Thursday, February 4, 2010

Come to My Birthday Giveaway!

Your invited
to my
Birthday Party

February 10th

Whenever you can come~

Le Meurice Hotel
Paris France

We will have my favorite sweets...
White cake
White Frosted Marshmallows
with white sprinkles on top!
I can't wait!

One of my most treasured memories

of my Birthday parties

{besides the cake & ice cream}

was my birthday week helping my Mom plan

my party! Mostly because she let me

pick out the prizes. I was so serious about them.

She also let me pick out the wrapping paper

to wrap them in too!

I came right home, wrapped & stared at them

and all the color cordinatied decorations & party favors!

The excitement built all week long~

I absolutely could not wait for my friends to come

and to give the prizes I picked & wrapped

to my friends that won the games!!


I picked out a

Prize just for you!


A long ~Pink~ lace ruffled scarf....

that will be tucked in a HUGE 20w x 16t
Ralph Lauren
Environment friendly
Canvas Tote Bag!

Thank you Mom
for all my Birthday Memories~
You made them all
so very very special!!
To enter :
Toot these horns as loud as you can!
Tell me about your favorite
Birthday party, Birthday cake
Birthday present

Most festive answer WINS!!
{judging will be helped by my three kids}

Good luck most darling friends of mine!

Mauh Mauh Mauh's!!


All photos from google images


  1. I am in love with your blog sweetie and so glad I found you! Come stop by today for a slice of San Francisco and fashion rain retro chic...

  2. For my 50th ... my darling husband built a wrap around porch on our 1870's farmhouse ... 7 feet wide, complete with vintage wicker, candlelight and ferns.

  3. This is a lovely post!! pink and everything french is a stunning combination!! What fun you had with your Mom, honestly, I don't have any fun celebratory memories like that, my only memorable on was my 13th birthday and we went skating and I got sick on the cake it was carrot and not my choice!! that was memorable but not exciting!! I do try with my kids to make their birthdays memorable!!! I took my 11 year old swiming with dolphins for her 1oth fun to celebrate a double digit moment with a sea creature live! We loved it and it was a bucket list item for me. She and I will share that forever.

  4. When I was in grade school,my parents used to let me have a horseback riding party.
    I got to invite around 10 friends to go riding on a trail ride, roast hotdogs,sit around a fire and roast marshmallows.

    It was really fun, I got to do it a couple of years, until we got too big for it, and middle school came along.

    It was so much fun, we rode all day, way before you thought about liability,and waivers and other things that keep you from having these parties now.

    We always lived in the city, but had land and some livestock in the country.

    Have a wonderful birthday.


  5. Precious Fin, today's birthday post reminded me of some long-ago parties my grandmother would have for my birthday. I was under 10 years old, she lived near the water so all of my friends would just about die to be invited (they spent the night). Mom-Mom, what I called her, made these huge sheet cakes for me. Decorated, decorated, decorated. She was like an Auntie Mame, full of life & imagination. Inside these cakes was a surprise for each of us. Wrapped in foil would be money. $10,$5,$1 bills (in those days it meant so much more). None of us cared what we opened because we all shared it later. Mom-Mom would take us to the shops and let us pick out whatever we wanted with our "found" monies. Yours is a fabulously delightful story told by a daughter who had a rock-star mother. Happy Birthday dear one. And, of course, I'll be at the Meurice with you. XXOOXX's

    PS, I would simply die with bliss to own that fabulous pink scarf!!! I love pink.


  6. My most festive birthday was the one that just passed..My 30th! I went all out and had a french market theme party. Everyone was instructed to wear their best french attire (berets, scarves, etc). We bought 3 different types of french wine (especially the beaujolais nouveau, the party was in Nov). I bought fresh baguettes and tarts from a local french bakery, had several (like 6) different types of cheeses, fruits, quiches. I had chalkboards written with french handwriting. Flowers and a vintage bike made it complete. Unforgettable!!!!

  7. My most favorite birthday has to have been my 24th birthday. My girlfriends all flew in to Nashville to celebrate with me. We opted to celebrate in wigs of all sorts. They wore black dresses and individual wigs of Pink, White, Purple, Red, etc. And, I (looking like Super Woman) donned a red number and a bright blue wig. My best friend made my birthday cake herself. It was not beautiful, but it was made with love and it was tasty. We had cocktails at a fabulous sushi bar downtown and laughed all night. It was perfection. Happy Birthday Fin!

