunny days,
    And of merrymaking with
    the coral bells and me,
    When shaken from my revelry,
    the door bell rings
    and I go and see
    There it is a small box left for me,
    From none other then
    the muse Janet at French Blue Company.
    Oh sunny days are here for me as
    I laugh with glee,
    The box you see has bought me a happy remembrance of a younger me.

    Love the pink ballet slippers from your on-line shop.

  38. Such bEAuTifuL pictures and such a beautiful analogy...