Thursday, September 23, 2010

Le Pere Lachaise in Paris

In Paris,
Those who have lived before us
and some with us
rest behind the most beautiful
gates of
Each harbored in a special

There are little sacred castles.

Rooms behind old locked doors.
Only family has a key to visit
their loved ones.
This one was broken into.
It looked to be a longtime abandoned to me.
I wondered if the family no longer lives~
Others are kept, swept, & planted daily by
family caretakers almost to an extreme~

This old zinc wreath hangs gracefully
with no disturbance....
I wonder how.
In Paris there is such great respect~

The color this marble turned
almost ate me alive~

Old French Majolica Wreaths
are set on the graves

I never new before I visited Modigliani,
that he was buried with his pregnant wife
who jumped from a building
after he died~
Just a few more that you may know
that are buried here...

Edith Piaf
Jim Morrison
Oscar Wilde

is beyond words to visit.
It is Alive with an energy that
inspires in so many ways.
The fall air was chilly that day
but my heart was so amazingly warm~
Sending all my
Love today to my understanding friends
of me~

I have had these images for almost a year

and didn't post them because I thought you may
not like to see a cemetery in Paris...
but I am so missing Paris today so wanted to share
this with you... it really is somewhere SO special~

Big Warm Hugs today!



All photos above taken by me....
Janet Solomon via FrenchBlue.

Above photo from Hoffmank1


  1. When I had the chance, I ran through, racing, trying to drink in all the sites, and all the stories that remain there in that dwelling place.
    It's never too late, the dead always wait.

  2. I love this tranquil cemetary. As a French Language & Lit major in college, it's like walking through the French Hall of Fame for me. Hugo, Balzac, Colette, Moliere...but I remember an older man by Edith Piaf's grave when I last visited. He was deep in thought. I think he must have known her.

  3. These pictures are quite amazing and have so much beauty. The story of the husband and wife will sure stick with me for quite sometime I'm sure, my heart breaks even for people I never knew.....But still, seems to be a beautiful place and seems to be serene....Have a great day xoxoxo ~Ashley

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. I found it remarkably fascinating and hauntingly beautiful.

  5. Dearest Janet,
    I find this post one of your most beautiful.... I find cemeteries fascinating and not macabre at all. These images are breathtaking and exquisite and should be shown. We should not shy away from the subject, but should see it as you have in this ethereal place.
    Many thanks for showing it to us. XXXX

  6. Oh ... how incredibly beautiful ... and so French Blue !!! And how did that marble know what my favorite shade of aqua is ? What a DREAM !!!

  7. I'm not sure why my husband and I love to walk through cemeteries when we travel too. I guess it gives a little more rich history of the area. There are so many stories and the photos are beautiful. Thank you for the walk through past lives and beautiful Paris.

  8. It's a MUST for anyone visiting Paris. Like you, I found it to be beyond words...and what a great place for taking photos with lots of atmosphere. Yours are wonderful, Janet!

  9. I agree with Jacqueline. This is one of your most beautiful posts! Old cemeteries are truly amazing. And Le Pere Lachaise looks like nothing we've ever seen here, ever. Now I know where those French wreaths are from ;)


  10. lovely post... i will go next time i go ... xx

  11. Janet ~

    Goosebumps due only to the complete beauty, respect and adoration of this incredible place in Paris ~ an absolutely stunning post filled with such emotion and beautiful words.

    Only you...


  12. i love this place! especially in the rain..there's a magical aura about it.

  13. One of my favorite places in Paris. SO calm and beautiful.

  14. What a beautiful tribute to the departed. How serene they are, forever tended. Jim Morrison with Oscar Wilde seems feted somehow, doesn't it? I believe there are similar cemetaries in other countries like this one, all old, some of them offer tours because there are so many famous people laid to rest in these beautiful mausoleums.

  15. I have been here with my hubby on a grey december day and found it oddly beautiful. Thank you for sharing this todayx

  16. We spent time in Montparnasse taking photos and trying to read the stones. It was an incredible place and I look forward to my next visit and seeing Le Pere Lachaise! Fabulous images~
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend,

  17. I love the patina... The pictures are amazing,

  18. I, too, love walking through old cemetaries. We live about 4 hours from Charleston, and when we go, its one of my favorite things to do. It so connects us to that place, the city and its history. There is so much to learn and appreciate there...signers of the Declaration of Independance, musicians and writers. I also am always touched by the amount of children there, too. So touching. Thank you for sharing the beauty of this place.
    --Lee Ann

  19. What a beautiful and inspiring post.....ahhhh....Modigliani ... the best!!!!



  20. I adore this post...your images are words always are the BEST...I so want to visit.

    Friday hugs to you sweet one.

  21. Very haunting indeed. The story of Modigliani and pregnant wife is terribly sad - she just could not bear living without him... I live in Paris and I, too, visit the ancient cemetaries - they always have a silent melancholy in the air. Enjoy the weekend.

  22. Interesting. I always find old cemetaries to be so beautiful, peaceful, a place for reflection, and evoking a strange curiousity about the lives of total strangers. Thanks for sharing the wonderful images.

    Thanks for stopping by my last post. I hope you purchased your scarf or other little leopard item.

  23. Oh, Janet ! What a lovely post !I love this place. Life and death, it's the same thing... Your images are wonderful.
    Have a good day, sorry for my bad english.

  24. I agree, this is one of your most amazing posts - so full of emotion and spirit. The photographs have a magical feeling to them, as if I were there. I find beautiful cemetaries fascinating. This will be a must visit when I am in Paris.
    Thanks so much for sharing them!!

  25. Lovely, I love that cemetary. Cities of the Dead is what the cemetaries in New Orleans are called and they look similar to French ones. So many lovley works of art at the tombs.
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  26. You forgot Chopin!!!

  27. Beautiful photographs. A wonderful blog. Thank you. *hugs*

  28. What a beautiful post, Janet; you have really shown the dignity and respect that the French accord in death. I used to like to walk through Montparnasse as it was closer and a very tranquil place though never without many visitors. Your photos are amazing!

  29. I'm glad you decided to post them after all. The pictures are beautiful!

  30. What an interesting held my attention. You can feel the love in each photo...each spot proudly cared for.

  31. spectacular- love French cemetaries. They are breathtakingly beautiful. I have never seen majolica wreaths before, can you imagine they remain untouched?


  32. These photos are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! I love old cemeteries and these are truly works of art. Does that mean that the wreaths we used to sell were taken by someone? That makes me sad to think of it. They are stunning on the caskets--never seen anything like it...

  33. that is without a doubt the most beautiful cemetery i have ever seen. I often go to cemeteries. it reminds me of the specialness and brevity of life and when i see young children buried there, it is the best reminder to thank God every day that my children are safe and healthy.
    this one though has the best patinas i've ever seen, and those majolica wreaths? not to sound jaded, but how do they not get stolen?? so beautiful. thanks for sharing.