  8. Well I have to jump right into this contest. I, too, have a winter birthday, but mine falls at the end of January. We grew up in Virginia and in those days we would have a lot of snow...when? At the end of January and the beginning of February but that did not stop our planning. My mother always let us have parties but, alas, mine often were canceled. Then people would plan surprise parties for me throughout the year.
    But being able to have a party on or near the date was the best. The best party involved taking a group of best friends (ten year olds) and going to a performance of the Ice Capades. It was so seasonal and in the end there was a white cake with white icing!

  9. Ooooh !! Sounds like a really fun party. Love all the images and the tote is something anyone can use. Great ideas,Kathysue

  10. Just realized I am suppose to tell you about my favorite birthday experience. I think it would be my 13th Bday party, it was my very first slumber party. You never forget that. As an adult my hubby suprising me with a stay in Carmel at my favorite place with the million dollar view, Tickled Pink. Believe me I was tickled pink!! Kathysue

  11. Wow, this is definitely one of the most gorgeous giveaways I have ever seen. All the joy you have had making this lovely post, recalling over and over and over and over again all your sweet memories, not to forget the beautiful photographs you added.... I do wish you and all your most darling friends much Fun, Inspiration, Luck and do enjoy the sweet moments you will surely all have recalling all the past birthdays!

  12. I love a good birthday party. Especially ones with goody bags like this!!!

    I'll be there!


  13. My favorite birthday was being woken up by family, lots of family covering me in fresh cut flowers and singing to me. The sun was coming through the window and they had all gotten up early to celebrate my birthday. Someone opened the window and the sound of the ocean came through. Everyone sat wherever, on the floor, on each others lap, on my bed were my children and we had wonderful hot coffee, warm cinnamon rolls and freshed squeezed orange juice which is my favorite drink ever. It was the type of thing you do at the end of your life, but they all knew I believe in celebrating each day.
    This is actually just the birthday of my dreams and the one I wish I had done for my Grandmother. Someday soon with those I love.

  14. Nice memories! Would love to come to that beeeautiful hotel and eat that delicious cake!!

  15. Well that answers it! You are an Aquarius too. it makes total sense why we are so connected. XO
    I'll be back with my answers.

  16. What a wonderful idea! Birthday Party memories.
    I have fond memories of my birthday parties. My mother went all out and made them so special. My favourite memory of this are the meringues. My Mum made the BEST ever. They were crunchy out the outside with soft beautiful centres and lashings of cream. There was always plenty of games and presents, they were lovely.
    These things often come to mind now with being a mummy myself.
    I didn't realise how selfless my mum really was - you see we share a birthday. She did all this on her day too always reminding me that I was her best birthday present ever.
    x Suzi

  17. Happy Happy Birthday your Majesty!!

    Hurray a Party!!! I'm tooting, I'm tooting:)) Well I will tell you about a birthday I had when I was little. I had a wonderful childhood and a loving Mother that gave me a wonderful life. She always gave my sister and I wonderful parties and the most gorgeous cakes from the best baker in my small town in upstate NY, however, there was one year that we were struggling financially so very bad, and my Mom just couldn't give me a grand party. She felt like dying inside from the pain of not being able to give me one or even a gift. She managed to surprise me somehow and she gave me a Gold Locket with a beautiful pale pink Daisy on the front. I just loved my locket. But as the years past and I grew up, got married and had children of my own, I found out from my dear Mother that she actually sold an heirloom brooch of hers to buy me a gift:( I was speechless and I learned right there and then how much my Mom really loved me and how her Mother's heart was torn with pain. I will never forget her loving heart or the locket.


  18. My favourite (and one and only) birthday party is my 7th birthday. My mom invited all my classmates. We had a gorgeous chocolate slab cake with lemon filling and icing. I was wearing my favourite dress - a blue frock with a natural linen "apron" skirt with lace...hey, it was the early 80's! We had traditional party games - one that was called "palayok" in our culture. It's like a pinata but made of clay pot that you knock out with a wooden "bat" - not very safe by today's standards, but then again, it was the 80's! I don't remember any gifts given to me, but I remember the party!

  19. Janet,

    My fondest birthday celebration memory has to be little Amelia's first birthday party last year. It was such a joy coordinating her Marie Antoinette-themed party. All of the women in my family had an important part- My mom made her Antoinette dress; my mother-in-law transformed a highchair into a beautiful, sweet throne; one sister-in-law made cupcakes; one sister-in-law helped me make Amelia's feathered Antoinette hat; I made Amelia's Antoinette shoes, and we all had so much fun wrapping all of her presents in pink and aqua papers. The best part of her party was that both my husband's family and my family were able to spend time together. Her birthday is in less than 3 months and my gears are turning for this years celebration!

