Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seeing. Listening. Being.

When there is less to see...
you may find that your mind
can just be~

Then, if you listen very carefully

you may hear an old familiar song~

Something inside of you will
whisper... and only to you~

Harmony visits.

All of nature becomes very important.
You become one with nature.
And all is in perfect balance.
Silly thoughts I know....
I do believe every little move we make,
even in our decorating decisions
is connected to another step forward
in our life, to another more blissful space
to be.

Do you agree with me

or do you think I going nutz?
{you can tell me}

all photos designers block & flicker


  1. I think you're absolutely right
    and ... you've made a wonderful post

  2. No, I do not believe your "nutz". I've never thought about decorating decisions this way but your right they do influence when your happy with your space it just seems to reflect in other places.

  3. Such pure truth !!!
    Beautiful as always
    XO !

  4. I totally agree, and these images are gorgeous-love the contrast of the lucite with the old home in the first picture-dreamy!

  5. Love the phantom look of the lucite furniture. Wonderful. Sea witch

  6. I do agree my friend plus I think your blog is the most amazing one in blogland...your images and words alway touch my heart. xoxoxo

  7. Dearest Janet ~

    I couldn't agree with you more! Such very true words to live by...

    Almost time ~ I'm counting the hours!


  8. I do believe that everything we do and think is connected to something else. And lessons learned is vital in our steps to a higher existence.
    Great post and very nice blog!

  9. As if you would be going nuts Janet !!
    You always have such wonderfully profound thoughts and they are always so true.....and such beautiful images to make the point with.
    Sorry that I've been rather eratic with my comments....my computer and blogger have been playing up. I hate it when that happens as I always think that people will think that I don't care and, of course, I do. Lots of love to you dear Janet. XXXX

  10. Such absolutely TRUE,dear Janet:-)*

    How amazing is you post,you delight my day!!!


  11. What a wonderful post, you are an ARTIST !
    Bravo. Have a good day.

  12. We all need bliss and it comes to us in so many ways...one of my favorite ones is to have a restful home...Thanks for putting it in words.

  13. you're crazy and you're nuts...No, just kidding. I LOVE YOU!

  14. One of the wonderful things about blogland is stumbling across an unexpectedly beautiful site. Yours is just that, and I so enjoyed perusing it. I look forward to more.