Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do You Remember?

Do you remember
your first
I do, but it wasn't that special....
I was in 6th grade.
His name was George.
It was a Saturday.
My friend & I rode bikes
to his house.
I was taller than him.
I was grounded when I came home
but I couldn't wait to
go to school on Monday.
I never kissed George again.

I wish you a day full of
Butterfly kisses
all the love your heart can hold~
Happy Valentines Day
my adorable friends!!
photo 1 from google images
photo 2 from ddna


  1. That is the sweetest little picture. I think every girl remembers her first kiss, don't you?
    Happy Valentine's Day, J!

  2. How cute, I do remember my first kiss,funny how the memories flood back when you take the time to think of them. Sweet! Kathysue

  3. I was in 6th grade too. Now when I see kids that young I think, Oh my God! It's frightening! Tee hee.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Janet

  4. I hope you have a beautiful and wonderful valentine's day.. I'll never forget mine. I was but 9 and we were under a tree after reading The Little Prince which was a favorite of mine (and still is)after I finished reading out loud, he leaned in for a was funny at the time and I remember giggling... he was super nice, we're good friends even until today :)
    Take care cherie!

  5. Dear Janet,
    I wish you many special kisses tomorrow and I hope that Georges tequnique improved with time !!!!
    I just want to thank you so much for commenting on my bithday post for Renee. Often, people dont comment on those sort of posts, so thank you for your support Janet. XXXX

  6. Yeah, mine was in 6th grade too, his name was Alex, and my dad almost saw it happen as he waited in the carpool line at school. He didn't mention it so I KNOW he didn't see it. I was very careful not to kiss Alex out in the open ever again! he he!

  7. Sean Gower was mine..och..he was not very smooth about for sharing. Happy V-day to you and yours! ~lulu

  8. Cute story! Happy Valentines day x

  9. Dear Janet

    What a beautiful blog you have - and I love your shop -- I am going to do a post on paper art and will feature some of the beauties found at your French Blue online shop with full credit-- if that is alright?
    Thank you for the wonderful comments you left on my blog- I am so very new at this and it is truly a big compliment coming from you and inspires me to post more thoughtful posts like I found on your blog -- well not exactly the same but with some of the same thoughtfulness and care you bring to each post. Hope your birthday was magical and your valentine is filled with love.
    the dowsers daughter

  10. Oh Janet that was so sweet. My very best wishes for your Valentines day you gorgeous girl.

    xxoo DJ

  11. A - I remember. I remember that we were friends first and then lovers
    .... now married for 21 years x.

  12. Oh poor george :P

    I remember my first kiss. I'm still kissing him, and have never kissed anyone else in between.

  13. How I remember Janet!......Happy Valentines to you, xv.

  14. What a beautiful post Janet.....lovely photo....and lovely memories too!

    Happy Valentine's Day my friend :) xo

  15. Oh,dear,dear Janet!-)))*

    What a Lovely,beautiful Post!!!
    Amazed about you Blog and about these post,
    Thank you very,very much!!!

    Blessings and many,many Love!-)*


  16. Beautiful and sweet....your post and my first kiss! It was with my husband when we were children! Now, 36 years is still sweet!

  17. Do you ever wonder what happened to George?
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  18. Sending you much love today sweet friend. xoxoxo

  19. Sending lots of love to you on this Valentine's Sunday!
    ~xo always

  20. I do I do remember!! Hope you have a wonderful & warm Valentines day!

  21. OK, now you're going to have me trying to remember all day!! Must not have been too thrilling i guess!!! hehe


  22. Yes I still remember my 1st kiss too.....though it sure pales in comparison to the first kiss between RR and I ........we knew right that second (are you ready to gag yet-lol!Hope you had a wonderful Valentines day Janet, I am sure you made it special. After reading that you had rose marshmallows at your birthday, I can't imagine what you do for Valentines. By the way we are thinking of coming to CA end of May-early June to do the
    coastal highway drive for our 35th anniversary that we did when my husband graduated 1n 78. I will keep in touch as we firm up our plans so we can meet for dinner. I have been forgetting to mention this. Talk soon love. XO

  23. Happy Valentines Dews~Thanks for taking the time to stop by when I know you must be in the middle of some high romance!
    I love that image of the rose, it's perfection. It's like a meditation!
    Hope your day was magical!!

  24. I was 17. He kissed me when we were waiting for the subway. In Paris. He was my first love.

  25. Hehe! I never knew this!? I love the little story. Just like yuo mine was in 6th grade too. We have always been the same haven't we?

    I love you with all my heart!

  26. such a cute story... my first kiss was with the love of my life and it was in the front step of a huge cathedral on top of a hill. the view was gorgeous and the kiss unforgettable. we still share unforgettable moments like those every time we are in each other's arms.