  20. My favorite and only birthday party was when I was 6 years old. It was a surprise party that was shared with my sister whos birthday was 6 days after mine. My mother took us and to the park where a few of our friends were waiting for us. She had a beautiful cake there and picnic blankets laid out. We fed the ducks that lived in the park and we played games and then my mother had arranged to have the ice cream man come to the park and hand out ice cream treats to all of us. It was truly a magical day.
    Such a wonderful giveaway and I would love you to throw my hat in the hat.

  21. My favorite bday memory was when I turned 7. My mother gave me my oldest sister's beautiful blue dress with a faux fur collar jacket! I thought I died and gone to heaven! This was going to be the bestess birthday ever! I use to drool when she would wear it and thought she looked amazing in it! I couldn't wait til the day came when it would be mine! The day came & I will never forget how I felt that day!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you feel amazing in whatever your wearing and whatever you do!
    xoxo's Nan

  22. This is the most romantic post ever...the images are gorgeous and the giveaway....oh my gosh...I gasped....the scarf is to die for!! Who would not love a Lauren bag to carry all of my treasures to work on the GO Train!!
    I think my most precious Birthday moment is my daughter's first birthday, we made pink cupcakes and all of our family and the neighbours came over and it was such a celebration...the best part was when she smushed the the cupcake right into her face...icing and call and everyone else did the same! It was classic and my most prized memory to date!! She is 23 now and I think this year for her birthday, I will bring back that memory...thank you for helping me remember!!
    I hope you have the most wonderful Birthday ever!! Big Hugs xOxO Nerina

  23. Two were most memorable for me -- when I turned 13 years old my mother took 5 of my best friends & me to the Ballet to see 'Swan Lake' in New York city then we went out to the Plaza Hotel for dinner. It was magical ,beautiful & special for us all not just for me. My most favorite though was when I turned 40 years old, and my family & friends through a big party they put so many candles on the cake it melted the whole top - but the best part was my gift- I just learned that I was pregnant after 8 years of trying...
    Happy birthday to you and may all your birthday wishes come true......

  24. The best birthday party we had was while we lived in India. The mahout came with his beautifully painted elephant(draped in outragiously colored head scarf and tinkly little bells) which patiently gave rides to everyone, before eating one of our trees. A man with a monkey on a leash showed up (uninvited) shaking his tin can with beans in it like a percussion instrument for the monkey to dance to, but things got really interesting when the local snake charmer tried to sneak through our gates with his cobras!

  25. Okay Missie, first let me say that your post is beautiful as always. The best photos...makes me want to jump through the computer screen. I had to step away for awhile to calm down. The cakes, dress, Laduree. You must stop tormenting me (us)!

    Okay, two favorite birthday memories. I, like you, remember my Mom and I planning my little parties every year. Everything had to be color coordinated and a theme. In those days, it was only limited choices through Hallmark like Ballerinas or Raggedy Ann. And like you, I loved wrapping the prizes for the winners of the contest. I couldn't sleep for days dreaming of that party to come. I'd literally be sick with excitement!

    Second or equal favorite was my 40th birthday. John Lee Hooker played guitar and sang with his band as back-up for a private b-day party. I'll never forget it. I felt like the luckiest person in the world to have such an amazing man perform for my birthday. AND, for the first time I got to go on stage and sing and play tambourine. Can you imagine?

    Okay birthday girl to be, I want to win that beautiful pink scarf!! uh uh uh!

  26. Omigosh! I'm in love with the pink scarf!! Boy! I wish I could win! :) xoxo

  27. Looking forward to your birthday celebration! I'd have to say that my most memorable - well, not most memorable, but surely the strangest - gift was a jar of pig's feet. Honestly. In high school. The wrapping paper was foil. I think I deserve a lovely pink scarf.

    Have fun with the plans -
    Catherine xx

  28. Hi Mom~

    Happy Birthday to you!!! I love this post and cannot wait to get to celebrate another birthday with you very soon!!! And I'll be at your party at the Maurice too - sipping hot tea, eating Laduree macaroons, and laughing and smiling with you all day...

    You have always made all of our birthdays beyond special with beautiful wrapping, the decorations, the party favors, the festive party plates and cups, the gifts themselves and of course the cakes or yummy cupcakes... And we know my cakes were always an ordeal to say the least... I don't think a year goes by when we don't talk about the three most famous birthday cake stories of mine. First, the time you got me a beautiful birthday cake with white frosting and yellow sugary frosting roses on top. You put the cake in front of me with a big smile... and I crossed my arms and frowned at it and pouted because the roses weren't pink (I know I was young, but what a brat I was about that) - but you wanted me to have what I wanted and so went out and got me a new cake with pink sugary frosting roses - thank you and I am sorry for that... Second, when you asked me what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday and I replied "white bread" (hehe, I was picturing pound cake in my head, but it looked like a loaf of white bread) and we still laugh about it... And third, "I want my cake to have oreos, and coconut, and frosting, and pink letters made of sprinkles, and, and, and..." and you made me that cake with everything I asked for - and it was just perfect. All of my birthdays have always been amazingly perfect because of you. I have many, many treasured memories in my heart and mind that will never be forgotten. Thank you for ALWAYS making my birthdays and me feel like the MOST SPECIAL...

