Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Special Adventure

It's a perfect day
to go on an adventure together!
Just you & me!
We are going to have have a picnic there.
I have packed our wine, baguette
down pillows & blankets!

We are going hiking!!

To the
old shell grotto caves~

We will explore, examine, touch

Our imagination will run wild~~~
Who created this...
Who prayed here....
Who lived here?
If you want to we can kneel down
to say a prayer
for those who are no longer with us

When we come back, we'll talk about
days gone by....

We will cheers with a cup of hot tea
to the Past, to Art, to Friendship,
most of all, to Time~
When can you be here?



photo 1 campagne couette @ brocantess
photo 2 petitbrocantee
photo 3,4,5, google images
photo 6 paris apartment
photo 7 brocantess


  1. Delish!
    I love your adventures and will bring my best little angel cakes to have with tea.
    x Felicity

  2. On my way the sound of this adventure!

  3. So beautiful and meaningful.
    Have a nice cup of tea!

  4. I will come there now, if I may, Dear Janet. I so need to escape the real world today. Thank you so very much for your beautiful spot of peace in my world today. I look forward to sleeping outside on the porch, just gazing at the stars...

    Hugs to you,


  5. I am already here and ready to spend time with you anywhere friend. What wonderful locations you have chosen for us to visit, thanks...


  6. I wanted to see more details of the shell grotto. That is beautiful!

  7. I will be there in 5 minutes! I just have to grab my big hat, find my old sandshoes and pick a flower for us to put in our hair! It sounds divine and I would love to go on a picnic with you and talk and wonder at times past and who went before us! Beatiful, beautiful post! Please wait for me.....
    M.A. the 2nd

  8. Love this very interesting blog - great photographs and lovely colours.
    Greetings, Marjan

  9. Gorgeous! Count me in!! xo

  10. Lovely adventure! Stunning pics.

    xxx Rozmeen

  11. I can be there fairly quick... just let me don on my Ruby Red Slippers and click them three times, two lumps of sugar with my tea please!!!!

    Here I come!

  12. Indeed beautiful locations.

    How was your beautiful ballet performance?

    Love to hear from you,

  13. Your posts soothe my soul. Merci to you.

  14. I am not sure where the Shell grottos are but the first images look like Provence...Wouldn't it be lovely to sit around the table and share stories in person over baguettes, fresh fromage and red wine???
    One day perhaps...

  15. bags are still packed so I could head out the door really quick. I was thinking about you while I was away Janet (of course) and I know you are going to have such a romantic trip. I will send over the address for the store and I will be doing a post on it this week, so fabulous and the sales guy was so sweet. My favourite! I ate way too many baguettes so on a carb-less menu for a few weeks but would happily share another with you if we could picnic in this gorgeous grotto. However did you find this spot? Talk soon and get packing. Much love XOXO

  16. Wait for me!!! I am on my way~~~


  17. A real dream, it's wonderfull ! Where is it ?
    Have a good day.

  18. I will pack a small bag only what I need, and stay for a lifetime. This was so artfully crafted and lovely written. You share the beauty of your imagination in the virtual world of blogging not because it is cute but because it refines the senses,fills us with beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.