Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'v Been French Kissed

When your wishing for someone to blow
you a French Kiss...

When your
quiet and nothing feels right
because your missing France...
When your hoping, searching & praying
with your whole heart
to find a Real French fix...
Go visit Amy

She blew into my life like a warm autumn wind
{as she was painfully seeking out a Pink Goyard}.
She glOws in the dark like mOOnlight~
She suddenly wrapped her wings around me
and filled my every very little but seriously painful
craZy Frenchy need.

Beautiful pale aqua & cream 19th Century
French Documents~

An original parfum label from

Old French sealing wax
in the original paper wrap~

Amy is a Doll!!
She said I would squeal......
Ohhhhh la la
Then I was speechless...
Sea Shells in a babe test tube
labeled with French writing!!!!!

She added a small French dome
for the perfect display!

Wa la~

Lucky for all of us Amy has a
semi annual Brocante!!
And one is just around the corner!
Where: At her 1886 Victorian home in Canby, Oregon
When: October 1, 2010
Time: 6-9 p.m.
Why: Because she has fallen in Love
with France.
Amy's eye is keen & amazingly beautiful~
With this gift, she uses it to get back to France.
She travels back twice a year
to buy for her own maison and to share with us
Charlotte's Brocante ~

Merci Beaucoup
Mon Aime

You are SO Loved!!!!
A million trillion times Loved!!!!

I just had to share this Doll with
all of you!

See all that glOws
this week!


images 1-10 by Me, FrenchBlue
image 11 Foley Appley Hoare


  1. Oh my ... do I dare venture down this enchanting french rabbit hole ??? I would most certainly get in trouble !!! Adding it to my list ... thank for the introduction ! XO

  2. This lovely gift will get you in the french mood Janet! How sweet for her to think of you. Beautiful petite treasures. Much love XO

  3. Ohh! Absolutely beautiful. My all-things-French-loving heart warmed to all of these images. Thanks so much for sharing about Amy!

  4. So dainty and pretty! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank you for sharing her sweet one...I am off to take a peek right now...I know I am in for a treat.

    Hope you are enjoying a lovely Fall day. xooxxo

  6. Oh my, it's sooo dreamy! Thanks sooo much for sharing! xoxoxo ~Ashley

  7. Absolutely stunning...I'm enamored!

  8. Hello Dearest Janet! I almost squealed with delight looking at these treasures. Thank you for introducing us to this lovely person. I just read her blog and I'm addicted. It's beautiful. Hope you are well, I'm so excited that you are alos going to the Resnick opening. I have been looking forward to it for so long. We will be there Sunday at 5pm. I can't wait!

  9. Oh Janet,
    What delightful French treats and, what a treat Amy's blog is. I tried to follow her but Blogger is giving me such trouble at the moment !! Will go back later. Thanks for the introduction to this lovely blog. XXXX

  10. Oh she sounds so wonderful and I just love this post, you are so gorgeous....such a happy, positive soul.

  11. I clicked on your blog because the name sounded like something I would enjoy...turns out your blog is pretty sweet. :) Just leaving a note to say hello!

  12. This brocante looks like a dangerous but heavenly click away Janet...I don't think I can resist, xv.

  13. I am screaming! This is one of the most beautiful gifts I've ever seen. So thoughtful and what amazing vintage treasures! I'm off to visit Amy's blog now NOT later! I want to go to her Brocante NOW! Will you come with me?

  14. I cannot begin to articulate how incredibly beautiful the words you wrote about me were. I feel so nurtured .You are a artist with words as a painter is with a brush.Each stroke or word layering upon the one before created depth and meaning.I still do not posses a Goyard pink St. Louis ,I found something better!!xxxxooooo Amy Doll

  15. thank you for this great intro... if you love her, so will we! have a wonderful weekend sweet friend..xx

  16. Another French doll... Thank you for finding her and sharing her with us. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  17. Oh dear! I hope I am not too late!!!

    I am dashing over there NOW...........


  18. I love each and every photo and treasure...I'm off to see the rest of her goodies now! French style, just incredible, it becomes a craving when looking at these images...have a fabulous weekend!

  19. Oh la la! I wish I lived closer!

    If you have a moment, please stop by and enter my FAB FALL FRENCH GIVEAWAY.

  20. Powder puff, marshmallow fluff, super feathery,light as air swirly,super girly! Thank-you for this stunning Parisian post! Sharon xxx hugs xxx

  21. Looks delicious! I need to find a lovely place to visit today without leaving my nest. Sounds like just the place...
    --Lee Ann