    I love you with all my heart and am so excited for YOUR birthday, my BEAUTIFUL mom.

    MUAH ~ xox

    Love you,

  29. Dearest Sweet and Most Magical of All Janet,
    I knew you were special, but a February birthday just puts you over-the-top in my world! All that I cherish most (Sean, Gaia Miette, and my sweet pug) entered my life in February! And they are all Aquarius! Lynn told me you were celebrating a birthday soon, as is she, so I was preparing a little something for your special day, but then I open this post and am blown away by such exquisite beauty (as always)! Leave it to you to share the celebration and giving with everyone....such a generous soul you are!

    Being an Aries, and a lucky girl to be born in April (diamond as a birthstone is not to shabby!), I love celebrating my birthday in the Spring! One of my most memorable to date was my 30th. We celebrated in Paris! Paris in the Spring, turning 30 in this amazing city with the love of my life - just the two of us together. I can still taste the morel risotto I ate at lunch in the 7th, and then walking along the Seine looking up at the billowy clouds that glided across the bright blue sky. Enjoying an incredible souffle for dessert at a very cozy brasserie filled with locals, and then lingering through the beautifully lit streets of this magnificent city at night as we returned to our hotel. Pinch me is all I could say because it just didn't seem real! But the most memorable moment of my actual birthday, was waking up to room service knocking on our door. I knew we hadn't ordered this 'luxury', and when it was placed upon the table, I opened the card to find it was from my dad. The man who has never stepped off of US soil (and barely made it out of the South except to visit me in SF), learned just enough to dial internationally, order room service and arrange for it to be delivered to his little girl who was 3,000 miles away from him on her very special day! And then the phone rang 30 minutes later, it was him saying "Joyeux Anniversaire" - he learned these two French words just for me! While all this was happening, I received a bouquet of fresh flowers from a dear friend, and three birthday cards from the states from my mom. It meant the world to me that those who love me so took such extreme efforts (for them) to step outside of their comfort world and make sure that I knew they were celebrating with me despite the distance between us. Sean captured a beautiful photo that I cherish dearly - I am staring out the window looking out amongst the Parisian rooftops with tears streaming down my face. In my hands, I am holding a birthday letter from home. At first, he thought I was crying because I was sad, but then he quickly realized they were tears of joy. It's amazing how I clearly remember my thoughts at that moment, "I'm 30, I'm so loved, I'm in Paris, I'm the luckiest girl in the world!"

    Now that I have my sweet crumb (who celebrates her big #2 in just a few days), I cannot wait to make her birthdays magnificent and memorable. And one year soon, I look forwad to celebrating her special day in Paris!

    Enjoy your prelude to the blissful birthday weekend!

  30. Hi..first time visiting!! Love to take part in your Birthday party, and I'll use my most lovely dress!! Special about my birthday: I was borned at april 1. In Sweden it's 'the-day-of-joke-playing-and-amusement', and therefor my birthday has always been a great joy, and full of happiness! Have a perfect day! Love//Eva

  31. My favorite birthday party was when I turned six. I got red lipstick and a Minnie Mouse watch. Heaven!

  32. Love your site! So inspiring! My favorite birthday party was when I turned 13 way back when!! My mother, who was also wonderful at celebrating my special day, invited my closest girlfriends for a trip to the pool. Naturally we all had a mad crush on the lifeguard and spent the whole time dunking each other and pretending to drown. He just smiled and laughed at our antics, which sent us into a giggling swoon. (Do people still say swoon?!) So young, and carefree, and utterly happy...such a good memory.

  33. my cake....Its called a "Diplomat" family has gotten me the same cake from the same bakery for the past...well since I was 16 which is many many years ago.....I wait all year with baited breath for year they got two for the week before and one for the day!...what a wonderful family I have....I love love love the pink dress in this post.....thanks for sharing it!.. Grace

  34. ~~~Ohhh La la~~~~
    I can't wait to celbrate your Birthday with you!!! Jeanna & I are getting ready over here. :-) We're going to have a fun day with just the girls and have all the time we want! Yeee yippieee, I love when your birthday comes every year, it reminds me of how special you always made mine and now it's my turn to make yours special.
    Your giveaway is SO GREAT! Count me in ;)
    I love love love that whimsy pink scarf uh uh uh!

  35. What a stunning blog you have. Every photo is an exceptional treat. (I just popped over from "Tongue In Cheek.")
    When I was 21 I moved to New York to attend FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology.
    I was from Berkeley, California and felt like a tiny fish in the ocean. Luckily I had great roommates. One of my roommates worked in a punk clothing shop in the Village and got invited to unbelievable parties. She dragged me along to some of them.
    One in particular I crashed was Billy Bike's Birthday Bash at the Chelsea Hotel.
    What a place, what a party! Billy and friends were all decked out in head-to-toe leather, music of the New York Dolls was blaring, fabulous food galore and a wild cake, all in the most opulent ballroom. The walls were swagged in billowing black and white stripes. It gave me the feeling I had entered another world! I was Alice and I had stepped through the Looking Glass!
    Thirty six years later it still stands out as the best birthday party I have ever attended and the most surreal experience in my life!

  36. Oh my gosh! Well first off, let me just say that I want that dress at the top off your blog! IT IS KILLER!!! My favorite birthday memory was 2 years ago for my 50th,I was feeling really down in the dumps because my son had just been deployed AGAIN to Iraq. Somehow, my 2 daughters managed to throw a surprise party for me and gave me a trip to Kona for just my 2 daughters and myself! We had a blast. The icing on the cake would have been my son joining us, but that was not to be. No one had ever thrown a party for me before that. I could have died peacefully after our amazing trip.

  37. Bonjour from French Riviera,
    The scarf is to die for and your giveaway idea is so lovely.
    For my 30 years birthday, I decided to invite 30 parents and friends. 30 guests wore each an eccentric hat: birthday cake, nest with eggs, aquarium with fishes. A real frenzy and a big oven-laughter. The batteries of my camera had died and we have no pics....arghhhhhhh!!!!!

  38. Such a pretty post!
    When I was 12 I received a phone-call from a local bakery telling me I had won a cake. I had no idea what they were talking about. Confused, I handed the phone to my mum, and after a brief conversation with the bakery, she told me to put my shoes on and follow her. We headed to the bakery, and there in the display was a beautiful, round white cake with yellow rosebud flowers on it, and my name in the middle.
    My mother had entered my name in a draw a few weeks earlier and my name was drawn.
    Thinking back now, I'm glad I won that cake, not for me, but for my mother who worked full-time, was raising four children, and would have had the added stress of baking a cake.
    (The cake was delicious.)

  39. Happy Birthday!

    I think one of my favorite birthday memories was my 6th! My darling mother made the most beautiful pink paper heart and lace invitations you can imagine, all by hand. We had a "real" girl tea party!
    Each girl was dressed up in all manner of finery...big pink ruffled dresses, mothers high heel, lace shawls, hats, yards of ribbon, vintage gloves and fans. The tea was served in child size depression glass tea cups of many different kinds, with cake and cookies. The mothers served us "little ladies" and we all felt quite grown up sitting there having "grown-up" conversation, putting on our best, most lady like manners. It was a birthday dream for a six year old!
    My Anne of Green Gables (9th) was another best, but I'll save that story for another time!

  40. Just had to come by and tell you how much I love this post..and happy early Birthday! I TOO HAVE MANY MANY SWEET MEMORIES of wonderful birthday times as a young girl. xoxo Happy weekend.

  41. Okay, forget the scarf. Well, not forget, but I want the prizes that you gave out when you were a little girl...!!

  42. Dear Janet,
    I hope you have a beautiful birthday!!! Your birthday is two days after mine and one day before my mother's. I will be with her for my birthday this year for the first time in many years, so we plan to have fun!

    My favorite birthday was a special one four years ago when my dear lovely husband (who was, at the time, only the dear love of my life who got away), called me the night before my birthday and said, "Um, yeah, true confession time: I will be there tomorrow!!!! We had met over 20 years before, but had been separated for 18 of that. He flew to Washington just to see me for my birthday!!! That was in February, he came back again in March and in April, moved there in June, proposed in July and we were married the following May! I don't think I will ever have another birthday to beat that one!

    Wishing you a lovely, lovely day, Janet!!!



  43. How wonderful, birthdays are my favorite along with Weddings and Showers - really any celebration will do. Asolutely love the cake and marshmallows. Adding you to my favorites.

  44. Our Best Birthday Party theme was Christmas in July, my youngest was turning three and at Christmas time she sat on Santa's lap and asked Santa if she could have a birthday party, see her first birthday party was cancelled when our house flooded 6 days before the party was scheduled, so in July we surprised her with Santa and his Sleigh, poor Santa it was 96 degrees here in the south that day, but all the kids sat on Santa's lap and had pictures taken, we even put up a pink and green Christmas tree, gave out Christmas presents and had a Santa beard making contest with cotton candy, it was Great!

  45. Ooo, can't pick one favourite, because every one of my two young son's birthdays are my favourite. I get really sentimental ("how embarrassing mum!!") and a bit overwhlemed that I created two such incredible kids.


  46. My birthdays aren't actually that significant. I guess when you hit over 40 plus they all kind of run along. Now, it's my fun to create them for my son. His parties are what I create, enjoy and find the most pleasure. This year he says it will be Star Wars at the beach. That may be a challenge!
    He has them all planned a year in advance and tells me every detail at least once a week. His enjoyment in his creation is what makes me smile. I just follow along... Life goes on... kids grow...enjoyment grows... as the years go along. No one could have ever told me how much I would enjoy a child or planning a kids birthday to create the most magic I could for the little soul to enjoy and savor for their lifetime.


  47. oh how beautiful! palest of pinks melts my heart everytime!!! Happy Birthday to you!!! & my fav memory i think is 2 weeks ago, i had a pirates & princesses party. i wasnt sure if anyone would dress up but here in QLD everyone loves the my astonishment the first people through the door were decked out in full pirate costume{complete with hat} & princess gowns with a tiara. we had marshmallows to dip in a chocolate fountain, & shrimp cocktails in paper was a precious also thinking that in the spirit of festivities, if i won i would love to send you & your daughters one of my journals as a gift :)
    hope your birthday is an array of loveliness!!!

  48. First of all Happy Birthday to you! I should have known you were an Aquarius which is why I think you had a connection with my Mom who is also an Aquarius, born on the 16th. I think those born under this sign make the most wonderful mothers:) Another lovely lady, Sande, also an Aquarius!
    I love you all and wish you the most wonderful birthdays ever~
    The birthday memory I cherish most was my 40th.
    My sweet husband indulged my desire to go to the Rosebowl Flea Market. We packed our things into our Land Rover and drove to Pasadena and had a wonderful time and of course scored some special treasures. We continued my birthday getaway to Santa Barbara, Summerland and Santa Monica just discovering beautiful and unique places to see, eat and shop. On our way back home we spent our final night in Monteceito where we were upgraded to the most magnificient suite when they found out it was my birthday. It was a night to remember. It truly was a most special birthday trip because my amazing husband indulged my every whim and it was perfect!!

  49. My Dear Janet! I would like to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope it is as special and memorable as you are! Have a great Bday week.
    Much lve and warm wishes,

  50. My dear friend Janet,
    Many, many happy returns and I wish you everything that you wish yourself on your birthday and that you have all of your family and friends around you.
    My favourite birthday has honestly been ALL OF THEM. I could never pick a favourite, as I always have a wonderful time, as long as my husband, children, family and friends are with doesn't matter where we are or where we go as long as they are there.Even as a child, I loved my birthday. It always felt so special and had a magical feel to the day.
    Enjoy every minute of yours, Janet.

  51. Dear Janet,
    I just popped by to see your French Bleu Blog and was invited to your party!
    I could not pass it by without telling you what I do for my Birthday!
    From the day we are born, our day is made special by celebrating Our birth! We look forward to this day with great anticipation and as you said, can hardly wait for the day you and your friends helping you celebrate.
    I invite my friends to attend a Tea at my home.
    I decorate and set several tables with beautiful china cups and prepare special goodies,and serve a luncheon and pass out party favors.
    Just before we eat, I thank them and let them know what a special part they are in my life and that they have chosen to enjoy this tea Party Luncheon because it is my Birthday. They are not to feel as if they should have known it was my Birthday, they are there for me to treat them because it is 'My Pleasure" to let them experence this lovely day!
    I have done this now for 3 years and it is getting difficult to surprise them, but I love it!!!

  52. Have a perfectly fabulous day!!!

  53. What a prize ! ~ first ~ happiest Birthday wishes to you for a year filled with wonder ~ whimsy and delights :)
    My favortite birthday was when I was 10 years old ~ my mother took us us to spend the day at the beach ~ I wore my favorite red bathing suit with big white polka dots ~ we had tons of my favorite foods ~ playing in the surf all day ~ and at night I got to release 10 red ballons ~ each filled with a birthday wish ~ they were released durning a fireworks show ~ to float into the clouds and to come true :)
    Have a happy day :)

  54. happy birthday...just discovered your blog, and well, I am full of memories. I can't remember how old I was, but I was with my best friend, my cousin Tim, and we were out in the backyard, blue sky, lots of friends, picnic table full of kid food... cupcakes, presents...all I remember is the cupcake fight we got and blue frosting everywhere, so much laghing...much better than presents. Glad I have this memory, lost Tim about a dozen years ago...only happy thoughts of our shared party. Feels like yesterday.

  55. that scarf is divine and so are you friend. Have a wonderful birthday. Pink is my favorite color and so my story goes. Birthdays have always been interesting as I have a twin, a twin brother. In our teen years I finally got my own cake- we each had our own. Finally had my own cake, white with white frosting. From then on a birthday is not complete without the cake with sickingly sweet pink icing roses, vanilla ice cream with multi colored non parriels.
    But my favorite gift was the year I turned 30 -had just had my son, my only child, ( the real gift) I recieved a pale pink t shirt night gown stating, "Doyle's Mom"...

  56. My favorite memory and birthday party was my first child when she was 5. I had all her friends dressed up in cute dresses. The party favor was a cute little dressy hat, that they all wear during the party. I had made a white frosting 2 layer cake. I decorated it with my first roses and Pansies from my garden. First ever roses i got.
    Beautiful spring party. The girls played tea party with a pink tea set. I had made tiny sandwiches and strawberry herbal tea.
    It was my first Birthday Party i thruw and the sweetest memory...
    Come see my blog. I am a designer from Paris.

  57. My favorite birthday gift was one that I put together for the secretary at a school where I was a teacher. it was her fortieth birthday. I found someone who had gone to high school with her and borrowed the yearbook. I had her graduation picture printed onto a t-shirt. Then I put together a box of things that she might have had back in her high school days: white nail polish and lipstick; a mood ring; a CD of music from the movie Easy Rider; and peace sign earrings. She loved it. I had as much fun collecting the things and assembling the gift as she had opening it. (I don't have any accounts listed below, so I am posting this as anonymous) diane wayne

  58. I just love this pastel pink posts. The sensuality factor is very very high!

    Agneta, the swedish one

  59. oh my gosh, this is exactly how I would want to spend my birthday!
    happiest of days to you!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  60. So sorry for not being around much lately, manic busy with new Ghost stuff.
    Am taking some time today to do the rounds of the blogs and catch up - refreshing the soul
    Much Love
    PS If I don't make it back by Wednesday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY xxxxx

  61. As Winnie the Pooh would say, many happy returns on the day! Birthdays are wonderful when you have people in your life who care enough to make them special unforgettable days. Without a doubt my favorite birthday was my 26th, two years ago. My then boyfriend (now husband...yay!!) and I had known each other for years but only been dating for three months. I was six hours away from him at school, so he drove down for several days, took me to a beautiful hotel where he ordered me the most deliciously extravagant room service meal ever. It arrived on a cart draped in crisp white linens and silver domed dishes. We spread them out all over the big white king size bed and dined like a queen and her king. The next morning he surprised me with a bouquet of my favorite flowers (pink tulips) and instead of baby's breath or greenery (which I don't like in my flowers) he had asked the florist to add several stalks of soft silvery pussywillows because I had told him once that they reminded me of ones that used to grow in my backyard when I was a little girl. It was the most beautiful bouquet I've ever received and it became the inspiration for our wedding decor...there were pussywillows everywhere! And now I sell pussywillow boutonnieres on etsy for other people's weddings! That birthday weekend is one of those perfectly happy wouldn't change a thing moments. I Hope your day is filled with moments like those!
    Bonne fete!

  62. dear janet... wishing you a wonderful birthday... isnt it wonderful that we all have such sweet memories of our childhood birthdays? and even now i still do as an adult...

    have a great week.... enjoy every minute... and let it linger...xx pam

  63. Happy birthday Janet!
    You're a chip off the old block ;p
    And you make all of us feel like that every day!

  64. I hope you have the best birthday ever!
    My most memorable birthday was my 10th. My birthday is Dec. close to Christmas.. but my Daddy always made me feel very special & would make sure I got something I really wanted, not something already bought & put away for Christmas. For some reason, that year, I told him all I wanted was candy. He laughed...he thought I was kidding!! When he realized that I was serious, he gave me a smile..the kind that only your dad can give you. Two days later, on my 10th birthday, my mom & dad, sister & brother presented me with a big box wrapped in pink & yellow polka dot paper with a big yellow bow. I was in was full of all pink, red & purple lollipops, ribbon candies in all colors, hard orange candies with a creamy filling, lemon drops & sour cherry soft candies. It was so wonderful! I didn't have to share my present with my sister or brother but I did anyway! I enjoyed that box of pretty candies so very much but never again asked for candy on another birthday because I knew it would never, ever be as special as that box of candy!
    hugs, Sherry


  66. Well happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!! I wish I had some creative answer for you, but nothing witty is coming to mind on the birthday front...but I do love a good white birthday cake and your picture now has me craving some!!

    Gorgeous scarf!!!

    Enjoy your week!!!

    :) T

  67. I found you through Paris Rags. Your blog is right up my lacy alley! Happy birthday!!

    Blessings... POlly

  68. Happy Happy Birthday!!

    This past October I celebrated my 30th birthday. The plan (that I knew of) was to have a small gathering at a friends house with my husband and kids 2 of my close friends with their families. The night before the gathering I stopped by my parents house to use their computer b/c mine wasn't working. My parents were not home b/c they were attending a wedding. My children were playing in a bedroom down the hall and when I went to check on them I noticed that my middle child was pretending to play the drums on an upside down cake carrier. I thought it was odd that my mother stored her cake carrier in a bedroom but I let the thought pass. Several minutes later I picked the cake carrier up to put it away when I realized how heavy it was. That's when I realized there was a cake inside! My first thought was "Oh no, my mom made a cake for someone and my daughter has just destroyed it!". But then I thought "why would my mother store a cake in the bedroom?". That's when I opened it to discover a demolished carrot cake, my fave, and the same kind I told my friend I wanted for my birthday party. That's when I realized that my mom had hid the cake (under the bed) in order to keep me from finding it while I stopped by. I felt terrible. I called another friend to tell her my discovery and she slipped up and told me about the large surprise party that she and 30-some other friends would be attending in my honor! I had no clue and if it hadn't been for my mischievious 3yr old daughter I would have never knew it was coming. I didn't want to spoil the surprise so I tried to patch the cake up but there was no hiding the damage and I had to confess once my parents returned home. We all had a huge laugh over it and the party ended up being a wonderful memory! I even acted completely suprised when I walked into my friends home and saw all the smiling faces waiting for me!

  69. Gorgeous Giveaway....
    hmm....what can say differently compare to all the other 68 comments above me...
    First of all Happy Happy Happy Birthday Beautiful!
    Your blog is astonishing gorgeous!
    I'm a follower now.. Glad to have bumped into you..
    My most memorable birthday was whenI turned 20. I went to a restaurant with a bunch of my girlfriends and we ate moroccan food with our hands while sitting on the floor on big colorful pillows... there was a belly dancer. It was so much fun!

    Thanks Doll.

    Love, Pearl

  70. Happy, happy birthday to you Janet from another Aquarian.....xv

  71. My 50th Birthday Party - I invited 25 women - friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors; including my Kindergarten teacher. We rode in a limo, dressed in elegant hats and gloves, to a hotel and had the time of our lives celebrating with a High Tea. It was divine, dahling! Just like your blog!
    Happy Heavenly Birthday to you!!
    ~Lady Pamela

  72. Happy Birthday!
    And guess's my birthday today, too!!! I just had a birthday givaway on my blog, too. :)

    My favorite childhood birthday memory was walking into the kitchen in the morning and seeing a huge box, wrapped in pink tissue paper, with a huge pink bow on top! When I opened it, there were a bunch a smaller presents inside. It was so fun to see that enormous box! When I was little we lived in California, and we always had bouquets of daffodils and blossoming cherry and apple branches for my birthday. I remember the fragrance so well...

    Have a wonderful day, birthday twin!

    xo country girl

  73. Janet,

    I suppose I could bore with the story of my one and only slumber party when Sara Rutledge fell asleep with a sugar daddy in her mouth and woke up completely fused to the lime green shag rug in my room. I am guessing not quite as touching as some of the things shared above ! Just the same, I wanted to stop in and tell you how glad I am that you were born ! Although we have not met in person ( yet, that is !) ... I sense a such a connection. What can I say ? I am naturally drawn to warm wonderful souls such as yours ! You are a rarity !

    Happy Happy Birthday my dear !!!
    Cheers to you !


  74. Love your blog. I love all things French and I love the colour pink!
    Beautiful eye candy pictures.


  75. well, this is a wonderful post, you have such beautiful memories...unfortunately, i never had a birthday party therefore i guess i win for the most non-festive entry! happy birthday! :):):)

  76. Where can I find that pink dress? I am in LOVE?!?! Is it still available for purchase somewhere in this world?

  77. I have the same question as Nicholle..Where can I find that dress?